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KALX's world music show, which dedicates each episode to a particular chapter in a country's musical history, every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1am.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:27am Chairman Mao Chorus - "East is Red [The East is Red, Dir. Wang Ping (PRC), 1965]" - Dong fang hong ()
12:21am Yeh Ming & Deng Bai-ying - "Fisherman's Song [Calender Girl, Dir. Doe Ching (HK), 1959]" - Age of Shanghaiese Pops 1930-1970 (EMI/Pathe)
12:19am Bai Guang - "Want to Come Up? (Xiang shang lou tai) [Song on a Rainy Night, Dir. Li Ying (HK), 1950]" - Xianggang wu shi nian dai Huayu shi dai qu (Ancient Sound Restore)
12:17am Yao Ping - "New Year Song [New Year's Coin, Dir. Zhang Shichuan (RC), 1937]" - Zhongguo Shanghai san si shi nian dai jue ban ming qu 2 (Ancient Sound Restore)
12:12am Zhao Jiping - "Opening Credits - Prologue - Zhouyun - Lanterns [Raise the Red Lantern, Dir. Zhang Yimou (PRC), 1991]" - Raise the Red Lantern (Milan)
12:10am Gong Li / Zhang Yimou, Zhang Guangtian - "Beddy-Bye, Beddy Bye Over Grand-Ma's Bridge [Shanghai Triad, Dir. Zhang Yimou (PRC), 1995]" - Shanghai Triad (Diffusion)
12:08am Zhou Xuan - "Full Moon, Beautiful Flowers [The Western Chamber, Dir. Zhang Shichuan (RC), 1940]" - Yong yuan de wei xiao 3 (EMI/Pathe)
12:04am Zhou Xuan - "When Will You Come Again? [Stars Moving Around the Moon, Dir. Fang Peilin (RC), 1937]" - Yong yuan de wei xiao 1 (EMI/Pathe)
12:03am Kevin Purrone - "The Peach Girl [Tao hua qi xie ji, Dir. Bu Wancang (RC), 1931]" - Piano Themes from the Silent Screen (San Francisco Silent Film Festival)
12:03am -- - "--" - -- (--)
12:00am Koo Mei - "Girl from Alishan [The Lark, Dir. Xue Qun (HK), 1965]" - The Lark (EMI/Pathe)
12:56am Les Krakmen - "Krakmen Twist" - Cazumbi - Sixties Garage vol 1 (Nosmoke)
12:52am Os Impacots - "That's What I Want" - Cazumbi- African Sixties Garage vol 2 (Nosmoke)
12:49am Stars of Liberty - "Power to the People" - Power to the People (Now-Again)
12:45am Ashtray Electric - "Quite Overstated" - Bonjour (s/r)
12:35am Darkest Place - "Wrong Creation" - Ashes of the Earth (s/r)
12:32am Black Handed Kites - "Up" - Up (s/r)
12:29am Os Rebeldes - "Murder by Contract" - Os Rebeldes (Orfeu)
12:25am Hoochie Coochies - "I'm a Boy" - Zulu Stomp!! (Nosmoke)
12:20am Akwassa - "In the Groove Everybody's Getting On" - La'alla (PMG)
12:15am Heads Funk Band - "Can You Do It" - Hard World (BMG)
12:12am Hot Water - "Bush Fire" - Home (s/r)
12:10am Os Kriptons - "Billy Boom" - K (Paula)
12:07am Birds of a Feather - "Come on Up" - Come On Up (Troubadore)
12:03am Les Kitts - "Jerk Bastos" - Zulu Stomp!! (Nosmoke)
12:00am Tall Emma & His Skippers - "The Girl with the Guitar Shape" - The Girl with the Guitar Shape (Obuoba)
12:19am mic break - "" - ()
12:15am Watcha Clan - "Balkan Qoulou (dunkelbunt remix)" - Sephardic Music Festival Vol 2 (SMF)
12:11am Feel Good Productions, Bandakadabra, Monte Palafox - "Nessunissima" - Balkanica! v2 (Feel Good)
12:07am Fanfare Ciocarlia - "Mista Lobaloba" - Onwards to Mars! (Asphalt Tango)
12:02am Shantel - "Disko Partizani" - Disko Partizani (Essay)
12:56am War Head Restriction - "Graceful Bird" - Wake Up You! vol 1 (Now-Again)
12:53am Volkmag - "Oorleda Nooit Vergete" - Oorleda Nooit Vergete (Barbatos)
12:50am Ella Mental - "30 Million Lonely People" - Ella Mental (EMI)
12:45am L'Orcheste AfroSoul System - "Abd San Me Yele" - Abd San Me Yele (Volta Discobel)
12:42am Orchestra Precious Stones - "Bethel" - Bethel (Tropiques)
12:39am Strangers - "Love Rock" - Love Rock (HMV)
12:36am Ashantis - "Come on & Do It" - Ethiopiques 24: Golden years of Modern Ethiopian Music (1969-1975) (Buda)
12:30am Blackcrowned - "My Will is My Hammer" - My Will is My Hammer (Salute)
12:25am Lelahell - "Kalimet Essin" - Al Insane...the Rebirth of Abderrahmane (Horror Pain Death Prductions)
12:20am Foto Na Dans - "Soldaat Volk" - Foto Na Dans ep (Rhythm)
12:18am Hank Squires - "Sick & Tired" - Zulu Stomp!! South African Garage Beats (Nosmoke)
12:14am Afrokaine - "Chaya Mouhal" - Nomad (s/r)
12:10am 340 ml - "Fairy Tales" - Sorry for the Delay (Rue Stendhal)
12:06am The Flame - "I'm So Happy" - The Flame (Fallout)
12:03am Identicals - "Who Made the World?" - Wake Up You! vol 2: Rise & Fall of Nigerial Rock (Now-Again)
12:00am Evan & Sam w/ the New Sunshine Band - "Believe Me Believe It" - Believe Me Believe It (Sound Express)
12:53am Yair Dalal - "Perfume Road" - ....and you love (Magda)
12:49am Yishaq Marowdy - "Yehi Shalom Be'helenu" - Shabahot: Iraqi-Jewish Music from the 1930's (Renair)