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Friday, October 19, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:34pm Xavier Cugat - "Rum and Coca-Cola (Mambo)" - Cugi's Cocktails (Verve)
8:31pm Rene Touzet - "Samba Bossa" - Brazil to Hollywood (GNP)
8:24pm Mel Brown - "Luv Potion" - Mel Brown's Fifth (Impulse)
8:21pm Rejoicer - "Yesterday's Forest Magic" - Energy Dreams (Stones Throw)
8:11pm Maribou State - "Turnmills" - Kingdoms in Colour (Counter)
8:06pm Marcus Miller - "Untamed (feat. Peculiar)" - Laid Black (Blue Note)
8:03pm Uyama Hiroto - "Unconscious" - Freeform Jazz (Roph)
7:55pm Charlie Byrd - "Sueno de una Nina Grande" - Onda Nueva (Columbia)
7:48pm Brother to Brother - "Visions" - Let Your Mind Be Free (Turbo)
7:44pm Tyrone Brunson - "Fresh" - Fresh (Believe in a Dream)
7:36pm Chuck Brown - "Be Bumpin' Fresh" - Be Bumpin' Fresh (Future Records + Tapes)
7:25pm Daedelus - "Pull Through (feat. Goodnight Cody)" - Taut (Magical Properties)
7:21pm Mujaji - "Belgian Cappucino" - Free Rain (Shadow)
7:15pm Statik Sound System - "Revolutionary Pilot (Rob's Jungle)" - A Compilation (Cup of Tea)
7:10pm Liminal Drifter - "The Dreams" - The Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
7:02pm Bent - "British Summertime" - From The Vaults 1998-2006 Vol. 2 (Godlike + Electric)
6:57pm Basa Basa - "Love, Love, Love" - Homowo (Peach River)
6:51pm Hot Pepper - "Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez" - Spanglish Movement (Guerssen)
6:44pm Ben Pirani - "Light of My Life" - How Do I Talk To My Brother? (Colemine)
6:41pm Twilights - "Bohemian" - The Big Itch: Volume Five (Mr. Manicotti)
6:39pm N/S - "Blue Rhumba" - Wild Hi-Fi Drums (Capitol)
6:33pm Propositions - "Africana" - Africana (Movement)
6:30pm Sly5thAve - "No Diggity (feat. Sydney Driver)" - The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre (Tru Thoughts)
6:26pm Lou Donaldson - "Make It With You" - Cosmos (Blue Note)
6:18pm Great Dane - "Break It" - Gamma Ray (ADBC)
6:13pm Joss Jaffe - "Body + Mind (Bluetech Remix)" - Dub Mantra Singha Remix (Tataouine)
6:05pm Atlantis - "Paradise (Part 1)" - Paradise (Apollo)
8:55pm Sunset Session Group - "Secrets" - Sunset Session Group (Pino)
8:49pm Lifelike - "So Electric" - So Electric (Different)
8:45pm Starchild and the New Romantic - "Language" - Language (Ghostly International)
8:38pm White Rabbit - "I Do What I Want" - Streetbeats + Soulscapes (S/R)
8:34pm Great Dane - "Break It" - Gamma Ray (ADBC)
8:30pm Santigold - "Run the Road" - I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions (Downtown)
8:27pm RP Boo - "Kemosabe" - Fingers, Bank Pads + Shoe Prints (Planet MU)
8:22pm Ross From Friends - "Parallel Sequence" - Family Portrait (Brainfeeder)
8:11pm Allergies - "Be With You" - As We Do Our Thing (Jalapeno)
8:05pm Social Disco Club + Maia - "The Way You Move" - The Way You Move (Bear Funk)
7:55pm Critters Buggin - "Sex Doily" - Host (Loosegroove Records)
7:52pm Critters Buggin - "Sex Doily Intro" - Host (Loosegroove Records)
7:47pm Dawn of Midi - "Ijiraq" - Dysnomia (Thirsty Ear)
7:43pm Soosh - "The Space Between" - Colour is Breathe (Error Broadcast)
7:39pm Hilary Woods - "Black Rainbow" - Colt (Sacred Bones)
7:27pm Coldcut - "Autumn Leaves" - Philosophy (Arista)
7:24pm Midnight Hour - "Possibilities (feat. Eryn Allen Kane)" - The Midnight Hour (Linear Labs)
7:15pm Alphonso Johnson - "Nova Iguacu" - Metaphors (S/R)
7:12pm Brass Fever - "Time Is Running Out (Mr. Scruff Edit)" - Time Is Running Out (Mr. Scruff Edit) (suSU)
7:07pm Gabor Szabo - "Witchcraft" - Spellbinder (Impulse)
7:04pm Rubinho e Mauro Assumpcao - "Os Olhos" - Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei (Discos Mariposa)
7:01pm Wilson Neves e Seu Conjunto - "Goin' out of my head" - Juventude 2000 (Odeon)
6:50pm Downtown Party Network - "Walk On Ice" - Heart Break Dancing (Eskimo)