Tiger Lily

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A manic, sleep-deprived stew of '70s punk, glam, rockabilly, '50s rocknroll, doowop, '60s girl groups, pub rock, garage, punkrocknroll, and whatever else provokes riots on your own personal dance floor.



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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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9:32am Shirley Bassey - "Kiss Me Honey, Honey" - Shirley Means Bassey (United Artists)
9:29am Marie Marie - "Do You Do You Brush Your Teeth" - Je Suis Punk (s/r)
9:25am Toy Dolls - "We're Mad" - We're Mad (Volume)
9:18am Jimmie Haskell - "Rockin' in the Orbit" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
9:15am Pastels - "Automatically Yours" - Up for a Bit (Bigtime)
9:13am Rays - "The Garden" - You Can Get There from Here (Trouble in Mind)
9:10am Undertones - "Get Over You" - Undertones (Sire)
9:08am Longport Buzz - "Fun" - Power Pearls vol. 2 (s/r)
9:05am Chords - "Maybe Tomorrow" - So Far Away (Polydor)
9:03am Vice Creems - "Like a Tiger" - Danger Love (Zig Zag)
11:56am Spiritualized - "A Perfect Miracle" - And Nothing Hurt (Fat Possum)
11:53am Donkeys - "Space Slip" - Sun Damaged Youth (Flop)
11:50am TJ and the Lipstix - "Juke Box Queen" - Juke Box Queen (Teenadelic)
11:47am Blondie - "X Offender" - Blondie (Private Stock)
11:45am Whateverglades - "Givin' Up" - Knock Knock (No Egrets)
11:42am Anna & the Spectors - "Ups to You" - Space Escapade Unit 1 (Elefant)
11:38am Camera Obscura - "French Navy" - My Maudlin Career (4AD)
11:36am Exnovios - "Dime a Donde Puedo Ir" - Te Espero Al Final (John Colby Sect)
11:34am Brian Wilson - "This Could Be the Night" - For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson (Music Masters Rock)
11:31am Gelu - "Dejenme en Paz" - No Me Puede Quejar (TKA)
11:23am Bulldozer - "J'suis Punk" - Rare Punk Francais '77 (Killed by Death)
11:20am Hiroshima - "Loser Feliz" - Hiroshima (s/r)
11:17am Carbonas - "Frothing at the Mouth" - Frothing at the Mouth (Douche Master)
11:15am Bonzo - "Situaciones" - Mision Suicida (Family Spree Recordings)
11:12am Rikk Agnew - "OC Life" - All By Myself (Frontier)
11:10am Ejected - "East End Kids" - Carry on Oi (Secret)
11:07am Yobs - "Rub-A-Dum-Dum" - Christmas Album (Great Expectations)
10:58am Lee Dowell - "(Be a) Black Belt" - Something Weird (Modern Harmonic)
10:55am Bristols - "You're a Moody Guy" - In Tune with (Damaged Goods)
10:49am Nutley Brass - "Rock 'n' Roll High School" - Ramones Songbook (Medicine)
10:46am Firestarter - "Trashy Dreams" - First Album (Secret Mission)
10:43am Kim Salmon - "Destination Heartbreak" - My Script (s/r)
10:41am Sacramentos - "Ruby" - No Hay Mas Amigos (Lucinda)
10:39am Happy Thoughts - "One More Fish" - Happy Thoughts (HoZac)
10:37am Ramona - "I Have No Time" - I Have No Time (Doob Rock'n)
10:28am Neo Boys - "Give Me the Message" - Sooner or Later (K)
10:27am Mary Bell - "Band-Aid Baby" - Histrion (Danger)
10:25am Lili Z - "Nix! Nix! Nix!" - The Two of Us (Polly Maggoo)
10:23am Side Eyes - "Don't Talk to Me" - Songs That Chargo Taught Us (In the Red)
10:20am Bags - "Survive" - Dangerhouse Collection (Dangerhouse)
10:18am Exit Group - "Plastic Coffin" - Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)
10:14am Poptone - "No Big Deal" - Poptone (Cleopatra)
10:06am Death Wheelers - "Moto Vampiro" - I Tread on Your Grave (Riding Easy)
10:04am Bad Sports - "Easy Truth" - Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)
10:01am Sinciders - "Synesthetic Sensibilities" - Synesthetic Sensibilities (Family Spree Recordings)
9:57am Cheap Nasties - "Cheap & Nasty" - Cheap Nasties (HoZac)
9:54am Chosen Few - "Adolph You Beauty" - Murder Punk vol. 1 (Murder Punk)
9:50am The Kitsch - "Mono Titi" - Amor a Primera Vista (s/r)
9:42am Nutley Brass - "Blitzkrieg Bop" - Ramones Songbook (Medicine)
9:40am Protex - "I Can't Cope" - Pure British Pop for Raw People vol. 1 (Pure British Pop)