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Friday, April 27, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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6:36pm Mike Okri - "Me Sisi" - Rhumba Dance (CBS)
6:28pm Lemongrass - "Feel All The Time" - Fleur Solaire (Mole Listening Pearls)
6:25pm Black Milk - "Could It Be" - FEVER (Mass Appeal)
6:21pm Cut Chemist - "Madman" - Die Cut (A Stable Sound)
6:17pm Jamie Myerson - "Rescue Me (Drum & Bass Remix #2)" - Rescue Me (Ovum)
6:09pm Brenda Boykin - "Be My Lover" - Chocolate & Chili (ChinChin)
6:02pm Aggrolites - "Way About Ya feat. Karl Denson" - Opening Night (Stoopid)
8:55pm Judy Carter - "Listen to the Music" - Listen to the Music (Paco Rabanne)
8:43pm Funkadelic - "You and Your Folks (Claude Young Jr Club Mix)" - Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters (Westbound)
8:36pm Tall Black Guy - "The Dark Streets" - 8 Miles to Moenart (First Word Records)
8:31pm P-Love - "St-Viateur Shuffle, part 2" - ...all up in your mind (Bully)
8:27pm Hess Is More - "Chopin" - 80 Years (Edition)
8:24pm Cut Chemist - "Home Away From Home (feat. Laura Darlington)" - Die Cut (A Stable Sound)
8:10pm Kokoroko - "Abusey Junction" - We Out Here (Brownswood)
8:05pm Dela and the Aggrolites - "Way About Ya feat. Karl Denson" - Opening Night (Stoopid)
8:01pm Tenor Saw - "Fever" - Fever (Blue Mountain)
7:57pm Diane King - "Sweeter" - Think Like A Girl (Work)
7:45pm Una - "Vacancy (Charles Webster Remix)" - Noise of the Wing (Cool Jewel)
7:42pm New Order - "Ruined In A Day" - Republic (Qwest)
7:34pm Kenneth Bager - "Fragment Four: Love Won’t Leave Me Alone feat. Nikolaj Grandjean & Jean Luc Ponty" - Fragments From a Space Cadet (Music For Dreams)
7:22pm Lowdown Brass Band - "Don’t Wait! Right Now! (feat. Fada Dougou)" - Lowdown Breaks (S/R)
7:19pm Noonday Underground - "Hush" - Self-Assembly (Bar/None)
7:15pm Gerald Wilson Orchestra - "California Soul" - California Soul (World Pacific Jazz)
7:10pm Hughes Smith Quintet - "Chips & Slaw" - Motion (S/R)
7:02pm Rare Essence - "Body Moves" - Body Moves (Groove Records)
6:54pm Orgone - "It’s Serious" - Undercover Mixtape (Colemine)
6:49pm Dimensional Holofonic Sound - "Attention Earth People" - Attention Earth People (Tino Corp.)
6:44pm Vitalic - "Nozomi" - Voyager (Citizen)
6:35pm L Double - "All Lighter Massive" - Cutting Edge (10 Inch Press)
6:29pm Nils Peter Molvaer - "Vilderness (Cinematic Orchestra Remix)" - The Cinematic Orchestra Remixes 98-2000 (Ninja Tune)
6:26pm J Rawls - "Call Me" - 1998 (S/R)
6:22pm Umii - "The One" - This Time (Fresh Selects)
6:19pm Charlotte Day Wilson - "Nothing New" - Stone Woman (S/R)
6:10pm Boom Tang Boys - "Love Trip" - Cool Struttin' (99 Records)
6:05pm Ronnie Foster - "A Soft Heart" - Love Satellite (Columbia)
6:52pm Ezra Collective - "Pure Shade" - We Out Here (Brownswood)
6:48pm Teruo Nakamura - "Mescalito" - Manhattan Special (Polydor)
6:39pm Una - "Vacancy (Charles Webster Remix)" - Noise of the Wing (Cool Jewel)
6:35pm Umii - "Make Your Move" - This Time (Fresh Selects)
6:28pm Richenel - "Autumn" - La Diferencia (Music From Memory)
6:20pm Rim and the Believers - "I'm Not Going To Let You Go" - I'm Not Going To Let You Go (Harmony)
6:12pm Orgone - "It's Serious" - Undercover Mixtape (Colemine)
6:07pm Jennifer Lara - "I Am In Love" - I Am in Love (Studio One)
6:02pm Flora Purim - "Sarara" - Carry On (Warner Bros.)
8:54pm Voodoo Trombone Quartet - "Love is All... After" - Dress Down Friday (S/R)
8:49pm Moses Boyd - "The Balance" - We Out Here (Brownswood)
8:46pm Charlotte Day Wilson - "Nothing New" - Stone Woman (S/R)
8:38pm Andre Laplante - "Une barque sur l'ocean" - Call Me By Your Name (Sony Masterworks)
8:30pm Fluke - "Setback" - Risotto (Astralwerks)
8:25pm Dot Allison - "You Can Be Replaced" - We Are Science (Mantra)