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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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3:37pm Heare Ensemble - "Vocalise" - Vox (Innova)
3:26pm Ibrahim Ferrer - "Murietta" - Buena Vista Social Club Presents (World Circuit)
3:23pm Sarah Mary Chadwick - "Let's Fight" - Please Daddy (Sinderlyn)
3:15pm Michael White - "John Coltrane Was Here" - Spirit Dance (Universal)
3:11pm Ulla - "Smile" - Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd.)
3:08pm Deadly Avenger - "Kill All Kaiju" - I am Godzilla, You are Japan (Burning Witches)
3:03pm Marilyn Manson - "Sweet Dreams" - Smells Like Children (Nothing)
3:00pm Negativland - "Escape From Noise" - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
2:57pm Dead in Argentina - "The City is Not Alright" - The City is Not Alright (S/R)
2:51pm Harry Belafonte - "Sail Away Ladies" - On Campus (RCA)
2:48pm The 4 J's - "Jewels" - Singing For Jesus (RCA)
2:44pm Graeme Revell - "Necropolis" - Musique Brut (S/R)
2:40pm Haruomi Hosono - "Honey Moon" - Honey Moon (Light in the Attic)
2:39pm King Gonk - "Track 9" - Electronic World (Atavistic)
2:36pm Motoko and Meyers - "Whimbrel" - Plover/Whimbrel (Future Times)
2:32pm X.Y.R. - "Bathescape Journey" - Tourist (Ingrown)
2:27pm Double - "Gliding" - Double (A&M)
2:24pm Steve Roach - "Clay, Wood, Bone, Dirt" - Origins (Celestial Harmonies)
2:18pm Angelite and Huun Huur Tu - "Wave" - Fly, Fly My Sadness (Shanachie)
2:15pm Cigarettes After Sex - "Pure" - Cry (Partisan)
2:11pm Sonny and Cher - "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done" - All I Ever Need Is You (Kapp)
2:07pm Simon Jones - "Melanie and Me" - Melanie and Me Sondtrack (Lion)
2:04pm Dion - "Purple Haze" - Dion (Laurie)
1:59pm Calibro 35 - "4*4" - Momemtum (Record Kicks)
1:56pm Babalu - "Time" - Just Another Taste of Electronic Watusi Boogaloo (KIndercore)
1:52pm Los Discos Duro - "El Galito" - Los Discos Duro (Discos Mas)
1:48pm Joe Quijano and His Conunto Cachana - "Fun City Shingaling" - Freak Off! (Harmless)
1:39pm Pye Corner Audio - "Electronic Rhythm Number Four" - Black Mill Tapes (Type)
1:35pm Meitei - "Curio" - Kwaidan (Evening Chants)
1:29pm Jeru Kabbal - "Track 1" - The Quantum Light Breath (Apt)
1:27pm Elsie Jaggers - "Whispering Hope" - The Sound of Hawaii (Songs of Calvary)
1:24pm Comet is Coming - "Astral Flying" - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (Impulse)
1:18pm Willie Eson - "Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Poor Man's Friend" - Sacred Steel (Arhoolie)
1:06pm Iftin Band - "No Secrets" - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishi (Somalia 1972-1991) (Analog Africa)
1:03pm Snowmen - "Dy-No-Mite" - In Orbit (Double Play)
12:58pm Mountain Man - "Country Roads" - Sings John Denver (Nonesuch)
12:53pm Gary Sloan and Clone - "Blue Ice" - Harmonitalk (Finders Keepers)
12:43pm Laura Sperling - "Water Music" - Water Music (Heritage)
12:40pm Louise Bock - "Actinic Ray" - Abyss: For Cello (Geographic North)
12:36pm The Womenfolk - "Old Maid's Lament" - The Womenfolk (RCA)
12:32pm The Singing Todds - "Precious Jesus" - Let Me Live (American Heritage)
12:29pm The Nuns - "Lazy" - The Nuns (Bomp!)
12:23pm Ume - "Yamasong" - In the Middle (S/R)
12:19pm Chromatics - "The Sounds of Silence" - Closer to Grey (Italians do It Better)
12:15pm Joe Sbo - "Alone Together" - A Guitar and You (Somerset)
12:10pm Alessandro Cortini - "Amore Amaro" - Volume Massimo (Mute)
12:02pm Gail Seymour - "Just Relax" - Just Relax.... (S/R)
12:00pm Karma Moffett - "Golden Bowls" - Golden Bowls (Tibet Shop)
5:56pm Sly and the Family Stone - "If You Want Me to Stay" - Fresh (Epic)
5:46pm The Mills Brothers - "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" - Paper Doll (RCA)