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Friday, January 25, 2019 - 1:00am to 3:30am

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3:20am Yoko Ono - "Hell In Paradise" - Warzone (Chimera Music)
3:16am DsorDNE - "Delitto E Passione" - É Un Sole (Dark Entries)
3:12am Carcass - "Reek of Putrification" - Symphonies of Sickness (Earache)
3:06am Forgotten Tomb - "Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges Cover)" - Under Saturn Retrograde ()
3:02am Absu - "Earth Ripper" - Abzu (Nomad)
2:56am Miserable - "Fever" - Loverboy/Dog Days (Sargent House)
2:53am Guillotine Dream - "Number Sixteen" - A War On The Passage Of Time (Gothic Music Records)
2:49am Paupiere - "D'une autre maniére" - A Jamais Prive de Responses (Lisbon Lux)
2:41am Ragana - "Nameless Constellation" - Wash Away (S/R)
2:40am Perez Prado - "Mamma A Go-Go" - Something Weird (Modern Harmonic)
2:37am Fake Surfers - "Store" - Cheap Meat (X!)
2:35am Those Poor Bastards - "I Walk The Line" - Satan is Watching (Tribulation)
2:32am The Excitements - "Keep It To Yourself" - Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough (Penniman)
2:23am The Minerva Conduct - "Exultant" - The Minerva Conduct (Transcending Obscurity)
2:17am Hot Fog - "Epoch of the Tyrant" - Secret Phantasies of the Dragon Sun (S/R)
2:08am X-Legged Sally - "Sparadrap" - Eggs And Ashes (Sub Rosa)
2:02am Koenji Hyakkei - "Nivraym" - Nivraym (Magaibutsu)
2:00am Lemon Kittens - "P.V.S." - We Buy A Hammer For Daddy (Biter of Thorpe)
1:54am Peter Gabriel - "Intruder" - Peter Gabriel (Mercury)
1:48am Faith and the Muse - "Rise And Forget" - Annwyn, Beaneath the Waves (Tess)
1:36am Come Holy Spirit - "Wandering Womb" - Asters And Disasters (Water Wing)
1:32am Shock Headed Peters - "Wheel In the Bait" - Not Born Beautiful (él)
1:24am Underground System - "Go" - What Are You (Soul Clap)
1:20am Sudan Archives - "Nont For Sale" - Sink (Stones Throw)
1:17am Oingo Boingo - "So Bad" - Demo EP (S/R)
1:07am The Fall - "Bill is Dead" - Extricate (Phonogram)
1:06am Kleenex/LiLiPUT - "I Had A Dream" - Kleenex/LiLiPUT (The Complete Recordings) (Off Course)
1:03am The Julie Ruin - "I Decide" - Hit Reset (Hardly Art)
1:00am 1919 - "Cry Wolf" - Cry Wolf (Abstract)
1:00am Don' Ask - "Worm Song" - Don' Ask (Deimos)
3:12am The Mars Volta - "Take The Veil Cerpin Tax" - Scabdates (Strummer)
3:10am Glass Traps - "Eiffel" - Glass Traps (S/R)
3:04am Los Mustang 66 - "Los Mustang 66" - Los Mustang 66 (Groovie)
3:00am Santa Sabbath - "Electric Hannukah" - Children of the Sleigh (S/R)
3:00am Forgotten Tomb - "Colourless Despondancy" - Springtime Depression ()
2:51am Anita Ward - "Ring My Bell" - Songs of Love (Juana)
2:46am Scout Paré Philips - "Heed The Call" - Heed The Call (Dais)
2:37am Chaos Research - "Kuivila" - Three (S/R)
2:35am Jerry Solomon - "Señorita" - Virginity For All! Private Press 45s 66-69 (Modern Harmonic)
2:27am Danzig - "Under Her Black Wings" - Under Her Black Wings (Record Single) (Def American)
2:22am KMFDM - "UAIOE" - UAIOE (Wax Trax!)
2:21am Haemorrhage - "Anatomized" - Exhumed / Haemorrhage - Split Live Tape (Deliria Productions)
2:17am Exodus - "Bonded By Blood" - Boded By Bloow (Torrid)
2:05am Zack Browning - "Rock Furious" - Soul Doctrine (Innova)
2:01am Swimming In Bengal - "Molten Ore" - Deeper Deeper (Lugubrious Audio)
1:54am The Alan Parsons Project - "The Cask of Amontillado" - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe (Charisma)
1:43am Garage A Trois - "Etienne" - Outre Mer (Telarc)
1:40am Cheap Nasties - "Cheap And Nasty" - Cheap Nasties (Hozac)
1:36am Dark Beach - "My Clone" - Ouija (S/R)
1:33am Neu Zam - "Panic Attack" - O Ye Sleepers Of Beulah, Land Of Shades! (Venus AEon)