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KALX's world music show, which dedicates each episode to a particular chapter in a country's musical history, every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1am.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:52am Saber Rebai - "A'atayer" - Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace)
12:46am Tony Kiwan - "Dabke Classic Songs Mix" - Dabke Dabke - Modern to Classic ()
12:41am Melhem Zein - "Ghibi ya Chams" - Dabka (EMI)
12:38am Fares Karam - "El Tanoura" - Remix Lebanese Songs 2008 ()
12:28am Afrah Houran - "Faraj Kadah / Ashaf Abu Leil" - Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace)
12:22am Mohamed Al Ali - "Mili Alay (Sway to Me)" - Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace)
12:17am George Wasof - "Qaleb Al3ashk" - Marmar - Arabic (83) ()
12:12am Abir Nehman - "Dalaouna Dance" - Bosta ()
12:05am Omar Souleyman - "Wenu Wenu" - Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
12:54am Tesfa Mayam Kisdane - "Yetesfa Tezeta" - Ethiopiques 8: Swinging Addis (Buda)
12:49am Hawk - "Kissedby the Sun" - African Day (EMI Parlophone)
12:44am Darga - "Resisdamce" - Resisdance (s/r)
12:37am Circus - "Long Legged Lady" - In the Arena (Sunshine)
12:33am Penny Penny - "Mhannamiza Mani" - Juri Juri (African Tunz)
12:30am Betty Rock - "Metechalehu" - ()
12:25am Karen Zoid - "Afrikaners Is Plesierig" - Poles Apart (Just Music)
12:20am The Blackfoot - "Mve Bafyashi" - The Foot Steps (ZMPL)
12:18am Vum-Vum - "Muzangola" - Muzangola (Decca)
12:14am Seether - "Never Leave" - Karma & Effect (Bicycle)
12:10am Otis Waygood Blues Band - "Easy Way" - Simply Otis (Parlaphone)
12:06am Syd Kitchen & Amakool - "Where You Are" - s/t (s/r)
12:03am Lemma Demissew - "Unforgettable" - Ethiopiques vol 8: Swinging Addis (Buda)
12:00am Cling Ephraim Sebastian & the Junkers - "Jane" - Money No Be Sand (Original Music)
12:52am Salim Alan - "Haddadi" - Music in the World of Islam (Tangent)
12:48am Baaba Maal - "Call to Prayer" - Passion - Sources (Realworld)
12:44am Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party - "Shamas-Ud-Doha Bader-Ud-Doja" - Passion - Sources (Realworld)
12:36am Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble - "Dastgah Chaharhgah" - A Persian Heritage: Classical Music of Iran (Nonesuch)
12:28am Villagers of Kinnaur - "Kinnaur Song" - Festivals of the Himalayas (Nonesuch Records)
12:23am Dunya Yunis - "Abu Zeluf" - Music in the World of Islam (Tangent)
12:19am Tu Santur - "Bayate Esfahan" - Santur. Tunbuk. and Tar. (Mercury)
12:15am Tu Santur - "Mahour" - Santur. Tunbuk. and Tar. (Mercury)
12:10am Muhammad Abdullah Ghanai - "Yaar daadi mukhasi pheraan dardi" - Kashmir Traditional Songs & Dances (Nonesuch)
12:05am Janali - "English Tune" - Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia (Nonesuch Records)
12:00am Ismail Ali Hasan - "Dhikr" - Music in the World of Islam (Tangent)
12:00am Hashim Shah - "Gilgit Polo Music" - Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia (Nonesuch)
12:30am Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - "Saanson Kee Mala" - Ultimate Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Early Years Volume 1 (Narada)
12:27am Ronggeng Group I - "Ronggeng group I" - Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (Mississippi)
12:24am Japanese folk performing artists - "Sairei Bayashi" - Japanese Traditional Music: Shamisen and Songs (World Arbiter)
12:21am Lopu - "Choeur mix" - Collection Musee de L'Homme (Disques Vogue)
12:18am Count Lasher & His Calypso Quintet - "Calabash" - Soundman Shots (Snapper Music)
12:15am Nara Leao - "Nordeste, Seu Povo, Seu Canto e Sua Gloria" - Os Maiores Sambas-Enredo (Philips)
12:12am Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta - "La Pata y el Pato" - Colombia! (Soundway)
12:09am Kamuran Akkur - "Dilo Dilo Yaylalar" - Kamuran Akkur (Pharaway Sounds)
12:05am Qabool, Rajab Ali and Ghulamo, Abdullah Jan and kabul Hayat - "Music for Bitaan Ibraheem" - Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia (Nonesuch)
12:00am Group Doueh - "Kar Wazan Abyad" - Beatte Harab (Sublime Frequency)
12:55am Abraham el-Harar - "Taqsim on the Quanon" - Music of the Oriental Jews (ARC Music)
12:45am Pinchas Cohen - "Baba Sali" - Pinchas Cohen (s/r)
12:40am Rabbi Haim Louk - "El Hai" - Le Piout Marocaine Bakashot (Koliphone)
12:33am Elena el-Margib - "Ya Larussa (to the Bride)" - Oriental Wedding (Koliphone)
12:30am n/a c.1957 - "En Kelohenu" - Music of the Oriental Jews (ARC Music)