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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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4:13pm Cigarettes After Sex - "Pure" - Cry (Partisan)
4:06pm The God - "Bulu Buru" - Speaker to Animals (Captain)
4:03pm Bodega - "TYraesures of the Ancient World" - Shiny New Model (What's Your Rupture?)
3:58pm Kleg - "Intro" - Zing (Barooni)
3:54pm Anamonaguchi - "Suset By Phone" - USA (Polyvinyl)
3:49pm Dan Deacon - "Paddling Ghost" - Bromst (Carpark)
3:42pm Ko Shin Moon - "Gasba" - 78 Fragments (Akuphone)
3:37pm White Star - "Shine On Heaven" - Dark Stars EP (Drag City)
3:25pm Ex-Girl - "Disco 3000" - Kero Kero (S/R)
3:17pm Biting Tongues - "Aair Care" - After the Click (S/R)
3:12pm Dissemblance - "Torrens De Metal" - Over the Sand (Mannequin)
3:07pm Trent Reznor - "Driver Down" - Lost Highway Soundtrack (Nothing)
3:03pm Sister Irene O'Connor - "Fire" - Fire of God's Love (Wyrd War)
3:00pm Peter Ivers - "Take Your Chances With Me" - Becoming Peter Ivers (RVNG INTERNATIONAL)
5:56pm Negativland - "True False" - True False (Seeland)
5:48pm The Murlocs - "Manny's Bar" - Teepee (Flightless)
5:45pm Lippies - "Acid Head" - Red Scare Industries: 15 Years of Tears and Neers (Red Scare)
5:36pm Heliocentrics - "Wrecking Ball" - 13 Degrees of Reality (Now-Again)
5:31pm Residents - "The Black Behind" - In Between Dreams Live (Limited)
5:27pm Zywiotak - "Christiana Mare" - Wendzki Sznyt (Karrot Kommando)
5:24pm Drugdealer - "The Real World" - The End of Comedy (Weird World)
5:14pm Roland Young - "Don't Ever Take Your Love Away" - Hearsay I-Land (Palto Flats)
5:10pm Seratones - "Permission" - Power (New West)
5:08pm The Chipmunks - "Good Girls Don't" - Chipmunk Punk (Excelsior)
5:05pm Field Trip - "Tunneling" - Beautiful (Ruby)
5:00pm Phantom Toll Booth - "Barracuda" - Power Toy (Homestead)
4:58pm SUSS - "The Blue Dune" - High Line (Northern Spy)
4:51pm Sala & H - "Feel The Love" - Night City Life (Spacetalk)
4:48pm Tomoyasu Hotel - "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" - Kill Bill Vol.1 Soundtrack (A Band Apart)
4:45pm Samantha Sidley - "I Like Girls" - Interior Person (Release Me)
4:38pm Goerge Baker Selection - "Little Brown Bag" - Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack (MCA)
4:31pm One Dove - "(The Transient) Truth" - Morning Dove White (FFRR)
4:28pm Negativland - "True False" - True False (Seeland)
4:21pm Zero Gravity - "Mental Atmospheres" - Space Does Not Carr (Hypnotic)
4:20pm Curly G - "Bam!" - The Jerky Boys 3 (Ratchet)
4:14pm The Chats - "Smoko" - Get This In Ya (Burger)
4:09pm Led Zeppelin - "Nobody's Fault but Mine" - Presence (Swan Song)
4:05pm Lords of the New Church - "Like a Virgin" - Killer Lords (I.R.S.)
4:03pm Sly and Robbie - "Roots Man Dub" - Dub Massive Chapter One (Trojan)
3:59pm Wayne Smith - "Under Mi Sleng Remixed by DJ Spooky" - Creation Rebel (Trojan)
3:49pm Bob Metzdorf - "Sails Across the Sea" - Sad About The Times (Anthology)
3:45pm Yeti - "Chaice" - Tappiserie (Mosaic Music)
3:43pm H.P. Zinker - "Take Five" - The Sunshine E.P. (Roughneck)
3:37pm Crime and the City Solution - "The Kentucky Click" - The Kentucky Click (Mute)
3:27pm Codek - "Tam Tam" - Tam Tam Remixes (Dark Entries)
3:21pm Duran Duran - "Planet Earth" - Duran Duran (Harvest)
3:13pm Air - "Sexy Boy" - Moon Safari (Caroline)
3:07pm Mushroom - "Foxy Music" - Foxy Music (S/R)
3:03pm Negativland - "Limbo" - True False (Seeland)
2:56pm New Order - "Hurt" - Substance 1987 (Qwest)