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7:03am Carla dal Forno - "Hype Sleep" - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)
6:56am Erling Wold - "God, What A Terrible Way To Live" - UKSUS (MinMax Music)
6:49am Raphael - "Hommage A Kabylie" - Stop, Look, Listen (Heavenly Sweetness)
6:43am Angel Bat Dawid - "Black Family" - The Oracle (Intergalactic Mantra)
6:18am David Naegele - "Temple In The Forest" - Temple In The Forest (Valley Of The Sun)
6:03am Jason Calhoun - "Route" - Practice (Lily Tapes & Discs)
8:56am Warmth - "Dawning" - Wildlife (Archives0222222222222.)
8:50am Lina Tullgren - "Golden Babyland" - Free Cell (Captured Tracks)
8:45am Dave Grusin - "Friends And Strangers" - Mountain Dance (GRP)
8:42am Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)" - Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
8:34am Tito Rodriguez - "Guajirita" - From Hollywood (Polydor)
8:31am Devendra Banhart - "Abre Las Manos" - MA (Nonesuch)
8:28am El Polen - "Mi Cueva" - Back To Peru (Vampi Soul)
8:22am Jason Becker - "Magic Woman" - Triumphant Heart (Music Theories)
7:56am Soda Lite - "Lyra's Horizon" - Vale & Stone (Inner Islands)
7:48am Minami Deutsch - "Don't Wanna Go Back" - With Dim Light (Guruguru Brain)
7:45am Wire - "Blessed State" - 154 (Warner Bros.)
7:38am Moon Duo - "Lost Heads" - Stars Are The Light (Sacred Bones)
7:24am Sofie Birch - "Myg" - Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
7:22am ESSi - "02-02" - Vital Creatures (Ramp Local)
7:13am Luke Sweeney - "Something Bleu" - Adventure:Us (Aerobic)
7:10am Florist - "Rain Song" - Emily Alone (Double Double Whammy)
7:08am Jim Spencer - "Another Lonely Day" - Sad About The Times (Anthology)
7:04am Poppy Family - "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" - Which Way You Goin' Billy? (London)
6:59am Gospelbeach - "Get It Back" - Let It Burn (Curation)
6:49am Negativland - "Certain Men" - True False (Seeland)
6:44am Our Sleepless Forest - "Nomads" - The Wire Tapper 19 (Wire Magazine)
6:41am Marco Benevento - "Solid Gold" - Let It Slide (Royal Potato Family)
6:37am Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah" - Various Positions (Columbia)
6:33am Inoyama Land - "Cycle" - Commissions: 1977-2000 (Empire Of Signs)
6:24am Inoyama Land - "Hair Air" - Commissions: 1977-2000 (Empire Of Signs)
6:08am Pyramid - "Dawn Defender" - Dawn Defender (Mental Experience)
8:47am Deradoorian - "Rite Of Birth" - Disembodied Improvisations, Vol. 1 (s/r)
8:40am Willow - "Loaves And Fishes" - Sad About The Times (Anthology)
8:37am Love Band - "There Is Only One" - The Oneness Space (Living Love)
8:28am Babe Rainbow - "Something New" - Today (30th Century)
8:25am Silver - "Wham Bam" - Silver (Arista)
8:22am Whitney - "Giving Up" - Forever Turned Around (Secretly Canadian)
8:19am Shuggie Otis - "XL-30" - Inspiration/Information (Epic)
8:15am Amendola Vs. Blades - "'Fess Up (Before Ya Mess Up)" - Everybody Wins (Royal Potato Family)
7:54am Kassin+2 - "Esquecido" - Futurismo (Luaka Bop)
7:50am Call And Response - "Baby I'm A Want You" - Friends And Lovers: Songs Of Bread (Badman)
7:41am Ernest Hood - "After School" - Neighborhoods (RVNG)
7:37am Sea Urchin - "'aynen btetHadda' fi ba'D" - Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
7:24am Good Ones - "Amagorwa Y' Abagabo" - Kigali Y'Izahabu (Dean Oceans)
7:23am Franklin Kiermyer - "Baka Yelli" - Kairos (Evidence)
7:18am Swimming In Bengal - "Jungle Ragu" - Collective Elephant (Lather)
7:06am Popol Vuh - "Engel Der Gegenwart" - Herz Aus Glas (Wah Wah)
7:03am Kendra Amalie - "Boat Ride" - Ryley Walker Presents Imaginational Anthem Vol. 9 (Tompkins Square)
6:58am Madredeus - "Guitarra" - Ainda (Metro Blue)