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4:21am Black Gardenia - "You’d be so Nice to Come Home to" - Lucky Star (s/r)
4:18am Baird Laura - "Pretty Polly" - I Wish I were a Sparrow (Ba Da Bing)
4:15am Tracy Bryant - "A Crowded Room" - A Place for Nothing and Everything (Burger)
4:10am Abhi the Nomad - "Somebody to Love" - Marbled (Tommy Boy)
4:08am Bark Bark Disco - "Let’s Do this" - Holy Smokes (Minty Fresh)
4:04am Boyo - "A Social Death by Proximity (in Hollywood)" - Me, Again (Danger Collective)
4:00am The Interrupters - "Take back the power" - The Interrupters (Hellcat/Epitaph)
3:47am Adam Shulmam Sextlet - "Fantasy in D Flat" - Full Tilt (Cellar Live)
3:44am Baby got Bacteria - "Lovemaker 3000" - boo (s/r)
3:40am The Vandals - "National Brotherhood week" - Dr. Demento Covered in Punk (Demented Punk)
3:38am Green Day - "Burn Out" - Dookie (Reprise)
3:36am Arthur Alexander - "Hard to Get" - One Bar left (Dead Beat)
6:00am Green Day - "Brutal Love" - Tre (Reprise)
5:53am The Happy Fits - "too late" - Awfully Apeelin (s/r)
5:50am Debaucherauntes - "Nigun" - Different Parade (s/r)
5:45am : Better Sorry than Safe - "Better Sorry than Safe" - I Tell a Fly (Barclay/ Virgin Records)
5:40am hiromi & edmar castaneda - "a harp in new york" - live in monteral (telarc)
5:30am Gaye su Akyol - "eski tufek" - hologram imparatolugu (glitterbeat)
5:26am Monoplasma - "Sombras en tiempos perdidos" - 1 (s/r)
5:23am Alex Lahey - "I Love You Like a Brother" - I Love You Like a Brother (Dead Ocean)
5:20am Crystal Cities - "Who’s Gonna Save Us Now" - Who’s Gonna Save Us Now (S/R)
5:15am Ricky Garcia - "Perfectly Imperfect" - Perfectly Imperfect (syco)
5:09am Black Gardenia - "You’d be so Nice to Come Home to" - Lucky Star (s/r)
5:06am Gary Heuchert - "Blue Rain" - Blue Rain (Oddiyo)
5:03am Jupiter Duo - "Book of Prayers Movement 1" - The Music of Alla Elana Cohen (Ravello)
5:00am Abhi the Nomad - "Somebody to Love" - Marbled (Tommy Boy)
4:53am Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine - "You Don’t Know What Live is" - Tasty Tunes (Tallman)
4:50am AJ Gent - "Mercy" - The Neo Blues Project (Ropeadope)
4:47am The Interrupters - "By My Side" - Say it Loud (Hellcat/Epitaph)
4:40am Goreshit - "o'er the flood" - semantic compositions on death and its meaning (s/r)
4:35am Couch Jackets - "The Brute" - Sayonara Oblongata (S/R)
4:30am King Gizzard & The Lizard - "Beginner’s Luck" - Gumboot Soup (ATO)
4:17am larry kucharz - "imitation 1" - piano etudes (international audio chrome)
4:15am Ghost train ochestra - "A Little Girl Grows Up" - book of rhapsodies vol. 2 (accurate)
4:00am Egrets on Ergot - "Plantation Pudding" - Surfeit of Gemutlich (Cleopatra)
4:00am Los Sirex - "Acto De Fuerza" - Algo Salvaje (Munster)
3:50am Ariwo - "To Earth" - Ariwo (Manana)
3:46am Uncle Floyd Vivino Ooogie - "Shaving Cream" - Dr. Demento Covered in Punk (Demented Punk)
3:40am Da Vinci’s Notebook - "Another Irish Drinking Song" - Brontosaurus (Uncle Buford Records)
3:36am Green Day - "2000 Light Years Away" - Kerplunk (LookOut!)
5:56am Green Day - "at the libarary" - 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour (lookout!)
5:50am belle and sebastian - "show me the sun" - how to solve our human problem (matador)
5:45am debaucheraunte - "yih yu ratzon" - diffrent prarde (s/r)
5:43am The Cowboys - "Hands of Love (around my throat)" - hozac (s/r)
5:40am Screeching Weasel/Queers - "Blitzkrieg Bop" - Ramones Tribute (Cretin)
5:35am Rawb Middleton - "Fast Enough" - Cracker from Black Lagoon (Pander monkey)
5:25am Abronia - "Shala" - Obidian Visions (Water Wing)
5:21am Brebda Navarrete - ": Rumbo Como Yo" - Mi Rumbo (Alma)
5:18am Prima Donna - "Sociopath" - Bless This Mess ()
5:16am Jane Lee Hooker - "How ya doin" - spiritus (ruf)