Roscoe 2000

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...what was that band...shoot...what was that, the guy with the hair...damn, what was that band...

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8:34pm Soggy - "I Feel" - ()
8:34pm Adam Bomb - "Russian Roulette" - Fatal Attraction (Geffen)
8:30pm Hustler - "Right In Your Skull" - Now Or Never (Axe Killer)
8:30pm Iggy Pop - "Cold Metal" - Instinct (A&M)
8:26pm Vulcain - "Vulcain" - Rock'n'Roll Secours (Devil's Records)
8:24pm Motorhead - "Iron Fist" - No Remorse (Bronze)
8:13pm Monster Rally - "Island Romance" - Mystery Cove (Gold Robot)
8:08pm Bahia Black - "Capitao Do Asfalto" - Ritual Beating System (Axiom)
8:03pm Oumou Sangare - "Kamelemba" - Mogoya (No Format)
7:55pm Little Person - "Send Me Your Nots" - I Feel Fine (s/r)
7:52pm Oister - "Pop Bottle" - 1973-1974 TEAC Tapes (Hozac)
7:48pm Young Guv - "Ripe 4 Luv" - Ripe 4 Luv EP (Slumberland)
7:43pm Trans-X - "Message On The Radio" - Message On The Radio 12" (Mirage)
7:39pm Helena Hauff - "c45p" - A Tape (Dark Entries)
7:26pm Owt - "Dream Mint" - Good As Gold (Homestead)
7:23pm Sassyblack - "Satisfied" - New Black Swing (Space Theory)
7:21pm Gary Wilson - "Soul Travel" - Forgotten Lovers (Motel)
7:18pm Mason Williams - "Generatah-Oscillatah" - Ear Show (Warner Bros.)
7:10pm Whit Dickey, Mat Maneri, Matthew Ship - "Space Strut" - Vessel In Orbit (Aum Fidelity)
7:08pm Richard Osborn - "The Open Road" - Endless (Tompkins Square)
7:03pm Sonogram - "Allotropes" - Telescopic (Simulacra)
9:28pm Sandy Bull - "Memphis, Tennessee" - ()
9:23pm Ebola Soup - "(Part Of) The Future" - Ebola Soup 7" (Vaccination)
9:18pm Judas Priest - "Johnny B. Goode" - Ram It Down (Columbia)
9:08pm Adrian Belew - "Big Electric Cat" - Lone Rhino (Island)
9:03pm T-Ski Valley - "Catch The Beat" - Old School Classics (Tuff City)
9:02pm Karriem Riggins - "Trombone Love" - Headnod Suite (Stones Throw)
8:56pm Head Boggle - "Wassermusic" - Headboggle (Spectrum Spools)
8:52pm Mind Over Mirrors - "track 3" - Undying Color (Paradise of Bachelors)
8:50pm Elliott Smith - "Between The Bars" - Either/Or Expanded Edition (Kill Rock Stars)
8:46pm Jesca Hoop - "The Lost Sky" - Memories Are Now (Sub Pop)
8:38pm Hot Butter's Sound - "Pa-Pa-Pa" - Back To Peru (Vampi Soul)
8:35pm Los Dolton's - "Horizontes Perdidos" - Back To Peru (Vampi Soul)
8:32pm JD Pinkus & Nik Turner - "Swimmin' In Quicksand" - Mutants Of The Monster (Sautex)
8:28pm Scorpions - "In Trance" - In Trance (RCA Victor)
8:21pm Dias De Blues - "Amasijando Los Blues" - Dias De Blues (Akarma)
8:11pm Golliwogs - "Fight Fire" - Nuggets vol 3 (Rhino)
8:09pm Midnite Snaxxx - "I've Been A Jerk" - Chew On This (Pelican Pow Wow)
8:07pm Big Ella - "The Queen" - Sister Funk 2 (Jazzman)
8:04pm Schimscheimer Family Trio - "Marcel" - Broken Home (Bag Productions)
7:59pm Happy The Man - "Stumpy Meets The Firecracker In Stencil Forest" - Happy The Man (Arista)
7:55pm Once & Future Band - "Rolando" - Once & Future Band (Castle Face)
7:46pm Prettiest Eyes - "Get Away" - Looks (Aagoo)
7:43pm Slaughter & The Dogs - "Situations" - Situations 7" (Brass City Boss Sounds)
7:41pm Buzzcocks - "I Don't Mind" - Singles Going Steady (4 Men With Beards)
7:39pm Smokin' Zuggarats - "Brick Man" - Smokin' Ziggurats (s/r)
7:37pm So What - "What You Do To Me" - Hard Gum (Just Add Water)
7:34pm Equals - "Ding Dong" - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys: The Equals Anthology (Castle)
7:32pm Chuck Berry - "Maybellene" - Chuck Berry Is On Top (Chess)
7:22pm Steve Hillage - "Octave Doctors" - Motivation Radio (Atlantic)