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3:21am Dreadnought - "Lift" - Lifewoven (S/R)
3:14am Executive Slacks - "Cinema" - Executive Slacks (Dark Entries)
3:12am Milton Nascimiento - "Maria Tres Filhos" - Journey to Dawn (A&M)
3:06am Boink - "Dark Matters" - something colorful for sure (Nadine)
3:04am Gene Chandler - "Duke of Earl" - Stroll on with the Duke (Solid Smoke)
3:00am The Mo-dettes - "Sprrow" - The Story So Far (Deram)
2:51am Wyqm - "I" - Wyqm (Death Agonies and Screams)
2:46am Mortuary Drape - "Mother/Crepuscular Whisper" - Into the Drape (S/R)
2:40am Eleven Pond - "Blood Ruins Film" - Assemblage (Dark Entries)
2:35am 13th Chime - "Cats of Tolouse" - Noir (Chime)
2:31am Baus - "Ciagerettes" - Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress)
2:26am Boy Harsher - "Come Closer" - Careful (Naked Club)
2:21am Martha and the Muffins - "Trance and Dance" - Trance and Dance (Dindisc)
2:18am The Ikettes - "I'm Blue" - Gold and New (United Artists)
2:11am Dreaming Dead - "No Masters, No Slaves" - (Hammerheart)
2:01am Diavol Strâin - "Abuila" - Demonio (HISS)
1:56am The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo - "Hello Satan" - Forbidden Zone (Milan)
1:54am ? - "Moscow No Problem" - ? (?)
1:51am Don't Ask - "Grow Up" - Don't Ask (Deimos)
1:48am Kleenex/LiLiPUT - "Hitch-Hike" - First Songs (Kill Rock Stars)
1:43am Estradasphere - "XQuiQ" - It's Understood (Web of Mimicry)
1:35am Sanougue Kouyate - "Kaaramoko Toure" - balendala djibe (Island)
1:24am Faith and the Muse - "Vervain" - Elyria (Tess)
1:20am Scout Paré-Phillips - "Heed the Call" - Heed the Call (Dais)
1:17am Botanist - "Stargazer" - VI: Flora (Flenser)
1:10am Mongoloidian Glow - "Spiderman (Lullaby)" - 40 and a Nog (MT6)
1:05am Half Human - "The New Tribe" - Positive Image (Specious Arts)
1:01am John Parish and PJ Harvey - "Losing Ground" - That was My Veil (Island)
3:20am Negura Bunget - "Nametenie" - Tau (Lupus Lounge)
3:09am Cobra Man - "Fire" - New Driveway (Goner)
3:06am Boy Harsher - "Face the Fire" - Careful (Naked Club)
3:00am Charming Hostess - "Oh Barren One" - The Bowls Project (Tzadik)
2:53am Belus - "Omens" - Demo MMXV (S/R)
2:50am The Flytraps - "Cat Tongue" - Susnet Strip R.I.P (Burger)
2:46am Th B-52s - "Runnin Around" - WIld Planet (Warner Bros.)
2:40am Death and the Maiden - "Hourglass" - Wisteria (Fishrider)
2:36am Fay Ray - "Family Affairs" - Contact You (WEA)
2:33am Grow Up - "Don't Ask" - Don't Ask (Deimos)
2:26am Heavens to Betsy - "Firefly" - These Monsters Are Reak (Kill Rockstars)
2:20am Come Holy Spirit - "Wandering Womb" - Asters and Disasters (Water Wing)
2:16am The Spiritual Bat - "Sento" - Cruel Machine (Danse Macabre)
2:11am Mary Bell - "Trash Tongue" - Mary Bell LP (Danger)
2:09am Cigarettes - "Baus" - Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress)
2:05am Dinamo - "Demagogo (lo-fi)" - Desequilibrio ()
2:03am James Coit - "Black Power" - Black Power / Phillandrine (Phoof)
1:54am Lydia Lunch - "Anti-War Manifesto" - ()
1:52am Crow Crash Radio - "On the Killing Horizon" - Crow Crash Radio (iintinite iinfant)
1:48am Swimming in Bengal - "Molten Ore" - Deeper Deeper (Lugubrious Audio)
1:42am Klaus Nomi - "Total Eclipse" - Eclipsed: Best of Klaus Nomi (Razor Tie)