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...what was that band...shoot...what was that, the guy with the hair...damn, what was that band...

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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8:27pm Loft - "Why Does The Rain" - CD86 (Castle)
8:24pm Fine Steps - "All Day Long" - All Day Long (Volar)
8:20pm La Femme - "Septembre" - Mystere (Disques Pointus)
8:12pm Junior Walker - "Urgent" - Blow The House Down (Motown)
8:05pm Brownout - "Sympton Of The Universe" - Brown Sabbath Vol. II (Ubiquity)
7:56pm Luisa Maita - "Musica Popular" - Fio Da Memoria (Cumbancha)
7:53pm Drugdealer - "Easy To Forget" - The End Of Comedy (Weird World)
7:50pm Buzzy Linhart - "Eye 1-2-C-U Shuffle" - Buzzy (Kama Sutra)
7:48pm Pig Pen - "Cause I'm In Love Yeah" - V As In Victim (Avant)
7:40pm Dan Plonsey - "B" - Wise King Taken By The Foolish One / Music Of El Cerrito Vol. 2B (Limited Sedition)
7:25pm Lemon Twigs - "Franks" - Do Hollywood (4AD)
7:22pm Dwight Twilley - "Tomorrow" - The Best Of Twilley: The Tulsa Years (Big Oak)
7:18pm Drinks - "Laying Down The Rock" - Hermits On Holiday (Birth)
7:07pm Luxurious Bags - "This Won't Help A Bit" - Frayed Knots (Twisted Village)
7:03pm Paul Ngozi - "Can't You Hear Me" - Can't You Hear Me? 70's African Nuggets (Now/Again)
6:58pm Groundhogs - "Friendzy" - Black Diamond (United Artists)
6:53pm Astral Army - "Interstellar Shortwave" - Cologne Curiosities (Mental Experience)
6:38pm Sandy Bull - "Memphis, Tennessee" - Inventions (Vanguard)
9:25pm Mehmet Ali Sanikol & Whatsnext? - "The Turkish 2nd Line (New Orleans Çiftetellisi)" - Resolution (Dunya)
9:18pm Nato - "Je t'Apprendrai A Faire L'Amour" - Wizzz! Vol. 3 (Born Bad)
9:14pm Pit Er Pat - "Time Monster" - Pyramids (Thrill Jockey)
9:11pm Boots Randolph - "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" - Yakety Sax! (Monument)
9:08pm Charlie Megira & The Bet She'an Valley Hillbillies - "Rasco" - The End Of Teenage (Guitars & Bongos)
9:00pm Quartz - "Mainline Riders" - Quartz (Majestic Rock)
8:57pm MacArthur - "Light Up" - MacArthur (Out-Sider)
8:52pm Dead C - "Two" - Trouble (Ba Da Bing)
8:44pm Pauline Oliveros / Reynols - "We Are Still Thinking About The Title" - In The Arms Of Reynols (Cream Gardens)
8:34pm Equals - "I Get So Excited" - Greatest Hits (Music For Pleasue)
8:31pm Glitter Wizard - "Snow Crash" - Solar Hits (Archers Guild)
8:29pm Eric Steel - "American Dream" - Eric Steel (Avalanche)
8:27pm Weirdos - "Neutron Bomb" - Weird World 1977-1981 (Frontier)
8:25pm Razz - "Pleasantries" - Razz (Warm Wet)
8:21pm Purling Hiss - "Fever" - High Bias (Drag City)
8:11pm Monks Of Doom - "If It Don't Kill Me" - The Insect God EP (C/Z)
8:07pm Tim Presley - "Long Bow" - The Wink (DragCity)
8:04pm Kaleidoscope - "(Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion" - Tangerine Dream (Talking Elephant)
8:01pm Smoking Trees - "My Last Catastrophe" - The Archer And The Bull (Burger)
7:53pm A Tribe Called Red - "The Light feat. Lido Pimienta" - We Are The Halluci Nation (Radicalized)
7:51pm Brookzill! - "Raise The Flag" - Throwback to the Future (Tommy Boy)
7:47pm Tonetta - "My Bro" - 777 (Black Tent)
7:44pm Mar-Keys - "Pop-Eye Stroll" - Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968: Vol 1 (Atlantic)
7:42pm Todd Rundgren - "Wolfman Jack" - Something/Anything? (Bearsville)
7:39pm Terry Malts - "It's Not Me" - Lost At The Party (Slumberland)
7:36pm Dwight Twilley - "Get Up" - The Best Of Twilley: The Tulsa Years (Big Oak)
7:24pm El Perro Del Mar - "KoKoro" - KoKoro (Control Group)
7:20pm Comsat Angels - "After The Rain" - Fiction (Polydor)
7:15pm Exhaustion - "Phased Out" - Phased Out (12XU)
7:04pm Tony Williams Lifetime - "Mr. Spock" - Believe It (Columbia)
5:25pm Neil Young - "Revolution Blues" - On The Beach (Reprise)
5:21pm Doug Tuttle - "Painted Eye" - It Calls On Me (Trouble in Mind)