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...what was that band...shoot...what was that, the guy with the hair...damn, what was that band...

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These times are shown in Pacific time

2:58pm Metallica - "Creeping Death" - Ride The Lightning (Elektra)
2:51pm Detective - "Fever" - It Takes One To Know One (Swan Song)
2:48pm Accept - "London Leatherboys" - Balls To The Wall (Portrait)
2:46pm Iron Crown - "Dune Rider" - Before The Void (s/r)
2:40pm Antibalas - "Amenawon" - Fu Chronicles (Daptone)
2:32pm Graham Central Station - "The Jam" - Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It (Warner Bros.)
2:29pm Dobie Gray - "Lay Back" - Drift Away (Decca)
2:26pm Son Little - "Bbbaby" - Aloha (Anti-)
2:19pm Dwight Twilley Band - "TV" - Sincerely (Shelter)
2:16pm Applesauce Tears - "Summering With The Coxcomb" - Wonders (Black Cottage)
2:14pm Harbinger Complex - "I Think I'm Down" - Nuggets Vol. 4 (Rhino)
2:10pm Soggy - "I Feel Top Of The World" - Soggy (Outer Battery)
2:08pm Very Paranoia - "Make Me" - Make Me (Who Can You Trust?)
1:58pm Polyrock - "Your Dragging Feet" - Polyrock (RCA)
1:53pm Shalamar - "Pop Along Kid" - Pop Along Kid 7" (Solar)
1:49pm Halo Benders - "Bikini Version" - Canned Oxygen 7" (Atlas)
1:46pm Los Daddys - "El Bailador" - El Bailador 7" (Discos Mas)
1:43pm Sir Douglas Quintet - "Nuevo Laredo" - Best of (Takoma)
1:35pm Johanna Went - "Christoper Boyce" - Hyena (Posh Boy)
1:34pm Mr. Wrong - "Isolation Du Plenty" - Create a Place (Water Wing)
1:31pm Runaways - "Hollywood" - Queens Of Noise (Mercury)
1:27pm Coloured Balls - "Devil's Disciple" - Won't You Make Up Your Mind 7" (Just Add Water)
1:24pm Lord Weird Slough Feg - "Being And Nothingness" - New Organon (Cruz Del Sur)
1:20pm Queensryche - "Spreading The Disease" - Operation: Mindcrime (EMI)
1:12pm Shopping - "Follow Me" - All Or Nothing (Fat Cat)
1:10pm Camper Van Beethoven - "Oh No! (Here It Comes Again)" - Telephone Free Landslide Victory (Independent Project)
1:07pm La Fiebre Tropical - "El Borrachito Emborrachado" - El Borrachito Emborrachado 7" (Nova Vox)
1:04pm Los Pirañas - "Llanero Soledeno" - Historia Natural (Glitterbeat)
1:00pm Country Gentlemen - "Ain't Got No Home" - On The Road (Smithsonian Folkways)
12:56pm Kacy & Clayton - "Carrying On" - Carrying On (New West)
12:53pm Holy Modal Rounders - "One Will Do For Now" - The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders (Elektra)
12:41pm Golden Palominos - "Clean Plate" - The Golden Palominos (Celluoid)
12:37pm Mr. Elevator - "Love Again" - Goodbye Blue Sky (Castle Face)
12:35pm Suburban Lawns - "Gossip" - Suburban Lawns (Suburban Industrial)
12:34pm Middle Ages - "Talkin' In Your Sleep" - The Middle Ages (Ripe)
12:30pm Who - "Substitute" - Who's Greatest Hit (MCA)
12:17pm Real Life Rock & Roll Band - "Cloud House Of The Sundog" - Hollerin' The Spirit (Geomancy)
12:07pm Psychic TV - "Haters" - N.Y. Scum (Temple)
12:02pm Jeff Parker - "3 For L" - Suite For Max Brown (International Anthem)
8:53pm Pulver - "Kings Under The Sand" - Kings Under The Sand (Gates Of Hell)
8:43pm Nite - "Night Terrors" - Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (s/r)
8:38pm Richard Bitch - "@ The Playa Del Ray" - The Really Really Jeff Hair People (Cream Cloud)
8:35pm Stan Hubbs - "Let's Go Back To Camp" - Crystal (Companion)
8:31pm Steve Hillage - "Light In The Sky" - Motivation Radio (Atlantic)
8:27pm True Loves - "Famous Last Words" - Soul Slabs Vol. 2 (Colemine)
7:57pm Felony - "The Fanatic" - The Fanatic (Rock 'N' Roll)
7:54pm World - "White Radish" - Reddish (Microminiature)
7:51pm Leche - "El Samurai" - El Samurai 7" (Steady Beat)
7:44pm Ultra Pop - "Rollercoaster Ride" - Ultra Pop (Ultimate)
7:40pm Motley Crue - "Public Enemy #1" - Too Fast For Love (Elektra)