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From whence beautiful sounds bloom and send
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7:28am Trefethen - "Dreaded Fold" - It's All Mom's Fault (Pacific Arts)
7:25am Devonte Hynes - "April's Bathroom Bummer" - Palo Alto strk (Domino)
7:23am Orbit III - "Oo Bla Dee" - s/t (Beverly Hills)
7:19am Gemma Ray - "Motorbike" - Milk For Your Motors (Bronze Rat)
7:08am Fuxa - "Photon" - 3 Field Rotation (Che)
7:03am Tennis - "Night Vision" - Ritual In Repeat (Communion)
7:00am Karla Bonoff - "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" - s/t (Columbia)
6:57am Mickey Gilley - "Here Comes The Hurt Again" - Urban Cowboy strk (Asylum)
6:52am Tom Heyman - "Chickenhawks And Jesus Freaks" - That Cool Blue Feeling (Bohemian Neglect)
6:38am Franck Roger - "Calixto" - Extenstions Of Yesterday (Circus Company)
6:32am Ras Michael - "Marriage In Canaan" - Know How (Shanachie)
6:29am Extra Classic - "601" - Showcase (Nopal)
6:21am Zongo Junction - "21 Suspects In Madina" - No Discount (Electric Cowbell)
6:05am Constance Demby - "Om Mani Padme Hum" - I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990 (Light in the Attic)
8:58am Goat - "Bondye" - Commune (Sub Pop)
8:49am Kak - "Lemonade Kid" - s/t (Epic)
8:42am Daniel Bachman - "And Now I Am Born To Die" - Orange County Serenade (Bathetic)
8:38am Mark Kozelek - "Riff Raff" - What's Next To The Moon (Badman)
8:31am King Crimson - "Three Of A Perfect Pair" - Three Of A Perfect Pair (Warner Bros.)
8:27am Devonte Hynes - "Palo Alto strk" - Palo Alto (Domino)
8:24am Janet Kaye - "Silly Games" - Silly Games 12" (Arawak)
8:20am Sylvia - "Didn't I" - Pillow Talk (Vibration)
8:16am Harry J All Stars - "The Liquidator" - Trojan Instrumentals Box Set (Trojan)
8:12am Extra Classic - "Whispering Leaves" - Showcase (Nopal)
8:57am Eat Lights Become Lights - "Into Forever" - Into Forever (Rocket Girl)
8:47am Blonde Redhead - "Mind To Be Had" - Barragan (Kobalt)
8:42am Harald Grosskopf - "B. Aldrian" - Synthesist (Bureau B)
8:39am Benzedrine Monks Of Santo Domonica - "Losing My Religion" - Chantmania (Rhino)
8:35am Toumani & Sidiki Diabate - "Hamadoun Toure" - Toumani & Sidiki (World Circuit)
8:26am Fan Modine - "Oi Ya Lyubyu!" - Slow Road To Tiny Empire (Slow River)
8:24am Tower Recordings - "Harmengi-The Tower Becomes" - Folk Scene (Communion)
8:20am Blevin Blectum - "Presages Of Woe" - Irradience (Estuary)
8:13am Congos - "Sodom And Gomorrow" - Heart Of The Congos (Blood And Fire)
8:10am Extra Classic - "A Little Rain" - Showcase (Nopal)
8:03am Malika - "Poleni, Ndugu Wa Faza" - Tarabu (Shanachie)
8:00am Caetano Veloso - "Gua" - Joia (Philips)
7:51am Devon Williams - "Deep In The Back Of Your Mind" - Gilding The Lily (Slumberland)
7:46am Lindsey Buckingham - "Shadow Of The West" - Law And Order (Asylum)
7:44am Donovan Blanc - "So Make It Right" - s/t (Captured Tracks)
7:41am Sister Janet Mead - "The Lord's Prayer" - The Lord's Prayer 7" (Collectibles)
7:40am Motley Crue - "In The Beginning" - Shout At The Devil (Elektra)
7:38am Raymond Redfeather - "Cedar Roots" - Cedar Roots (s/r)
7:14am Willie Nelson - "Hello Walls" - The Best Of... (United Artists)
7:11am Tom Heyman - "In The Nighttime World" - That Cool Blue Feeling (Bohemian Neglect)
7:08am Alice Boman - "Waiting" - EP II (Control Group)
7:05am Lisa Germano - "Baby On A Plane" - Excerpts From A Love Circus (4AD)
7:00am Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh - "Shayad Main Zindagi Ki Sahar" - The Latest (Multitone)
6:56am Kris Davis - "Desolation And Despair" - Massive Threads (Thirsty Ear)
6:42am Dion McGregor - "New York Times" - Dreaming Like Mad (Torpor Vigil)
6:39am Kyle Bobby Dunn - "Rue De Guy-Mathieu" - And The Infinite Sadness (Ba Da Bing)