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KALX's world music show, which dedicates each episode to a particular chapter in a country's musical history, every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1am.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:18am Bjorn Stabi - "Skullbraddleken" - Folk Fiddling from Sweden (Nonesuch)
12:17am Mic Break - "" - ()
12:13am Master Drummers of Dagbon - "Gumbe" - Master Drummers of Dagbon (Rounder)
12:10am Sawt El Atlas - "Ness (feat Natacha Atlas)" - Donia (Tinder)
12:06am Shoshana Damari - "Elohim Esh'Ala (I Pray to God)" - Haifa in Hi Fi (Seeco)
12:00am Otros Aires - "La Pampa Seca" - Think Global: Tango (World Music Network)
12:48am Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party - "Socan Dongian" - The Last Prophet (Real World)
12:33am Sabri Brothers - "Jhoot Ke Paon Nahin" - Sabri Brothers (Odeon)
12:30am Ismael Azad Qawali - "Sitamgar Ne Mujhe Taal Diya" - Shanensah - E Qawali (Odeon)
12:13am Mehr Ali & Ensemble - "Maro Nara Haideri, "Ya Ali"" - Qawwali, The Essence Of Desire (Musique Du Monde)
12:01am Sabri Brothers Ensemble - "Tu Rehmawarde Shoq Hai" - Qawwali Sufi Music From Pakistan (Noesuch Explorer Series)
12:53am Abdou El Omari & Naima Samih - "Rmani Rih" - Nuits D' Ete (Radio Maryiko)
12:49am Ouled Jouini - "Meriam Maria" - Africa 50 Years Of Music North Vol 3 (Discograph)
12:44am Rachid & Fethi - "Ana Ghrib" - Algerian Folk & Rock 1970's (Sublime Frequencies)
12:40am The Invisible Hand - "Dark Hall" - The Invisible Hand (Abduction)
12:34am Jerusalem In My Heart - "Bein Iihneim" - Daqaliq Tudaiq (Conistellation)
12:31am Ahmad Malek - "Silence Des Cendres" - Algerian Folk & Rock 1970's (Sublime Frequencies)
12:24am Natacha Atlas & The Mareeka Ensemble - "Lammebada" - Ana Hina (World Village)
12:18am Fadoul - "Layat Al Jadba" - Al Man Saib (Habib Funk)
12:14am Hamid El Shaeri - "Hely Meli" - Arabic Groove (Putumaya)
12:08am Cheb Khaled - "La Camel" - Africa 50 Years Of Music North Vol 3 (Disgraph)
12:01am Anouar Brahem - "Été An Dalous" - Le Voyage De Sahar (ECM)
12:56am Conjunto de Oliveira Muge - "Sospressa un Filo" - Cazumbi Vol 1 (NoSmoke)
12:52am Waves - "Mother" - Wake Up You! vol 1 (Now-Again)
12:47am Dustland Express - "The Solution" - The Question Sir is Why? (s/r)
12:44am Roger Damawuzan - "Wait for Me" - African Scream Contest (Analog Africa)
12:40am Christianne Essian - "My Kind of Man" - My Kind of Man (Afrodesia)
12:35am Action 13 - "More Bread to the People" - Nigeria Rock Special! (Soundway)
12:31am Os Rocks - "Wish I May" - Cazumbi Vol 1 (NoSmoke)
12:28am Dan Hill & Groove w/ Una Villi - "Really Gonna Shake" - African Beat Combos (NoSmoke)
12:25am Wrong Notes - "Verequoi" - Murder by Contract (Aziza)
12:21am The Narrow - "The Living Daylights" - Travellers (Dark Phase Media)
12:18am Freedom's Children - "Satisfaction" - Zulu Stomp!! (NoSmoke)
12:14am Willim Welsyn - "FRIER YT!" - Smeerdie Wesrlig (s/r)
12:11am Tony Grey & the Black 7 - "The Feelings" - Wake Up You! (Now-Again)
12:08am BLK JKS - "Standbye" - After Robots (Secretly Canadian)
12:04am Mike Nyoni - "Miss Universe" - I Can't Understand You (EMI)
12:01am Tall Emma & His Skippers - "Harmatan" - Murder by Contract (Aziza)
12:58am Soundwalk Collective - "Kingdom Of Kashi" - Death Must Die (Marionette)
12:57am Jonny Nash & Lindasy Todd - "The Gecko That Wore It's Skin Inside Out" - Fauna Mapping (Island of the Gods)
12:53am Nicola Cruz - "Esu Enia (con Marcio Pinto)" - Siku (22K)
12:49am Khalab - "Black Noise feat. Tenesha The Wordsmith" - Black Noise 2084 (On The Corner)
12:46am Chapinero - "Thornato" - Things Will Change (Wonderwheel)
12:43am Embassador Dulgoon - "The Sirius Passet" - Hydorion Remnants (Nonlocal Research)
12:37am J.A.K.A.M. - "Shadow Dance" - Counterpoint EP.1 (Crosspoint)
12:32am Msafiri Zawose - "Chibitenyi" - Uhamiaji (Soundway)
12:27am Akio Nagase - "Mbira Dub" - ChillMountain Classics (ChillMountain)
12:19am Sound Voyage - "Golden Garuda Khidja Remix" - Schattenspiel (Freesoul)
12:15am Churashima Navigator - "Hanaumi (Psychedelic Nice Age Mix)" - Life Is Treasure ()
12:09am Wahono - "Pakar Gula Gending" - Animisme (Disk15)