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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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7:56pm Elusive - "Painting Pictures (feat. Todd Simon)" - Fusion Swing (Alpha Pup)
7:47pm Juveniles - "Solipsism" - Without Warning (Paradis)
7:43pm B.E.F. - "Groove Thang" - 1981-2011 (Virgin)
7:38pm Time is Fire - "Angels of Light" - Angels (Electric Cowbell)
7:34pm Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - "Year of the Funky" - Year of the Funky (Legere Recordings)
7:22pm Blood Sisters - "Ring My Bell" - Hustle! Reggae Disco (Soul Jazz)
7:18pm Detroit Illharmonic - "Soul Disembodied" - Resurget Cineribus (Ambridge)
7:12pm Washed Out - "Get Lost" - Get Lost (Stones Throw)
7:08pm LA Takedown - "LA Blue" - II (Ribbon)
7:02pm If.Then.Else - "Arrange" - Intermission (EFA)
9:26pm Boozoo Bajou - "Tonschraube" - Grains (!K7)
9:22pm Saint Etienne - "Dive" - Home Counties (Heavenly)
9:18pm LA Takedown - "LA Blue" - II (Ribbon)
9:14pm Nite Jewel - "When I Decide (It's Alright)" - Real High (Gloriette)
9:12pm Rodney O. & Joe Cooley - "Everlasting Bass" - Greatest Hits (Thump)
9:09pm Extra T's - "E.T. Boogie" - Drop the Beat (Hot JWP Music)
9:05pm Paul the Trombonist - "Light Speed" - Journey to the World (S/R)
8:59pm Heliocentrics - "The Silverback" - A World of Masks (Soundway)
8:51pm Redondo Beat - "The Sweetest Sound" - Meet Redondo Beat (Dionysus)
8:47pm Chills - "Double Summer" - Soft Bomb (Slash)
8:44pm Dante Elephante - "Heartbeat" - German Aquatics (Lolipop)
8:41pm Tennis - "Matrimony" - Yours Unconditional (Mutually Detrimental)
8:38pm TOPS - "Petals" - Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
8:29pm Nick Hakim - "Cuffed" - Green Twins (ATO)
8:24pm RJD2 - "One Day" - In Rare Form (Bustown Pride)
8:20pm G. Corp - "Breakin Up Is Hard To Do" - Dub Plates From the Elephant House Volume One (Different Drummer)
8:16pm Lord Echo - "I Love Music" - Harmonies (Soundway)
8:07pm Ikonika - "Love Games" - Distractions (Hyperdub)
8:01pm Polly Scattergood - "Please Don't Touch (Golden Filter Remix)" - Please Don't Touch EP (Mute)
7:57pm Jimmy Whoo - "Cruisin" - Motel Music Part II (Grande Ville)
7:54pm Beta Frontiers - "Hondo (feat. Becky Ninkovic)" - .... (Buzz)
7:47pm Moniquea - "Check Your Sources" - Blackwavefunk (Mo Funk)
7:42pm Nick Fonkynson - "So Damn Fresh" - So Damn Fresh EP (Super Hi-Fi)
7:37pm Skeewiff & Shawn Lee - "Cramp (Skeewiff Remix)" - Skeewiff vs. Shawn Lee (Pedigree Cuts)
7:34pm Battle of Santiago - "Se Me Complica" - La Migra (Made With Pencil Crayons)
7:26pm Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - "See You Again" - Year of the Funky (Legere Recordings)
7:22pm Moonchild - "The List" - Voyager (Tru Thoughts)
7:14pm Nicolette - "You Are Heaven Sent" - The Rebirth of Cool (Fourth & Broadway)
7:10pm Mux Mool - "Six AM" - Implied Lines (Young Heavy Souls)
7:05pm James Bernard - "Lapis Lazuli" - Symphony for a Biomechanical Breakdown (Side Effects)
6:49pm Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - "Dimension 7" - Last Odyssey (Ubiquity)
6:45pm Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang - "Stop Jealous" - Build Music (Luaka Bop)
6:41pm Bibio - "Turn It All Down" - Beyond Serious EP (Warp)
6:36pm Lord Echo - "In Your Life" - Harmonies (Soundway)
6:28pm Britta Phillips - "Do It Last" - Luck or Magic (Double Feature)
6:25pm Taken By Trees - "Not Like Any Other" - Other Worlds (Secretly Canadian)
6:21pm Nick Hakim - "Roller Skates" - Green Twins (ATO)
6:13pm Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - "Love in Hong Kong" - Year of the Funky (Legere Recordings)
6:09pm Paul the Trombonist - "Far Far Away" - Journey to the World (S/R)
6:04pm Terrance Blanchard - "Jackie in the Rain" - The Comedian (Blue Note)