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Friday, August 2, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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7:33pm Graham Dunning - "Void Worm" - Music for Climbing Walls (LTR)
7:22pm Aura Safari - "Music for the Smoking Room" - Aura Safari (Church)
7:15pm Terminals - "Touch" - Touch (Last Visible Dog)
7:10pm Skinny Pelembe - "Ten Four, Good Friend" - Dreaming Is Dead Now (Brownswood)
7:03pm Unwed Sailor - "Jealous Heart" - Heavy Age (S/R)
6:58pm Unloved - "Unloved Heart" - Danger EP (Heavenly)
6:52pm L'Imperatrice - "Ma Starlight" - Matahari (Microqlima)
6:46pm French Horn Rebellion + Savoir Adore - "The Fire (Dan Solo and Future Friends Remix)" - The Fire EP (S/R)
6:42pm The Pass - "Only For You" - ()
6:33pm MJ Lallo - "Midnight in the Sky" - Take Me With You (Seance Centre)
6:30pm Raffertie - "Back of the Line" - Rain EP (Ninja Tune)
6:25pm AR Kane - "Up" - Americana (Sire)
6:18pm Daniel Thorne - "Fear of Floating" - Lines of Sight (Erased Tapes)
6:09pm Hird - "Moving On" - Moving On (Dealers of Nordic Music)
6:03pm Royksopp - "The Drug" - Senior (Wall of Sound)
8:53pm Richenel - "L'esclave Endormi" - L'esclave Endormi (Nettwerk)
8:46pm Daniel Thorne - "Fear of Floating" - Lines of Sight (Erased Tapes)
8:39pm Steve Lacy - "Love 2 Fast" - Apollo XXI (3qtr)
8:35pm Elusive - "Feel Your Groove" - Bonsai Tree (Dome of Doom)
8:31pm DJ Format - "The Turning Point" - If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em (Genuine)
8:26pm Choosey + Exile - "Brown + Beautiful (feat. Blu and Ana Tijoux)" - Black Beans (Dirty Science)
8:19pm Quantic - "Tierra Mama (feat. Nidia Gongora)" - Atlantic Oscillations (Tru Thoughts)
8:12pm Black Heat - "Wanaoh" - Right On! Vol. 2 (Warner Music)
8:08pm Tuxedo - "The Tuxedo Way" - Tuxedo III (Fat Beats)
8:04pm Bert Ligon - "The Unicorn" - Condor (Inner City)
8:01pm Tete Espindola - "Quero Quero" - Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1984-1996 (Music From Memory)
7:52pm Rare DM - "Softboy" - Vanta Black (Rare DM)
7:48pm Lust For Youth - "Imola" - Lust For Youth (Sacred Bones)
7:43pm New Order - "Turn the Heater On" - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
7:39pm Future Islands - "Candles" - The Far Field (4AD)
7:34pm MorMor - "Days Like This" - Some Place Else EP (Don't Guess)
7:24pm Origin Unknown - "Valley of the Shadows" - Valley of the Shadows (RAMM)
7:19pm Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez - "Freestyle Bongo" - The Best of Dope Wax Records (Hot Productions)
7:12pm Joe Goddard - "Lose Your Love" - Electric Lines (Domino)
7:06pm Boy is Fiction/Ghosts of Tyto Alba - "Want" - A Single Beam of Light (n5MD)
6:59pm Sea Urchin - "Hedi Dodici Luglio" - Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
6:54pm Anjali - "Stinging Sitars x 9" - The World of Lady A (Wiiija)
6:52pm Ann-Margret - "Thirteen Men" - The Vivacious One (RCA)
6:50pm Anita Ellis - "Forbidden Fruit" - Sultry Ladies (Sony)
6:45pm Billy Larkin and the Delegates - "Sticky Wicket" - Blue Lights (Aura)
6:37pm DJ Yoda - "Abbey Road (feat. Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross and Henry Wu)" - Homecooking (Lewis Recordings)
6:33pm Kero One - "Keep It Alive Jazz Remix!" - Keep It Alive! (Plug)
6:29pm Leena Conquest (and Hip Hop Finger) - "Boundaries" - Rebirth of Cool, Vol. 3 (4th + Bway)
6:25pm Celeste - "Summer (feat. Jeshi)" - Lately EP (Polydor)
6:20pm Skinny Pelembe - "Ten Four, Good Friend" - Dreaming is Dead Now (Brownswood)
6:13pm Roll the Dice and Glasser - "Elevate" - Elevate (The New Black)
6:03pm Graham Dunning - "Kestral Selection" - Music for Climbing Walls (LTR)
8:52pm Death and Vanilla - "Wallpaper Pattern" - Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)
8:48pm Dear Criminals - "In the Pines" - Nelly (S/R)
8:44pm Tindersticks - "Like Only Lovers Can" - The Waiting Room (City Slang)