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6:48am Chris Rea - "Fool If You Think It's Over" - Whatever Happened To Benny Santini? (United Artists)
6:44am Fan Modine - "Oi Ya Lyubyu" - Slow Road To Tiny Empire (Slow River)
6:15am Ashish Khan - "Raga Lalit" - Young Master Of The Sarod (World Pacific)
6:00am Robert Crouch - "The Propaganda Of History" - Organs (Dragon's Eye)
8:39am Marta Sebestyen - "Tavasz Tavasz" - Flirt soundtrack (Minty Fresh)
8:34am Roommate - "Secret Claw" - Make Like (Strange Weather)
8:29am Naked Eyes - "Emotion In Motion" - Naked Eyes (EMI)
8:26am Moon King - "Come Back" - Secret Life (Last Gang)
8:16am Langley Schools Music Project - "Wildfire" - Innocence And Despair (Bar None)
8:12am IAO Core - "Salvo After Salvo Of Ripened Spores Burst Into The Air" - Armadillidium Vulgare (Vinyl Communications)
8:08am Jane's Addiction - "Slow Divers" - Kettle Whistle (Warner Bros)
8:04am Gary Higgins - "I Can't Sleep At Night" - Red Hash (Drag City)
8:00am Willie Thrasher - "Spirit Child" - Native North America, vol. 1 (Light in the Attic)
7:49am Munich Machine - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Casablanca)
7:43am William Onyeabor - "Papa Na Mama" - William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
7:37am Mbongwana Star - "Shegue" - From Kinshasa (World Circuit)
7:22am Tim Foljahn - "Wild Tonight" - Fucking Love Songs (Kiam)
7:19am Mazhar & Fuat - "Mevsiler" - Turkuz Turku Cagiririz! (Shadoks)
7:15am Jacco Gardner - "Hypnophobia" - Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl)
7:10am Rush - "Losing It" - Signals (Mercury)
7:04am Manatee Commune - "Island" - Brush (Build Strong)
6:56am Swanox - "No Locals" - Duskrunner (Not Not Fun)
6:53am Young Guv - "Crushing Sensation" - Ripe 4 Luv (Slumberland)
6:50am Ross Emery - "The Jogger" - The Jogger (Odessa)
6:45am Scott Amendola & Charlie Hunter - "Buffalo Bird Woman" - Pucker (Sazi)
6:32am Najat Aatabou - "Baghi Narjah" - The Voice Of The Atlas (Ace)
6:25am Andre Stordeur - "Raga" - Complete Analog and Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000 (Sub Rosa)
6:09am Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - "Leaving The Body" - TIbetan Bells II (Celestial Harmonies)
6:02am Peter Davison - "Glide V" - I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990 (Light In The Attic)
8:57am Steve Roach - "Reflections In Suspension" - Structures From Silence (Fortuna)
8:52am Troll - "Silver Mountain" - Que Son Los Trolls Y En Que Nos Ayudan? (Orange Sun)
8:47am Kikagaku Moyo - "Kodama" - Forest Of Lost Children (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
8:39am Barry Manilow - "Some Kind Of Friend" - Greatest Hits Vol. II (Arista)
8:33am Lower Dens - "Sucker's Shangri-La" - Escape From Evil (Ribbon)
8:32am Van Halen - "1984" - 1984 (Warner Bros.)
8:29am Keith Mansfield - "The Mighty Micro" - Technomatics (KPM)
8:25am Holydrug Couple - "Atlantic Postcard" - Moonlust (Sacred Bones)
8:15am Mommyheads - "Needmore, Pennsylvania" - Bingham's Hole (Dot Dot Dash)
8:11am Alex DeGrassi - "Blood And Jasmine" - Turning: Turning Back (Windham Hill)
8:07am Weather Station - "Way It Is, Way It Could Be" - Loyalty (Paradise Of Bachelors)
8:04am Strange Lot - "Supremium" - Another Mind (Strange)
7:53am William Onyeabor - "Tomorrow" - William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
7:49am Peter Tosh - "Ketchy Shuby" - Legalize It (Columbia)
7:44am Angelo Noce Santoro - "Arroz Cubano" - For You (Pharaway Sounds)
7:42am Truck - "Earth Song" - Truck (Guerssen)
7:38am Juan Wauters - "I Was Well" - Who Me? (Captured Tracks)
7:27am Groupe Folklorique Montagnais - "Tshekuan Mak Tshetutamak" - Native North America, Vol. 1 (Light In The Attic)
7:19am A Tribe Called Red - "Suplex" - Suplex (Radicalized)
7:14am Tina Turner - "One Of The Living" - Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome strk (Capitol)
7:10am Gyasi Ross - "Marlon Brando" - Isskootsik (Cabin Games)