Scratchy Vinyl

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Presented in low-quality stereophonic sound, the Scratchy Vinyl show is the program on KALX where the music will go in one ear and out the other.

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

5:14pm Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - "Satisfaction" - The Ukulele Variations (Discethnique)
5:07pm Girls Together Outrageously - "Circular Circulation" - Permanent Damage (Straight)
5:04pm Jeff Simmons - "Lucielle Has Messed My Mind Up" - Lucielle Has Messed My Mind Up (Straight)
5:01pm Bleached - "Heartbeat Away" - Don't You Think You've Had Enough? (Dead Oceans)
4:56pm Pepe Deluxe - "A Day and a Night" - Queen of the Wave (Asthmatic Kitty)
4:53pm Hillbilly Moon Explosion - "Queen of Hearts" - The Sparky Sessions (Jungle)
4:45pm Sex Pistols - "Problems" - Nevermind The Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols (Spunk)
4:42pm Paranoyds - "Girlfriend Degree" - Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze)
4:40pm Murmaids - "Paper Sun" - Girls Go Zonk (RPM)
4:37pm Firesign Theater - "Deputy Dan Has No Friends" - Best of the Firesign Theatre (Columbia)
4:34pm Penelope Isles - "Chlorine" - Until the Tide Creeps In (Bella Union)
4:29pm Kevin Ayers - "Claretta Rag" - Joy of a Toy (BGO)
4:26pm Donovan - "Jennifer Juniper" - Donovan's Greatest Hits (Epic)
4:23pm XTC - "Grass" - Dear God 12" (Geffen Records)
4:19pm Stranglers - "Golden Brown" - Feline (Liberty Records)
4:16pm Parlotones - "Antodote" - China (OK! Good)
4:06pm Senor Coconut - "Smoke on the Water" - Fiesta Songs (Nacional)
4:02pm Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester - "Kiss" - Super Hits (Bosendorfer)
4:00pm Greasy Gills - "Mr Rebel" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
3:57pm Bikini Kill - "Rebel Girl" - The Singles (Kill Rock Stars)
3:54pm Lisa Prank - "Rodeo" - Perfect Love Song (Father Daughter)
3:46pm Lorne Green - "Ringo (French Version)" - Golden Throats, Vol. 3 (Rhino)
3:40pm Sex Pistols - "Roadrunner" - Great Rock and Roll Swindle (Warner Bros.)
3:38pm Dickies - "Silent Night" - Punk Rock Christmas (Rhino)
3:35pm Redd Kross - "When do I Get to Sing My Way" - Beyond The Door (Merge)
3:26pm Pixies - "Catfish Kate" - Beneath the Eyriee (Infectious)
3:23pm Throwing Muses - "Cottonmouth" - The Curse (4AD)
3:18pm Roxy Rawson - "God's Got Bones" - Queching the Kill (S/R)
3:16pm Sidney Bechet - "La Petite Fleur" - All the Best From France (AAD)
3:07pm Rik L Rik - "The Outback" - Rodney on the Roq (Posh Boy)
3:04pm Girls Together Outrageously - "Rodney" - Permanent Damage (Straight)
3:02pm Adolescents - "Amoeba" - Rodney on the Roq (Posh Boy)
5:56pm Five Cent Coffee - "Chocolate Jesus" - Bourbon and Beans (S/R)
5:53pm Tiger Lillies - "Banging in the Nails" - The Brothel to the Cemetery (Ruff Stuff)
5:50pm Mosquito Cabaret - "Wedding Steps" - The Modern Life of Insects (Dead Run)
5:45pm Nuns - "Wild" - Nuns (Posh Boy)
5:42pm X - "Riding with Mary" - Riding With Mary 12" (Elektra)
5:39pm Jerry Lee Lewis - "Breathless" - Jerry Lee Lewis Milestones (Rhino)
5:37pm Pearl Harbor & the Explosions - "Black Slacks" - Pearl Harbor & The Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
5:35pm Alleycats - "Black Haired Girl" - Nightmare City (Time Coast)
5:32pm X Ray Spex - "Germ Free Adolescents" - Germ Free Adolescents (EMI)
5:30pm Bleached - "Heartbeat Away" - Don't You Think You've Had Enough? (Dead Oceans)
5:21pm Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "Accidents Will Happen" - Armed Forces (Columbia)
5:18pm Greasy Gills - "UFS" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
5:15pm Duane Eddy - "Stalkin'" - The Duane Eddy Anthology (Rhino)
5:12pm Messer Fur Frau Muller - "Agents and Spies" - Triangle Dot Devil (Aero)
5:09pm Messer Chups - "Fantomasofobia" - Crazy Price (Ipococ)
5:06pm Project Pimento - "Barbarella" - Space Age Love Songs (True Loo Blue)
5:03pm Bananarama - "Robert De Nero's Waiting" - Bananarama (London)
5:01pm Grace Cashmere - "I Waited" - Hot Sick Vile & Fun (Rocks in Your Head)