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Friday, April 5, 2019 - 1:00am to 3:30am

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3:14am Absu - "A Song For Ea Including: A. E-A, B. A Myriad Of Portals, C. Third Tablet, D. Warren Of Imhullu, E. The Waters - The Denizens, F. E-A (Reprise)" - Abzu (Candlelight)
3:09am Headless Lizzy & Her Icebox Pussy - "DeathCoach" - Criminalien Manipulation (Ophidian)
3:02am Nikolay Kopernik - "В Небесах Лазурных (In Heaven Azure)" - Family (S/R)
2:54am IE - "Amulet" - Pome (Ish)
2:48am Faust - "La Poulie" - Fresh Air (Bureau B))
2:42am VKTMS - "Roma Rocket" - VKTMS (Brkn Rekids)
2:40am The Mo-dettes - "Kray Twins" - Fresh Air (Deram)
2:35am Joy Division - "Shadowplay (Arrow Studios, Manchester)" - RCA Demo 1979 (RCA Victor)
2:31am The Cure - "Closedown" - Disintegration (Elektra)
2:19am 1919 - "Cry Wolf" - let the tribe increase (Brkn Rekids)
2:15am Health - "Rat Wars" - Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear (Loma VIsta)
2:07am Heathen Beast - "The Carnage of Godhra" - The Carnage of Godhra (Transcending Obscurity)
2:00am Isgherurd Morth - "Lucir Stormalah" - Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler 2016 (Transcending Obscurity)
1:53am Half Human - "The Bell" - Positive Image (Specious Arts)
1:49am Chelsea Wolfe - "Carrion Flowers" - Abyss (Sargent House)
1:46am Scout Paré-Philips - "The Flood" - Heed the Call (Dais)
1:39am Pure Disgust - "Normalized Death" - nicolaus copernicus (Katorga)
1:38am G.L.O.S.S. - "Outkast Stomp" - G.L.O.S.S. (Not Normal)
1:36am Slant 6 - "What Kind of Monster Are You?" - Soda Pop Rip Off (Slant 6)
1:34am Don't Ask - "Grow Up" - Don't Ask (Deimos)
1:31am Faith - "Subject to Change" - ()
1:25am Kate Bush - "Suspended in Gaffa" - The Dreaming (EMI New Zealand)
1:22am Nikolay Kopernik - "Smoke" - Family (S/R)
1:13am Boy Harsher - "Face the Fire" - Careful (Naked Club)
1:10am 13th Chime - "Cats of Toulouse (Midnight Mix)" - Noir (Chime)
1:05am Embittered - "Embittered" - Embittered / Dystopia (Misanthropic)
3:21am Ludicra - "Veils" - Fex Urbis Lex Orbis (Alternative Tentacles)
3:12am Come Holy Spirit - "Wandering Womb" - Asters and Disasters (Water Wing)
3:07am Minx/Zimmerman - "Tearoom in the Rain" - Minx/ZImmermam (Espacial)
3:03am Moon Hooch - "Low 2" - Moon Hooch (S/R)
2:54am Dead Moon - "Cast Will Change" - Crack in the System (Music Maniac)
2:50am Cauda Pavonis - "I Am A Monster" - Aces & Eights (CPX)
2:46am Scout Pare-Phillips - "Heed the Call" - Heed the Call (Dais)
2:42am Julie Ruin - "Stay Monkey" - Julie Ruin (Kill Rockstars)
2:39am Don't Ask - "Grow Up" - Don't Ask (Deimos)
2:36am Dirty Denim - "Meant to Be" - Dirty Denim EP (Pirates Press)
2:32am Alliteration Kit - "Ranavalona" - Ranavalona (S/R)
2:22am The Slits - "Man Next Door" - In the Beginning (Get Back)
2:17am Zvuki Mu - "Bolnichny List/Medical Sick Leave Certificate" - Grubiy zakat (Rough Sunset) (Отделение Мамонов (Moroz))
2:10am Underground System - "Three's A Charm" - What Are You (Soul Clap)
2:04am New Zombies - "Fourth Problem" - New Zombies (S/R)
2:01am Lijadu Sisters - "Orere-Elejigbo" - Double Trouble (Shanachie)
1:51am Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf - "Drowning" - Bad Get Some (Isotopia)
1:47am Golem - "Charlatan-Ka" - Fresh Off the Boat (JDub Records)
1:42am Sadus - "Torture" - Death To Posers (demo) (S/R)
1:39am Le Tigre - "Fake French" - Feminist Sweepstakes (Mr Lady)
1:34am Zu - "Rudra Dances Over Burning Rome" - Cortar Toda (Ipecac)
1:32am PJ Harvey - "Peeling (Demo)" - Maniac B-Sides 1991-1995 (S/R)
1:27am Heavens to Betsy - "Donating My Body to Science" - Calculated (Kill rockstars)
1:24am L7 - "Pretend We're Dead" - Bricks Are Heavy (Slash)