Tiger Lily

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A manic, sleep-deprived stew of '70s punk, glam, rockabilly, '50s rocknroll, doowop, '60s girl groups, pub rock, garage, punkrocknroll, and whatever else provokes riots on your own personal dance floor.



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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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9:39am Shannon and the Clams - "If You Could Know" - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
9:36am Ruby Rats - "Heatwave" - Ultra Chicks, Vol 4 (s/r)
9:34am Los 5 Del Este - "Protestando" - Algo Salvaje (Munster)
9:32am Brian Auger - "Tiger" - Jools & Brian (Capitol)
11:58am Frankie and the Witch Fingers - "Let Love Be Love" - Brain Telephone (Permanent)
11:53am Seafang - "Motorcycle Song" - Seafang (Emotional Response)
11:51am Half Rats - "For the Sake of Love" - For the Sake of Love (Douchemaster)
11:48am Today'sHits - "Girl or Two" - Today'sHits (Randy)
11:44am Chandelles - "Jetster" - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol. 1 (Sundazed)
11:42am Minnie and the Kneebones - "Me and My Miniskirt" - Girls in the Garage vol. 4 (Romulan)
11:40am Rita Chao - "Lonely Heart" - Let's A Go-Go! (Silver Tortoise)
11:37am Touch-Me-Nots - "Hey, Television" - Hey, Television (Roach & Squirrel)
11:34am Whateverglades - "Player" - Wish You Were (No Egrets)
11:31am TJ and the Lipstix - "Juke Box Queen" - Juke Box Queen (Teenadelic)
11:28am Sheena & the Rokkets - "Omae Ga Oshi" - My Girlfriend Was a Punk (S/R)
11:17am Prettiest Eyes - "Don't Call" - Pools (Castle Face)
11:13am Fall - "Rowche Rumble" - Early Years 77-79 (Faulty Products)
11:12am Bon Air - "So Fashy" - Blue Line (Fontaine)
11:10am Iggy and the Stooges - "Shake Appeal" - Raw Power (Columbia)
11:07am Wipers - "Is This Real?" - Is This Real? (Park Avenue)
11:04am The Banned - "You Dirty Rat" - Rare Stuff (EMI Japan)
10:58am Bulldozer - "J' Suis Punk" - Rare Punque Francais '77 (S/R)
10:56am Coloured Balls - "Won't You Make Up Your Mind?" - Ball Power (Sing Sing)
10:52am Third World War - "A Little Bit of Urban Rock" - A Little Bit of Urban Rock (Just Add Water)
10:46am Eddie Platt - "Cha-Hua-Hua" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
10:43am Radiators from Space - "Blitzin' at the Ritz" - TV Tube Heart (Chiswick)
10:41am Lowlife - "Leaders" - Leaders (HoZac)
10:39am Skip Church - "The Message" - Out of Tune, In Touch with the Devil (Randy)
10:36am Customs - "Long Gone" - Bloodstains across the Midwest (Bloodstains)
10:34am Redd Kross - "Motorboat" - Hot Issue (Bang)
10:31am Razor Boys - "Toys" - Atlanta 1978 (HoZac)
10:23am Mina - "Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare" - L'Oro di Mina (Carosello)
10:20am Karina con Los Jaguars - "La Misma Playa" - Chicas vol. 2 (Vampi Soul)
10:18am Cobra Killer - "Cobra Movement" - 76/77 (Monika)
10:14am Cold Beat - "62 Moons" - Chaos by Invitation (Crime on the Moon)
10:12am Eerie Wanda - "I Am Over Here" - Hum (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
10:08am Scully - "Static" - No Sense (Firetalk)
10:03am Nelson Riddle - "Lolita Ya Ya" - Cocktail Mix vol. 4 (Rhino)
10:00am Brenda Holloway - "Echo" - Del-Fi Brand Doowop vol. 2 (Del-Fi)
9:57am Summer Twins - "Forget Me" - Forget Me (Burger)
9:55am Peach Kelli Pop - "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe" - Peach Kelli Pop (Infinity Cat)
9:51am Spiritualized - "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Dedicated)
9:49am Saylavees - "Morning Glow" - Crimson Rose (Ugly Pop)
9:42am Monster Rally - "Sunny Sloth" - Flowering Jungle (Gold Robot)
9:39am Rubs - "Judy" - Impossible Dream (HoZac)
9:36am Stiff Little Fingers - "Barbed Wire Love" - Inflammable Material (Rough Trade)
9:31am Protex - "Wonder Why" - Wonder Why (Teenadelic)
9:29am Bleeding Knees Club - "Truth or Dare" - Virginity (I Am Sound)
9:27am Scientists - "Shake (Together Tonight)" - A Place Called Bad (Numero Group)
9:23am Jimmie Haskell - "Rockin' in the Orbit" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)