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The Garden of KALX is what we tend,
From whence beautiful sounds bloom and send
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8:20am Torreya Cummings - "Ascent/Descent" - Ascent (Shipping + Receiving)
8:17am Damon & Naomi - "Sky Memories" - Fortune (20|20|20)
7:55am unknown - "Mwari Initiation" - East Africa - Witchcraft & Ritual Music (Nonesuch)
7:52am Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 - "After Sunrise" - Primal Roots (A&M)
7:50am Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges - "Cravo E Canela" - Clube De Esquina (World Pacific)
7:48am Sukay - "Mayurista" - Pacha Siku (Aural Tradition)
7:45am Stephen Steinbrink - "Now You See Everything" - Arranged Waves (Melodic)
7:40am Mark-Almond - "Lonely Girl" - 73 (Columbia)
7:37am Vetiver - "From Now On" - Complete Strangers (Easy Sound Recordings)
7:26am Phil Cordell - "Red Lady" - Hearts On Fire Anthology (Angel Air)
7:23am Alex Calder - "The Morning" - Strange Dreams (Captured Tracks)
7:11am Magma - "Kobaia" - Kobaia (Seventh)
7:04am Reservoir - "Back In NYC" - American 7" (Zero Hour)
7:01am Donna Summer - "Breakdown" - The Wanderer (Geffen)
6:58am Thee Satisfaction - "Sir Come Navigate" - Earthee (Sub Pop)
6:45am Jack DeJohnette - "Chant" - Made In Chicago (ECM)
6:41am Naim Amor - "Au Rouge De Tes Bras" - Hear The Walls (Fort Lowell)
6:35am Areski & Brigitte Fontaine - "Les Etoiles Et Les Cochons / Le Proprietaire" - Le Bonheur (Saravah)
6:27am Farid El Atrache - "Awal Hamsa" - Awal Hamsa (Cairophon)
6:22am Ouled Nail - "Dance: Bou Saada" - Music Of The Ouled Nail ()
6:12am Public Service Broadcasting - "Tomorrow" - The Race For Space (Test Card)
6:05am Tapes And Topographies - "Skyway To Terminal" - s/t (Simulacra)
8:55am Tapes And Topographies - "Skyway To Terminal" - s/t (Simulacra)
8:45am Daevid Allen - "Smile" - Divided Alien Playbax 80 (Oxford)
8:42am Mythos - "Nurse Robot" - Quasar (Sky)
8:38am Moon Duo - "Thieves" - Shadow Of The Sun (Sacred Bones)
8:30am Call And Response - "California Floating In Space" - s/t (Kindercore32)
8:26am Stephen Steinbrink - "Animate Dust" - Arranged Waves (Melodic)
8:22am Minnie Riperton - "The Edge Of A Dream" - Perfect Angel (Epic)
8:19am Thee Satisfaction - "Planet For Sale" - Earthee (Sub Pop)
7:56am Jack Name - "Werewolf Factory" - Weird Moons (Castle Face)
7:53am Greg Kihn - "Boys Won't" - Citizen Kihn (EMI America)
7:50am Don Lennon - "Our Bodies" - Radical (Martin Phillip)
7:46am Walter TV - "Master Ludi" - Appetite (Sinderlyn)
7:39am Gong - "Other Side Of The Sky" - Angel's Egg (Virgin)
7:26am Jose Mauro - "Apocalipse" - Far Out Spaced Odyssey (Far Out)
7:23am Zelia Barbosa - "Funeral Do Lavrador" - Brazil: Songs Of Protest (Monitor)
7:16am Matana Roberts - "All Is Written" - Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee (Constellation)
7:13am Pentangle - "No More My Lord" - Sweet Child (Reprise)
7:08am Victor Krummenacher - "An Angel Who Sings Just Like Jaqui McShee" - Hard To See Trouble Coming (Veritas)
7:03am Relatively Clean Rivers - "Journey Through The Valley Of O" - s/t (Phoenix)
6:52am Bhagavan Das - "Om Amoga Shila" - Mother Light (Nutone)
6:45am Maharishi Maresh Yogi - "The Untapped Source Of Power That Lies Within" - s/t (World Pacific)
6:43am Chris Herbert - "As Blue As Your Eyes Lover" - Constants (Room 40)
6:36am Emerald Web - "Starsail" - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers)
6:28am Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - "The Last Time I Saw Your Face" - A Year With 13 Moons (Mexican Summer)
6:09am David Shea - "Green Dragon Inn" - Rituals (Room 40)
8:57am Mark McGuire - "Freedom Of Spirit" - Noctilucence (Dead Oceans)
8:50am Philip Corner - "Ogive II" - Satie Slowly (Unseen Worlds)
8:48am Can - "Blue Bag" - Cannibalism 2 (Spoon)