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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:55am Traden - "Kung Karlsson" - Traden (Subliminal)
8:47am Earth Girl Helen Brown - "Language Of Love" - Four Satellites Vol. 1 (In The Red)
8:40am Karin Krog - "Don't Just Sing" - Don't Just Sing (Light in the Attic)
8:36am Mommyheads - "Phantom Limb" - Soundtrack To The World’s End (Dead Frog)
8:33am Madeline Kenney - "Cut Me Off" - Perfect Shapes (Carpark)
8:29am Part Time - "I Can Treat You Better" - Spell #6 (Burger)
8:19am Stephen Steinbrink - "A Part Of Me Is A Part Of You" - Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
8:15am Culture Club - "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" - Kissing To Be Clever (Epic)
7:55am Sister Exister - "Me & My Chicken Blues" - Scratch (s/r)
7:52am Jaded - "Lovin' You's Blues" - Local Customs: Cavern Sounds (Numero Group)
7:48am Bridget St. John - "Happy Day" - Thank You For... (Cherry Red)
7:42am Mark-Almond - "The Sausalito Suite: Solitude" - II (Blue Thumb)
7:37am Damiem Jurado - "Allocate" - The Horizon Just Laughed (Secretly Canadian)
7:26am Kevin Krauter - "Lonely Boogie" - Toss Up (Bayonet)
7:22am Anthony Phillips - "Prelude '84" - 1984 (Passport)
7:18am Ethan Gold - "Departure" - Expanses (Teenage Synthrumentals) (Electrik Gold)
7:13am Dead Can Dance - "Liberator Of Minds" - Dionysus (PIAS)
7:13am Bleechers - "Check Him Out" - Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters: The Upsetter Shop, Vol 2: 1969 to 1973 (Heartbeat)
7:09am Fairuz - "Sa Alouni Annais" - Fairuz (Voix De L'Orient)
7:08am Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos - "What A Shame" - Rockstone (Colemine)
7:04am Gone Beyond & Mumbles - "Appropos For The Wet Snow" - Notes From The Underground (Content (L)abel)
7:00am Saloli - "Barcarolle" - The Deep End (Kranky)
6:56am Central African Pygmies - "Net-Hunting Song" - Echoes Of The Forest (Ellipsis Arts)
6:37am Coil - "7-Methoxy-B=Carboline (Telepathine)" - Time Machines (Dais)
6:29am Lida Husik - "Your Bag" - Your Bag (Shimmy Disc)
6:23am Julia Holter - "I Shall Love 2" - Aviary (Domino)
6:17am Ernest Bloch - "Concerto Grosso Nr.1 - Dirge:Andante Moderato" - Works For Piano And Orchestra (SWR)
6:01am Chuck Johnson - "Corvid Tactics" - Blood Moon Boulder (Scissor Tail Editions)
8:55am Robert Poss - "Stare Decisis" - Settings (Trace Elements)
8:42am Harmony Rockets with special guest Peter Walker - "Clotho" - Lachesis/Clotho/Atropos (Tompkins Square)
8:37am World Yoga University - "Rama, You Made Me What I Am" - Each Moment So Precious (Ananda Ashram)
8:29am Gone Beyond & Mumbles - "The Great Purge" - Notes From The Underground (Content (L)abel)
8:26am Lee Ritenour - "Cross My Heart" - Rit/2 (Elektra)
8:23am Stephen Steinbrink - "Bad Love" - Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
8:19am Michael W. Smith Project - "Alpha Overture" - Michael W. Smith Project (Reunion)
8:13am Peel Dream Magazine - "Art Today" - Modern Meta Physic (Slumberland)
7:54am Baris Mancho - "Lady Of The Seventh Sky" - Nick The Chopper (Pharaway Sounds)
7:45am Zebra - "Who's Behind The Door?" - Zebra (Atlantic)
7:42am Alex DeGrassi - "Turning" - Turning: Turning Back (Windham Hill)
7:37am Alan Munson - "In The Rain" - One Man's Journey (Modern Harmonic)
7:25am Earth Girl Helen Brown - "My A.I." - Four Satellites Vol. 1 (In The Red)
7:19am Connan Mockasin - "Charlotte's Thong" - Jassbusters (Mexican Summer)
7:11am Som Imaginario - "Pantera" - Som Imaginario (Rev-Ola)
7:07am Rio Mira - "Agua" - Marimba Del Pacifico (AYA)
7:05am Kikagaku Moyo - "Nazo Nazo" - Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain)
7:00am Damon & Naomi On Tour With Kurihara - "Song To The Siren" - Song To The Siren (Sub Pop)
6:55am Trans Van Santos - "The New Spin" - 2 (Tekeli-li)
6:44am Tim Hardin - "Last Sweet Moments" - Suite For Susan Moore And Damion - We Are One, One, All In One (Columbia)
6:39am Cat Power - "In Your Face" - Wanderer (Domino)
6:36am Hans Appelqvist - "Jag En Gok" - Silfantin Och Morkret (Hapna)