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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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10:11am Hiright - "Odds (feat. Blueprint)" - Catalytic (S/R)
10:07am Pelican City - "Sesame Street" - Rhode Island (December First)
10:02am Ping Pong featuring Kelly Huff - "Goin' Downhill" - Mo' Cookin' (Ubiquity)
9:58am Kelis - "Runnin'" - Food (Ninja Tune)
9:50am Thievery Corporation - "No More Disguise" - Saudade (ESL)
9:47am Angela Luce - "Quando M'Innamoro" - Neapolitan Passion Vol. 2 (Bideri)
9:44am Raymond Lefevre and his Orchestra - "Adios Amor" - Soul Coaxing (4 Corners)
9:41am Julie London - "Light My Fire" - Jazz Chillout v1.0 (Blue Note)
9:36am Kan Wakan - "Forever Found" - Forever Found (Verve)
9:28am Sub Liquid - "Monday Whispers" - Beneath Your Reflection (S/R)
9:25am Elise Melinand - "Dried Leaves feat. Augustin Jacob" - Gray Hoodie (n5MD)
9:21am I Break Horses - "Denial" - Chiaroscuro (Bella Union)
9:15am Heterotic - "Triumph (ft. Vezelay)" - Weird Drift (Planet Mu)
9:07am Colder - "One Night In Tokyo" - Modern Wild Dub (Echo Beach)
9:01am Dubstar - "Stars (Mother Dub Mix)" - Stars (Polydor)
11:57am Black Mambas - "Wanna Get A Job In The City" - S/T (Wild Records)
11:52am Ladykillers - "Hold On" - #IntroducingTheLadykillers (S/R)
11:50am Black Mambas - "Set On You" - S/T (Wild Records)
11:42am Ladykillers - "Give Them What They Want" - #IntroducingTheLadykillers (S/R)
11:40am Black Mambas - "Baby I'll Give It To You" - Baby I'll Give It To You (Wild Records)
11:31am Ibibio Sound Machine - "The Talking Fish" - S/T (Soundway)
11:27am Hokis Pokis - "City Rhythm" - The Magic Of... (Luv N Haight)
11:21am Nai Bonet - "Jelly Belly" - Girls In The Garage Pt. 2 (Romulan)
11:18am Merits - "Arabian Jerk" - Jungle Exotica Vol. 2 (Strip)
11:16am Zebra Stripes - "El Paseo" - Zebra Is Her Name (Dionysus)
11:13am Maryland Cookies - "Move On Baby" - Flesh, Trash & Heat (Rainbow Music)
11:10am El Goodo - "Be My Girl" - Coyote (Grease)
11:07am Rebel Set - "Bubblegum" - How To Make A Monster (Silver Hornet)
11:02am Soft Bombs - "Strike Back" - Altered Sierra (Soundport)
10:52am Elise Melinand - "Picture Book" - Gray Hoodie (n5MD)
10:49am Teebs - "View Point" - Estara (Brainfeeder)
10:45am Meklit - "Kemekem featuring Samuel Yirga" - We Are Alive (Six Degrees)
10:40am Kelis - "Trilogy" - Kelis Was Here (LaFace)
10:36am Kelis - "Protect My Heart" - Tasty (Star Trak)
10:32am Kelis - "Cobbler" - Food (Ninja Tune)
10:24am Asheru - "Life After The Show (feat. ProVerb, Hip Hop Pantsula & KG)" - Sleepless In Soweto (Guerilla Arts Ink)
10:20am Boo Yaa Tribe - "Psyko Funk" - Psyko Funk (4th & B'Way)
10:15am Freshco & Miz - "Ain't U Freshco (Funkamental Mix)" - We Don't Play (Tommy Boy)
10:12am Panther God - "Dreamatone" - Golden Changes (Outside)
10:09am Hiright - "My" - Catalytic (S/R)
10:03am Future Islands - "Spirit" - Singles (4AD)
9:59am Incredible Moses Leroy - "1983" - Electric Pocket Radio (Ultimatum)
9:56am Coastal Cities - "The Voyage" - Relief (Once Upon A Time)
9:51am Comet Gain - "Clang of the Concrete Swans" - Howl of the Lonely Crowd (What's Your Rupture?)
9:45am Black Mambas - "Around & Around" - S/T (Wild Records)
9:43am Fleshtones - "Cara-Lin" - Blast Off! (Danceteria)
9:40am Sultan Bathery - "Dead Leaves" - S/T (Slovenly)
9:38am Dex Romweber Duo - "Prelude in G Minor" - Images 13 (Bloodshot)
9:34am Hugo Hans - "Cannibals" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
9:28am House of Cosy Cushions - "Chant" - Spell (Outcast Cats)