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Friday, August 30, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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3:43pm Hugh Cornwell - "The Pleasure of Your Company" - Hooverdam (Invisible Hands)
3:39pm Hugo Hans - "Cannibals" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
3:36pm Helado Negro - "Espuma Negra" - Awe Owe (Asthmatic Kitty)
3:26pm Alice Boman - "Be Mine" - EP II (Control Group)
3:19pm Hi Fiction Science - "1000 Years" - Curious Yellow (Cherry Red)
3:11pm The Other Two - "Voytek" - Super Highways (London)
3:02pm David Holmes - "Gone (Featuring Sarah Cracknell)" - This Films Crap Lets Sleash The Seats (Go! Discs)
8:48am Burial - "Shell of Light" - Hyperdub 10.2 (Hyperdub)
8:43am Sonogram - "Summer Of Love" - LED Melodies (Simulacra)
8:34am Pharaohs - "Above/Below" - Replicant Moods (100% Silk)
8:29am New Order - "Turn The Heater On" - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
8:26am Island Boy - "I Want" - Basic Instincts (Rita)
8:18am Beacon - "Bring You Back" - The Ways We Separate (Ghostly International)
8:15am Alice Boman - "Be Mine" - EP II (Control Group)
8:11am Yanni - "Overture - Carol's Theme" - Heart of Midnight OST (Silva Screen)
8:05am Emma Ruth Rundle - "Oh Sarah" - Some Heavy Ocean (Sargent House)
8:00am Ramona Lisa - "Backwards & Upwards" - Arcadia (Terrible)
7:54am Jem Stone - "Be-Bop 2 Hip-Hop" - Perpetual Lotion (Freshly Squeezed)
7:49am Keith Le Blanc - "Maneuvers" - Masters Of The Beat (Tommy Boy)
7:43am Paul Hardcastle - "Rain Forest (Remix)" - Rain Forest (Profile)
7:36am Nostalgia 77 - "The Hunger" - The Garden (Tru Thoughts)
7:26am Bread & Butter - "Wind Me Up" - Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol. 7 (New Breed)
7:23am Mndsgn - "Frugality" - Yawn Zen (Stones Throw)
7:19am Bibio - "You" - Silver Wilkinson (Warp)
7:13am Golden Donna - "Empty Charm Vessel" - II (100% Silk)
7:09am Fhloston Paradigm - "Tension Remains (feat. Pia Ercole)" - The Phoenix (Hyperdub)
7:03am deadmau5 - "Creep" - While (1<2) (Astralwerks)
7:00am Nosaj Thing - "Fog" - Drift (Alpha Pup)
6:55am Bob Geldof - "The New Routine" - Sex, Age & Death (Koch)
6:43am Spacemen 3 - "Transparent Radiation (Flashback)" - Perfect Prescription (Taang!)
6:35am Fuxa - "Some Things Last A Long Time" - Electric Sound of Summer (Rocket Girl)
6:28am Hi Fiction Science - "1000 Years" - Curious Yellow (Cherry Red)
6:23am Carl Hultgren - "Evening (At Night)" - Tomorrow (Blue Flea)
6:12am Cypher 7 - "Nadyr" - Nothing Lasts (Yikes)
6:03am Jon Hopkins - "Light Through The Veins" - Insides (Domino)
2:52pm Pharaohs - "Above-Below" - Replicant Moods (100% Silk)
2:49pm Sorceress - "Do It" - Dose (Wonderwheel)
2:40pm David Holmes - "Rodney Yates" - Let's Get Killed (1500 Records)
2:34pm Zongo Junction - "Tunnel Bar" - No Discount (Electric Cowbell)
2:29pm Black Light Orchestra - "Touch Me, Take Me" - Once Upon A Time (RCA)
2:26pm Spanish Gold - "Out on the Street" - South of Nowhere (BMG)
2:20pm DM Stith - "Braid of Voices (Clark Remix)" - Heavy Ghost Appendices (Asthmatic Kitty)
2:15pm Gliss - "In Heaven" - Langsom Dans (Modern Outsider)
2:11pm Chamber Strings - "For The Happy Endings" - Month of Sundays (Bobsled)
2:06pm Hamilton Leighthauser - "I Don't Need Anyone" - Black Hours (Ribbon Music)
2:03pm David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - "Lose Myself In Sound" - End Times Undone (Merge)
1:54pm Klaus Johann Grobe - "Les Grecks" - Im Sinne Der Zeil (Trouble In Mind)
1:50pm Meridian Brothers - "Un Principe Miserable Y Malvado" - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
1:45pm Clark Terry & Chico O'Farrill - "Spanish Rice (DJ Dolores Remix)" - Impulsive! (Verve)
1:41pm Jamie Berry - "Grandiose" - Grandiose EP (Flak)