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Music you can -- and cannot -- dance to. Jungle, techno, house, and other electronic music with beats (or not). Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:48am Francis Bebey - "The Coffee Cola Song" - African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Bad Born)
12:43am Harmonia - "Arabesque" - Live 1974 (Gronland)
12:20am Brian Eno - "The Ship" - The Ship (Opal)
12:19am The Bevis Frond - "Cries From The Inner Marshland" - Inner Marshland (Cherry Red)
12:08am Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - "Burning Straw In Sky" - Masters Of Confusion (Spoon)
12:01am Dave Brock - "Lazy Days" - Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams (Esoteric Antenna)
12:54am Poppy Ackroyd - "Lyre Grounds (Hidden Orchestra Remix)" - Reorchestrations (Denovali)
12:52am Sky - "On The Shores Of The High Priestess" - Slumberland (Waveform)
12:40am Bottin - "Parody" - Parody 12" (Bear Funk)
12:35am Sonornote - "Detroit Collapse" - FrameWatcher / Sononote Split 12" (Shimmering Moods)
12:28am Miruga - "Private Tapes" - 12" (Statik Entertainment)
12:22am FrameWatcher - "Afterfeast" - FrameWatcher / Sonornote Split 12" (Shimmering Moods Records)
12:19am DJ Sun - "One" - One Hundred (Soulargrooves)
12:15am Jorge Velez - "Lynx At The Corner" - Animals Disk (Long Island Electrical Sound)
12:11am Wanderwelle - "Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams" - Gathering of Ancient Spirits (Silent Season)
12:00am DADA - "Realisation" - Drum Machine Circle (Fax)
12:57am J.A.K.A.M. - "i Want 2 C U" - Counterpoint EP.4 (Crosspoint)
12:55am (((Sonogram - "Debris" - Heartbeat Submarines (Simulacra)
12:49am Driftmachine - "Reveil Des Oiseaux" - Nocturnes (Umor Rex)
12:43am D104 - "Dope" - Dope (Palma)
12:36am Akio Nagase - "Makedub" - Make Dub (Sound Channel)
12:31am Federsen - "50 hz" - Interval (Fifth Interval)
12:27am Howie B - "Here Comes The Tooth" - Music For Babies (Island)
12:21am Lo Kindre - "I Don't Really" - Chlorophylum (12th Isle)
12:15am Rasmus Hedlund - "Telos II" - Audio Kurator (Ljudverket)
12:12am Ultramarine - "Framework" - Signals Into Space (Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
12:08am Brainwaltzera - "Rad Endcar" - Epi-Log EP (Film)
12:00am Transonic - "Wheel of Heaven B" - Transonic 2 (Fax)
12:41am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "In The World" - The Kid (Western Vinyl)
12:37am Einsturzende Neubauten - "Nagorny Karabach" - Alles Weider Offen (Potomak)
12:33am Dean Elliot - "Lonesome Road (y-ziq remix)" - Electrolounge (The Right Stuff)
12:30am Able Tasmans - "Snow White Chook" - A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down (Flying Nun)
12:22am Basement Jaxx - "What's The News" - Junto (Atlantic Jaxx)
12:20am Electronic Toys - "Movin' Along" - Electronic Toys (Normal Rec)
12:16am Dream System 8 - "It's All Happening" - We Sleep Again (Minty Fresh)
12:08am Introflirt - "Could Be Fun" - Temporary Heaven (Elevator Golf)
12:00am Magnetic Fields - "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend (Dub Mix)" - I Thought You Were My Boyfriend - remix (Nonesuch)
12:55am dBridge - "Scarlett" - Passing Encounter / Scarlett (Convex Industries)
12:50am Derrick May - "Kaotic Harmony" - Innovator (Transmat)
12:45am Moodymann - "Amerika" - Amerika (KDJ)
12:40am Will Dimaggio - "All Good (Jazz Mix)" - At Ease (Future Times)
12:35am Shades of Black - "Make U Mine" - Make U Mine (Intrigue Records)
12:27am The Rotating Assembly - "Orchestra Hall" - Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
12:24am Joy O - "TENNOV6TEEN" - 81b (Hinge Finger)
12:17am The Sun God - "Maum" - Being Hieroglyphic (Bio Rhythm)
12:13am Lukid - "Another Victory for Furniture" - Twisted Blood (Glum)
12:08am Bobby McFerrin - "All I Want" - Simple Pleasures (EMI)
12:04am Actress - "Ghosts Have A Heaven" - Ghosts Have A Heaven (Prime Numbers)
12:00am Joy O - "Sin Palta" - 81b (Hinge Finger)
12:55am Insanity Sect - "Late Night" - Two A.D. (Waveform)