Scratchy Vinyl

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Presented in low-quality stereophonic sound, the Scratchy Vinyl show is the program on KALX where the music will go in one ear and out the other.

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

3:18pm Concrete Blonde - "Still in Hollywood" - Concrete Blonde (IRS)
3:14pm Pixies - "Long Rider" - Beneath The Eyrie (Infectious)
3:11pm Mothers of Invention - "Peaches en Regalia" - Strictly Commercial (Rykodisc)
3:07pm Beach Boys - "Auld Lang Syne" - Rarities (Capitol)
3:02pm Divynals - "Pleasure and Pain" - Essentials (Chrysalis)
5:53pm Cheech & Chong - "Santa Claus and His Old Lady" - Dr Dimento presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD (Rhino)
5:49pm Meteors - "Rawhide" - The Mutant Mokey and the Surfers from Zorch (Anagram)
5:47pm Greasy Gills - "Swamp Meet" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
5:45pm Nuns - "Lazy" - 4 Days in a Motel Room (Posh Boy)
5:42pm Damned - "Neat Neat Neat" - Damned Damned Damned (Frontier)
5:36pm Mamas and the Papas - "Words of Love" - Farewell to the First Golden Era (Dunhill)
5:33pm Ellyn Maybe - "All My Life I've Wanted a Great Love" - Rodeo For The Sheepish (Hen House Studios)
5:31pm Vogues - "Lovers Concerto" - You're The One (CO & CE)
5:29pm Dickies - "Silent Night" - Punk Rock Xmas (Rhino)
5:26pm UXA - "Tragedies" - Illusions of Grandeur (Posh Boy)
5:24pm Vice Squad - "Latex Love" - Vice (Riot City)
5:21pm Boy Scouts - "Cut It" - Free Company (Anti-)
5:13pm Calista Garcia - "Stuck in Your Head" - Wild Woman (S/R)
5:12pm Erika Elgen - "I Want to Marry the Lighthouse Keeper" - Clockwork Orange Soundtrack (Warner Brothers)
5:10pm April Smith and the Great Picture Show - "The One That Got Away" - Songs for a Sinking Ship (S/R)
5:08pm Chaise Lounge - "Cool" - Dot Dot Dot (Modern Songbook)
5:05pm Lydia Lunch - "Knives in the Drain" - Queen of Siam (Buddah)
5:02pm Samantha Sidley - "I Like Girls" - Interior Person (Release Me)
4:54pm Jeannie Bennett - "Air" - Hair (Philips)
4:51pm Death by chocolate - "Bibi Gin" - Zap the world (Jet Set)
4:48pm Status Quo - "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" - Messages from the Status Quo (Castle)
4:45pm Oscar - "I Love Trash" - Sesame Street Gold (Sesame Street)
4:43pm New York Dolls - "Trash" - New York Dolls (Mercury)
4:37pm Magnapop - "Dog On the Door" - The Circle is Round (HHBTM)
4:31pm Hillbilly Moon Explosion - "Queen of Hearts" - Sparky Sessions (Jungle)
4:28pm Tom Waits - "Ghost of Saturday Night" - Heart of Saturday Night (Asylum)
4:23pm Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Brother My Cup is Empty" - Henrys Dream (Mute / Elektra)
4:19pm Moonlighters - "Forgotten Man / Brother Can You Spare a Dime" - Hello Heartstring (Onliest)
4:15pm Lizzie No - "Matthew" - Vanity (S/R)
4:09pm Kate Vargas - "Common Creep" - For the Wolfish and Wandering (Little Maniac)
4:04pm Nellie McKay - "Hungry Freaks Daddy" - My Weekly Reader (429)
4:02pm Mothers of Invention - "How Could I Be Such A Fool" - Freak Out (Ryko)
3:59pm Pixies - "Cecelia Ann" - Bossanova (4AD)
3:56pm Pixies - "Los Surfers Muertos" - Beneath the Eyrie (Infectious)
3:50pm Lulu - "To Sir With Love" - To Sir With Love (Fontana)
3:48pm Frank Zappa - "Sofa #2" - One Size Fits All (Discreet)
3:43pm Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black - "Alaska" - Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (Beautiful)
3:40pm Fatal Microbes - "Violence Grows" - Violence Grows (Small Wonder)
3:35pm Tropical Fuck Storm - "Who's My Eugene" - Braindrops (Joyful Noise)
3:28pm Tenpole Tudor - "Rock Around the Clock" - Great Rock and Roll Swindle (Warner Bros.)
3:25pm Jerry Lee Lewis - "Great Balls of Fire" - Milestones (Rhino)
3:21pm Pearl Harbor & the Explosions - "Driving" - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
3:18pm Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen In Love" - Love Bites (United Artists)
3:15pm Muffs - "Weird Boy Next Door" - Whoop De Doo (Burger)
3:13pm Big Stick - "Hot Sauce" - LP (Drag Racing Underground)