Scratchy Vinyl

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Presented in low-quality stereophonic sound, the Scratchy Vinyl show is the program on KALX where the music will go in one ear and out the other.

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

3:07pm Velveteen Rabbit - "Too Much Just Enough" - Velveteen Rabbit (Hozac)
3:03pm DI - "Mr. Grinch" - Punk Rock Xmas (Rhino)
5:50pm New York Philharmonic - "An American In Paris" - Classic Gershwin (CBS)
5:26pm Billy Thermal - "I'm Gonna Follow You" - Sharp Cuts (Planet)
5:23pm Andrews Sisters - "Rum and Coca Cola" - The Best of The Andrews Sisters (MCA)
5:19pm Boy Scouts - "Get Well Soon" - Free Company (Anti-)
5:13pm Jim Lowe - "Green Door" - Born Bad, Vol. 6 (Born Bad)
5:10pm Greasy Gills - "Swamp Meet" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
5:08pm Pearl Harbor & the Explosions - "Black Slacks" - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
5:05pm X Ray-Spex - "I Am a Poseur" - Germfree Adolescents (Artificial)
5:02pm London Punkharmonic Orchestra - "Germ Free Adolescents" - Classical Punk (MCCD)
4:57pm Roxy Ranson - "God's Got Bones" - Quenching the Kill (S/R)
4:51pm Hillbilly Moon Explosion - "My Love For Evermore" - Sparky Sessions (Jungle)
4:48pm Social Distortion - "Under My Thumb" - 1945 (13th Floor)
4:44pm Rolling Stones - "Back Street Girl" - Flowers (London)
4:40pm Dum Dum Girls - "Baby Don't Go" - I Wil Be (Sub Pop)
4:36pm Lizzy No - "Matthew" - Vanity (S/R)
4:29pm David Bowie - "Oh! You Pretty Things" - Hunky Dory (Rykodisk)
4:25pm Translator - "Everywhere That I'm Not" - Heartbeats and Triggers (Columbia)
4:23pm Maureen Tucker - "I'm Sticking with You" - I'm Sticking With You: An Introduction to Maureen Tucker (Modern Haronic)
4:20pm Jefferson Airplane - "It's No Secret" - Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (RCA Victor)
4:17pm Kacy and Clayton - "In a Time of Doubt" - Carrying On (New West Records)
4:09pm Velveteen Rabbit - "Mind Numbing Entertainment" - Mind-Numbing Entertainment (Hozac)
4:06pm Stag - "Electric Mistress" - Electric Mistress (S/R)
4:03pm Whateverglades - "What'd I Ever Do to You?" - Wish You Were Here (No Egrets)
4:00pm Statler Brothers - "Flowers on the Wall" - Pulp Fiction Soundtrack (MCA)
3:57pm Kate Tempest - "Thirsty" - The Book of Traps and Lessons (Republic)
3:48pm Petty Booka - "Pineapple Princess" - Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian (Weed)
3:45pm Spike Jones - "Hawaiian War Chant" - The Spike Jones Anthology (Rhino)
3:42pm Sol Bright - "Hawaiian Cowboy" - Hawaiian Steel Guitar 1920's-50's (Folklyric)
3:39pm Frank DeLima - "Frank DeLima's Favorite Joke" - The Best of the Hano Hano Room (KSSK)
3:36pm Magnapop - "Dog on the Door" - The Circle is Round (HHBTM)
3:26pm Waitresses - "I Know What Boys Like" - Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? (1980) (Polydor)
3:23pm Edith Massey - "Big Girls Don't Cry" - Worlds Worst Records (Rhino)
3:20pm Julie Brown - "Cuz' I'm a Blonde" - Earth Girls are Easy (Sire)
3:17pm Samantha Sidley - "I Like Girls" - Interior Person (Release Me)
3:14pm Miss Li - "Stupid Girl" - Dancing the Whole Way Home (National)
3:10pm Al Jolson - "When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bop Bobbin' Along" - The Best of Al Jolson (Decca)
3:06pm Calista Garcia - "Stuck in Your Head" - Wild Woman (S/R)
3:02pm Bob & Doug McKenzie - "Twelve Days of Christmas" - Dr Dimento presents the Greatest Novelty CD (Rhino)
5:58pm Bob Dylan - "Subterranean Homeick Blues" - Biograph (Columbia Records)
5:56pm Malvina Reynolds - "Love is Something" - Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth (Columbia Records)
5:54pm Real Tuesday Weld - "Little Boxes" - Sing Me to Sleep (American Laundromat)
5:51pm Greasy Gills - "Swamp Meet" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
5:48pm Breeders - "Flipside" - Last Splash (4AD)
5:45pm Boy Scouts - "Get Well Soon" - Free Company (Anti-)
5:29pm Pete Seeger - "What Did You Learn in School Today?" - Pete Seeger (Broadside)
5:23pm Maryanne Faithful - "Sister Morphine" - Broken English / Sister Morphine 12" (Island)
5:20pm Avengers - "Paint it Black" - Paint it Black 7" (Superior Viaduct)
5:17pm Hot n' Cold - "Complicated" - Ghost of Brian (Black Fantasy)