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Music you can -- and cannot -- dance to. Jungle, techno, house, and other electronic music with beats (or not). Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:56am Melorman - "Small Arms To Hold" - Out In a Field (Symbolic Interaction)
12:54am Ura-Dust - "Dream" - Montreal Pleiades (Cosmic Tones)
12:51am The Durian Brothers - "Mille Yeaux" - Ausgewählte Durian Stücke (Emotional Response)
12:44am Synthek - "Harmony" - The Hidden Dimension (Auxiliary)
12:37am Circuit, Burns & Hawk - "Track 2" - From The Legal Pad Of... (No 'Label')
12:33am Huerta - "Waxwing Air" - Junipero (Voyage Recordings)
12:29am Dust-e-1 - "Live By The Leaf" - Montreal Pleiades (Cosmic Tones)
12:23am Nicola Cruz - "Pagano" - Moon Faze Sun Gaze III (Multi Culti)
12:17am Modern Manners - "Can Maneras" - Modern Manners 002 (Modern Manners)
12:13am VC-118A - "Enter" - Permutation (Frustrated Funk)
12:06am Burnt Friedman - "The Pestle" - The Pestle (Latency)
12:01am Aril Brikha - "Everything Was Here First" - Dance of A Trillion Stars (Mule Musiq)
12:57am Air - "Ce Matin Là" - Moon Safari (Astralwerks)
12:53am Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Behind The Mask" - Solid State Survivor (Alfa)
12:45am Lemon Jelly - "Page One" - (XL Recordings)
12:40am Pandawan - "Trying Nights" - n/a (s/r)
12:36am Rootmasters - "Book of Hours" - Push Once (Malicious Damage)
12:31am Todd Reynolds - "Icy Sleeves Of Green v2.0" - Outerborough (Innova)
12:26am Bel Canto - "Time Without End" - Birds Of Passage (Crammed DIscs)
12:21am Mike & Rich - "Waltz" - Expert Knob Twiddlers (Planet Mu)
12:12am Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo - "Upper Floor ··· Moving Triangle" - Cochin Moon (Light In The Attic)
12:11am Taragana Pyjarama - "Just Remember This" - Tipped Bowls (Kompakt)
12:00am Massive Attack vs Burial - "Four Walls" - Four Walls / Paradise Circus (s/r)
12:58am Octave One - "I Believe" - The Collective (430 West)
12:55am Carl Craig - "At Les" - Virtual Sex (Buzz)
12:50am Tronik House - "Straight Outta Hell" - Straight Outta Hell (KMS)
12:45am Derrick May - "Kaotic Harmony" - Innovator (Transmat)
12:37am Rhythim Is Rhythim - "The Dance (Living Room Mix)" - Nude Photo (Transmat)
12:30am Model 500 - "Ocean To Ocean (Juan's Magic Mix)" - Ocean To Ocean (Juan's Magic Mix) (Kool Kat)
12:22am X-Ray - "Let's Go (A Mix)" - Let's Go (Transmat)
12:18am Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain - "Do You Know Black History (Musical)" - Do You Know Black History (Backatcha Records)
12:11am Floorplan - "Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)" - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) (M-Plant)
12:06am Jeff Mills - "Real Life" - Sequence (A Retrospective Of Axis Records) (Axis)
12:00am Galaxy 2 Galaxy - "Transition" - A Hitech Jazz Compilation (Submerge)
12:57am Kassel Jaeger - "Ocelli for NVD" - Le Lisse Et Le Strie (Latency)
12:54am Yu Su - "Watermelon Woman (Dub) (Watermelon Woman" - Watermelon Woman (Technicolour)
12:46am Private Agenda - "Sea Life (Mark Barrott Dub Mix)" - The Space Between Swells (Lo Recordings)
12:42am Desolate - "Ode To Sines" - Exceptionalism (Fauxpas Musik ‎)
12:38am Amon Tobin - "Three Different Hat Sizes" - (Fear in a Handful of Dust (Nomark)
12:34am Carmen Villain - "Type" - Both Lines Will Be Blue (Smalltown Supersound ‎–)
12:31am Shanti Celeste - "Voz (Instrumental)" - Tangerine (Peach Discs)
12:27am VC-118A / Mohlao - "Cloak" - Inside (Delsin)
12:24am Zachary Utz - "2 II." - Value Plush (Ehse)
12:19am Takovoi - "The Fox With The Dog" - 9 / The Fox With The Dog (Leng)
12:13am Toki Fuko - "Spring Ray [Original]" - Spring Ray (Silent Season)
12:09am Saphileaum - "Violet Pond" - The Traveler (Silent Season)
12:05am O Yuki Conjugate - "In Flux" - Sleepwalker (Auf Abwegen)
12:03am Doubler - "Cloud Killers" - Lines of Force (U-Udios)
12:01am Barker - "Wireheading" - Utility (Ostgut Ton)
12:00am Alex Albrecht pres. Melquiades - "Federation Bells" - Lanterns (Analogue Attic)