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The Garden of KALX is what we tend,
From whence beautiful sounds bloom and send
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8:43am Drugdealer - "Honey" - Raw Honey (Mexican Summer)
8:39am Bob Welch - "Future Games" - The Other One (Capitol)
8:36am A.A. Bondy - "In The Wonder" - Enderness (Fat Possum)
8:32am Mort Garson - "Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant" - Mother Earth's Plantasia (Sacred Bones)
8:21am Ron Cooley - "Daydreams" - Daydreams (American Gramaphone)
8:17am Faye Webster - "Room Temperature" - Atlanta Millionaire's Club (Secretly Canadian)
8:15am Juan Wauters - "Rubia" - Introducing Juan Pablo (Captured Tracks)
8:12am Blaine Todd - "Every Road Is A Good Road" - Every Road Is A Good Road (Debacle)
8:01am Ustad Sammi - "Twilight" - God Is Not A Terrorist (Glitterbeat)
7:48am Camel - "Lunar Sea" - Moonmadness (Janus)
7:44am Janko Nilovic - "Xenos Cosmos" - Unusual Sounds (Kemado)
7:36am Sun Ra - "Languidity" - Languidity (Evidence)
7:22am Free Design - "Dorian Benediction" - Heaven/Earth (Light In The Attic)
7:18am Death And Vanilla - "A Flaw In The Iris" - Are You A Dreamer (Fire)
7:09am Aldous Harding - "Treasure" - Designer (4AD)
7:05am Kate Bush - "The Sensual World" - The Sensual World (Columbia)
6:57am Thai Elephant Orchestra with Dave Soldier & Richard Lair - "Thung Kwian Sunrise" - Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)
6:52am Philip Glass - "Closing" - Glassworks (CBS)
6:48am Laura Cannell - "Flaxen Fields" - The Sky Untuned (Brawl)
6:32am Axolotl - "track 7" - Axolotl (Psych-O-Path)
6:17am Forest Management - "Various Sources Of Light" - Passageways (Whited Sepulchre)
6:00am Tim Hecker - "That World" - Anoyo (Kranky)
8:54am Somnambulists - "From The Field To The Factory" - From The Field To The Factory (Zum Audio)
8:46am Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla - "Khal Kar" - Terrouzi (Sahel Sounds)
8:42am Trans-X - "Message On The Radio" - Message On The Radio 12" (Mirage)
8:36am Gnoomes - "Sine Waves Are Good For Your Health" - Mu! (Rocket)
8:32am Boogarins - "Dislexia Ou Transe" - Sombrou Duvida (Oar)
8:29am Jethro Tull - "Inside" - Benefit (Reprise)
8:18am Earl Klugh - "Heart String" - Heart String (United Artists)
8:10am Velma - "Vitamine" - Cyclique (Emperor Norton)
8:06am Nico Georis - "Bird Of Paradise" - Shirley Shirley Shirley! (Psychic Arts)
7:58am D. Patucchi - "La Dimostrazione" - Unusual Sounds (Anthology)
7:54am Kinetics - "Aw Shucks" - The Kinetics (Mod Lang)
7:51am New Vaudeville Band - "There's A Kind Of Hush" - Winchester Cathedral (Fontana)
7:47am Cate Le Bon - "Home To You" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
7:42am Chance - "Samba Do Morro" - Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Comtemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996 (Music From Memory)
7:38am Joao Gilberto - "E Preciso Perdoar" - Joao Gilberto (Polydor)
7:21am Besombes - Rizet - "Evelyse" - Pole (MIO)
7:17am Keith Mansfield - "Cyclotron" - Technomatics (KPM Music)
7:13am Com Truise - "Ultrafiche Of You" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
7:04am Baris Manco - "Anadolu" - Dunden Bugune (Guerssen)
7:00am Layale Chaker & Sarafind - "Ushaq" - Inner Rhyme (In A Circle)
6:52am Wang Jian-yuan - "Eternity" - Tranquility: Tai Chi Regimen Music (Wind)
6:45am Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano - "Stratum" - Serenitatem (RVNG)
6:23am bvdub - "Us Again In Amber" - Explosions In Slow Motion (n5MD)
6:16am Christopher Tree / Spontaneous Sound - "track 2" - At The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine (Quakebasket)
6:03am Jacob Newman - "Creature Loops" - Biospherica (Carpe Sonum)
8:56am Ali Baba - "Keya Finia" - The African Variations (Rykodisc)
8:48am Syrinx - "Field Hymn (Epilogue)" - Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972 (RVNG)
8:42am High Aura'd and Josh Mason - "Rhododendron" - Lower Yr Voice (Whited Sepulchre)