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10:11pm Billy Preston - "Outa-Space" - A&M Forget Me Nots (A&M)
10:06pm Wishbone Ash - "Engine Overheat" - Twin Barrels Burning (Fantasy)
9:58pm Fine Steps - "All Day Long" - All Day Long (Volar)
9:55pm Mac DeMarco - "Goodbye Weekend" - Salad Days (Captured Tracks)
9:51pm Stump - "Grab Hands" - Mud On A Clown (Ron)
9:48pm Friedrich Gulda - "Solo 1" - Gegenwart (ERP)
9:38pm Matthew Shipp Trio - "Path" - Root Of Things (Relative Pitch)
9:32pm Illusion Of Safety - "Ready To Give Up" - Surrender (No Part Of It)
11:55pm Pinkcourtesyphone - "62,000 Valentines (for T. Hunter)" - A Ravishment of Mirror (Dragon's Eye)
11:48pm Spirit - "Topango Windows" - s/t (Legacy)
11:44pm Hiss Golden Messenger - "No Lord Is Free" - Bad Debt (Paradise Of Bachelors)
11:41pm Mover - "Something That Makes Me" - The Only One (Mod Lang)
11:30pm Lubomyr Melnyk - "Cloud Passade No. 3" - Three Solo Pieces (Unseen Worlds)
11:27pm Bernie Jungle - "Alone" - Alone (AirCraft)
11:23pm Caetano Veloso - "O Imperio Da Lei" - Abracaco (Nonesuch)
11:19pm Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - "Scorpio" - s/t (Sussex)
11:15pm Insect Surfers - "Space Park Drive" - Infra Green (Mallin)
11:06pm April Wine - "You Could Have Been A Lady" - Live At El Mocambo (London)
11:01pm April Wine - "Future Tense" - The Nature Of The Beast (Capitol)
10:58pm April Wine - "Come On Along" - Electric Jewels (Aquarius)
10:53pm April Wine - "Say Hello" - Harder...Faster (Capitol)
10:44pm Slough Feg - "The Price Is Nice" - Digital Resistance (Metal Blade)
10:39pm Legend - "The Destroyer" - From The Fjords (Acid Nightmare)
10:37pm Pontiak - "Innocence" - Innocence (Thrill Jockey)
10:34pm Judas Priest - "Rocka Rolla" - Rocka Rolla (Visa)
10:30pm Spooky Tooth - "Better By You, Better Than Me" - Spooky Two (A&M)
10:28pm Natural Child - "Out In The Countryq" - Dancin' With Wolves (Burger)
10:18pm Supreme Dicks - "Blue Elephant" - Workingman's Dick (Freek)
10:16pm Medico Doktor Vibes - "Lonely No More" - Liter Thru Dorker Vibes (Companion)
10:12pm Dilika - "Amazimuzimu" - Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol 2 (Earthworks)
10:07pm Pypy - "Daffodils" - Pagan Day (Black Gladiator)
9:55pm Linda Perhacs - "Intensity" - The Soul Of All Natural Things (Asthmatic Kitty)
9:52pm Moro - "Knowing" - Rain, Sun & Moon (Budwick's)
9:39pm Matt Baldwin - "Imaginary Psychology" - Imaginary Psychology (Spiritual)
9:30pm Pinkcourtesyphone - "62,000 Valentines (for T. Hunter)" - A Ravishment Of Mirror (Dragon's Eye)
11:55pm Cremator - "Clear Air Turbulence" - Clear Air Turbulence (Series Aphonos)
11:51pm Space Lady - "Fly Like An Eagle" - Greatest Hits (Nightschool)
11:46pm Dimthings - "Eat Or Be Eaten, Otherwise Wait Your Turn For Scraps" - Heart Of The Flux (Thingsflux)
11:42pm Grex - "Toy Time" - Monster Music (Brux)
11:38pm Happy Flowers - "Mom I Gave The Cat Some Acid" - My Skin Covers My Body (Homestead)
11:36pm Traps - "Boom Pow Awesome Wow" - Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face)
11:32pm RATT - "U Got It" - You're In Trouble (Target)
11:29pm Make-Overs - "Surfbored" - Surfbored (Hozac)
11:21pm Dom La Nena - "Con Toda Palabra" - Golondrina (Six Degrees)
11:17pm Timbalada - "O Erro e o Concerto" - Mae De Samba (PolyGram)
11:11pm ?? - "Parago" - Drums Of Death (Avant)
11:07pm Bud Powell - "Un Poco Loco (third take)" - The Amazing Bud Powell (Blue Note)
10:56pm William Parker Quartet - "Red Desert" - Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (Aum Fidelity)
10:47pm Steeleye Span - "The Wee Wee Man" - Parcel Of Rogues (Chrysalis)
10:43pm Quilt - "Eye Of The Pearl" - Held in Splendor (Mexican Summer)