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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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9:27pm David James's GPS - "Rubber Foot" - Billionaire Blues (Dem Jams)
9:24pm Joy Guerrilla - "Years" - Skyline (S/R)
9:15pm Frank Strazzeri - "Cloudburst" - After the Rain (Catalyst)
9:10pm Chaka Khan - "Like a Lady" - Hello Happiness (Island Records)
9:05pm Serious Intention - "You Don't Know" - You Don't Know (Easy Street)
9:00pm Guts - "Come Closer" - Paradise For All (Heavenly Sweetness)
8:55pm Monodeluxe - "At the Beach" - Afternoon Cocktail (Vibe Boutique)
8:49pm Chemical Brothers - "Got to Keep On" - No Geography (Virgin)
8:44pm DJ Crystl - "Warp Drive" - Meditation (Dee Jay Recordings)
8:34pm vt100 - "Center" - The Burden of Irrational Optimism (S/R)
8:31pm Moses Boyd - "Ancestors (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Eleggua)" - Displaced Diaspora (Exodus)
8:26pm Buari - "Then Yebtheyet" - Buari (RCA)
8:24pm Cochemea - "Sonora" - All My Relations (Daptone)
8:20pm Mavis John - "Use My Body" - Use My Body (Kalinda)
8:16pm Dawn Richard - "Sauce" - New Breed (Local Action)
8:08pm Nick Waterhouse - "I Feel An Urge Coming On" - Nick Waterhouse (Innovative Leisure)
8:05pm Dip, The - "Sea Snake" - The Dip Delivers (S/R)
8:02pm Deacons - "Sock It To Me Part 1" - Sock It To Me (Shama)
7:59pm Kiki Page - "Big Boy" - Big Boy (A Side)
7:55pm Guilherme Dias Gomes - "Salvaterra" - Trips (Tratore)
7:48pm Ricardo Merrero + The Group - "And We'll Make Love" - A Taste (TSG)
7:45pm Brian Bennett - "Nuplex" - KPM 1000 Series: Visual Impact (KPM)
7:41pm James Blake - "Barefoot in the Park (feat. Rosalia)" - Assume Form (Polydor)
7:36pm System, The - "Find It In Your Eyes" - The System EP (Music From Memory)
7:33pm RY X - "Foreign Tides" - Unfurl (Infectious)
7:23pm Chemise - "She Can't Love You" - She Can't Love You (Emergency)
7:20pm XL Middleton - "Cool Minute (instrumental)" - Cool Minute (Mo Funk)
7:16pm MindMassage - "Reality" - Shivers (S/R)
7:12pm Bass Clef - "Emphasise Empathise" - 111 Angelic MIDI Cascde (Slip)
7:03pm Small Fish With Spine - "He Builds the World" - Fugu (Oxygen Music Works)
9:18pm Bumblebee Unlimited - "I Got A Big Bee" - Sting Like a Bee (RCA)
9:12pm Hubert Laws - "Undecided" - Romeo and Juliet (Columbia)
9:02pm Paul Hardcastle - "Jam on This" - Hardcastle 8 (Hardcastle Music)
8:57pm Marcos Valle - "Estrelar" - Paz e Futebol (Sonar Kollektiv)
8:52pm Jorge Dalto - "I've Got You On My Mind" - Chevere (United Artists)
8:48pm Kazahaya - "Seventh Heaven" - Beats, Soul and Life (KZ Records)
8:45pm Joy Guerrilla - "Franklin and His RV" - Skyline (S/R)
8:37pm Plas Johnson - "Just One of Those Things" - This Must Be The Plas! (Capitol)
8:34pm Dolly Lyon - "Palm of Your Hand" - Call Me Darling (Apollo)
8:31pm Stanley Black and his Orchestra - "Temptation" - Exotic Percussion (London)
8:28pm Ciro Pereira and his Orchestra - "Fim de Semana em Guaruja" - From Brazil (Epic)
8:24pm Joy Guerrilla - "Years" - Skyline (S/R)
8:12pm Herbie Hancock - "Ready or Not" - Feets Don't Fail Me Now (CBS)
8:07pm Harriet Brown - "Method" - Wall of Fortune (Innovative Leisure)
8:01pm Dexter Wansel - "First Light of the Morning" - What the World Is Coming To (CBS)
7:58pm Joy Guerrilla - "The Optimum (Skyline Partners)" - Skyline (S/R)
7:48pm Electric Boogies - "Electric Boogies" - Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (Soundway)
7:43pm Midi Maxi + Efti - "Bad Bad Boys (Alex's Exd. Club Mix)" - Bad Bad Boys (Sony)
7:39pm Amber Mark - "Can You Hear Me (Rework)" - Can You Hear Me (Rework) (W Records)
7:35pm Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Vital Transformation" - Overload (Brainfeeder)