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2:57pm Group Doueh - "Wazan Samat" - Guitar Music from the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)
2:53pm Leila Gobi - "Tibo Gadeina" - 2017 (Clermont Music)
2:49pm Experimental Sound Collective of ICAIC - "Cuba Va" - Cuba Va (Paredon)
2:46pm mic break - "" - ()
2:44pm V/A - "Bahl 'Oman Bahl" - Caribbean Island Music: Songs and Dances of Haiti, The Dominican Republic and Jamaica (Nonesuch)
2:42pm Juan Albanes Higuera - "Nna Jaw" - Grupos Etnicos de Baja California Norte ()
2:40pm Unknown - "Chisi (Seven Small Goats)" - Argentine Folk Music: The Chaquenos in Song and Dance (Lyrichord)
2:37pm Trio San Antonio - "Que Me Gano Con Lloral" - Texas-Mexican Border Music - Vol. 1 (Folklyric)
2:34pm Mindel Band - "Stancia" - The Spirit of Cape Verde (Tinder)
2:30pm mic break - "" - ()
2:26pm Henri Dikongue - "To Na Te Nde Misea" - Diaspora (Jazz Out)
2:23pm Adolphus Micah - "Gonje Songs" - Africa: Ancient Ceremonies Dance Music & Songs of Ghana (Nonesuch)
2:20pm Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds - "Mbube" - Secret Music of Mankind v. 4 (Yazoo)
2:18pm Dark City Sisters - "Kulelo Lizwe (Outside South Africa)" - Soweto Never Sleeps (Shanachie)
2:14pm Juma Bhalo - "Kem Kem" - Songs the Swahili Sing (Original Music)
2:10pm mic break - "" - ()
2:07pm V/A - "Odener Mask/Palavers/Little Girl's Song/Kadietiles Smithy" - Une Journée Chez Les Bassaris Senegal (Playa Sound)
2:03pm V/A - "Wagogo Soothing song" - Africa Ceremonial and Folk Music (Nonesuch)
1:57pm Humphrey Eshitool - "Jirani na Waganga" - African Acoustic Vol. 2 (Original Music)
1:52pm Mdou Moctar - "Nikali Talit" - Sousoume Tamachek (Sahel Sounds)
1:46pm Unknown - "Father/Son Vocal with Erhu" - Streets of Lhasa (Sublime Frequencies)
1:44pm The Son of PM - "James Bond Theme" - Thai Beat A Go Go (Subliminal Soundds)
1:41pm Ouyang Fei Fei - "Ame No Midosuji" - Golden Best (EMI Japan)
1:38pm Spiders - "Anything You Want" - Sixties Japanese Garage Psych Sampler (Bamboo)
1:36pm mic break - "" - ()
1:33pm Prisonaires - "Just Walking in the Rain" - Sun Records Collection (Sun)
1:28pm Bettye Lavette - "It Ain't Me" - Things Have Changed (Verve)
1:23pm Erina - "The Sound When You Meet the Rain" - Erina (S/R)
1:20pm Blow - "Faith Children" - Shipwreck Days (Knw-Yr-Own)
1:15pm Campus Calendar - "" - ()
1:12pm Super Cassette - "Lonely Metal Box" - Cathode Ray Tube (S/R)
1:07pm Herms - "Come On Down" - Drop Out Vol. 1 (Castle Face)
1:04pm V/A - "Here Comes the Sun" - The Talent Show (Arf Arf)
1:00pm The Gentleman - "I Miss You" - Swiss Beat Generation (Swiss Beat)
12:58pm Non-Pareils - "Willow Tree" - Sigh, Cry, Die (Cheep Cheep)
12:54pm mic break - "" - ()
12:51pm Jan Howard - "My Son" - Rock Me Back to Little Rock (Hilltop)
12:47pm Claude Gray - "I've Been Known to Cry" - Treasure of Love (Hilltop)
12:44pm The Hagers - "Cherry Pie" - s/t (Elektra)
12:41pm David Houston - "Marriage on the Rocks" - Kiss Away (CBS)
12:39pm Keety Smith - "I'll Never Smile Again" - Sentimental Journey (Capitol)
12:33pm Leo Addeo And His Orchestra - "Love is Just Around the Corner" - Space Age Pop Vol. 3 (RCA)
12:30pm Delphine Desyeux - "Je Suis La Tigresse" - Swinging Mademoiselles (Silva Screen)
12:00pm Wanda Jackson - "To Tell The Truth" - Capitol Rarities (Capitol)
8:58pm Panda Riot - "Aphelion" - Infinity Maps (S/R)
8:38pm Charles Lloyd New Quartet - "Dream Weaver" - Passin' Thru (Blue Notes)
8:26pm William C. Beeley - "Little Wheel Spin and Spin & Co'Dine" - Passin' Thru (Tompkins Square)
8:20pm Dax Pierson - "Live @ Life Changing Ministry" - The 18th Annual San Francisco (SFEMP)
8:12pm Knodel - "Dawn of the Butterfly" - Dawn of the Butterfly (My Pal God)
8:08pm Benni - "Stardance" - I and II (Goner)