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Friday, July 15, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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10:00am Joy Division - "Ice Age" - Still (Factory)
9:52am ESP - "Slo-Mo" - Acid House for All (Definitive)
9:45am Pop-O-Pies - "Fascists Eat Donuts" - The White EP (415)
9:40am X - "Unheard Music" - Los Angeles (Slash)
9:37am The Moodists - "Gone Dead" - Can't Stop It: Australian Post-Punk 1978-1982 (Chapter Music)
9:32am Beastie Boys - "Drinkin' Wine" - The In Sound from Way Out! (Capitol)
9:24am Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - "Check Up Your Head" - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu (Somalia 1972 - 1991) (Analog Africa)
9:21am Coolzey - "Human Centipede" - Fight the American Celebrity Machine (Public School)
9:16am Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - "Pachuco Cadaver" - Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)
9:12am Ursula 1000 - "Hello Darling" - Esoterique (Insect Queen Music)
9:01am OOIOO - "Kawasemi Ah" - Ninjimusi (Thrill Jockey)
11:50am OOIOO - "Walk for "345" Minutes, While Saying "Ah Yeah!" with a "Mountain Book" in One Hand, Until a Shower of Light Pours Down" - Nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)
11:47am Brian Benett - "Ergon" - Electronic Toys (Normal)
11:44am Klaus Lenz Sextett - "Corso" - Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain (Archive International)
11:41am Nun - "On the Floor (So Long)" - The Dome (HoZac)
11:36am Macha / Bedhead - "Believe" - Macha Loved Bedhead (Jet Set)
11:33am Synthjunk - "Revolution" - Control (S/R)
11:26am Elizabeth Joan Kelly - "Exclusion Zone Earth (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)" - Farewell, Doomed Planet! (S/R)
11:13am Norman Westberg - "Side 4" - Bedroom Off (Secret)
11:02am Exek - "How the Curve Helps" - Some Beautiful Species Left (Digital Regress)
10:58am Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods" - Entertainment! (Rhino)
10:54am Gang of Four - "Cheeseburger" - A Brief History of the Twentieth Century (Warner Bros.)
10:51am Gang of Four - "Natural's Not In It" - Entertainment! (Rhino)
10:42am Hardfloor - "Fish 'n Chips" - The Best of Hardfloor (Eye Q)
10:41am DJ Shadow - "I Am Not a Robot (Interlude)" - Our Pathetic Age (Mass Appeal)
10:33am Fluke - "Absurd" - Absurd (Astralwerks)
10:27am DJ Plead - "Battiekh 3" - Cairo Concepts (Phil Battiekh)
10:23am Herschel 36 - "Farthest Stars" - Music for the Film "Wunder der Schoepfung" (Lickety-Splat)
10:18am The Cardigans - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" - Emmerdale (Trampolene)
10:12am Ko Shin Moon - "Le Pecheur" - 78 Fragments (Akuphone)
10:05am Mr. Elevator - "Alone Together" - Goodbye, Blue Sky (Castle Face)
10:00am Meat Beat Manifesto - "Future Worlds" - Subliminal Sandwich (Nothing / Interscope)
9:57am Meat Beat Manifesto - "No Purpose No Design" - Subliminal Sandwich (Nothing / Interscope)
9:51am Moon Diagrams - "Trappy Bats Meets Shigeto" - Trappy Bats (Geographic North)
9:32am Pop Purlieu - "Persist Cavalier II: Throwing Wine Like Flares" - Every Day is Another Step around the Fire (S/R)
11:53am Louise Bock - "Horologic" - Abyss: For Cello (Geographic North)
11:41am Coil - "Nasa-Arab" - Stolen and Contaminated Songs (Cold Spring)
11:39am Elizabeth Joan Kelly - "Baleen Executioner" - Farewell, Doomed Planet! (S/R)
11:33am Modern English - "Token Man" - Mesh & Lace (4AD)
11:25am Eddie and the Subtitles - "American Society" - Fuck You Eddie! (Frontier)
11:23am Bad Brains - "Right Brigade" - Bad Brains (ROIR)
11:20am The Chats - "I Feel Good" - The Chats EP (Burger)
11:16am Siekiera - "Juz Blisko" - Nowa Aleksandria (Tonpress)
11:13am of Montreal - "Don't Let Me Die in America" - UR FUN (Polyvinyl)
11:07am Gang of Four - "Guns Before Butter" - Entertainment (Rhino)
11:03am Gang of Four - "Paralysed" - A Brief History of the Twentieth Century (Warner Bros.)
11:00am Gang of Four - "Armalite Rifle" - Entertainment (Rhino)
10:50am Tunes of Negation - "The Time Has Come" - Reach the Endless Sea (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
10:43am Mogwai - "We're No Here" - Mr. Beast (Matador)
10:33am Have a Nice Life - "Destinos" - Sea of Worry (The Flenser)