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Monday, January 27, 2020 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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3:25pm Would-Be-Goods - "No More Tearstained Makeup" - A Sunday Mtinée (Matinée)
3:23pm Girl in Red - "Say Anything" - Beginings (EP1 + EP2) (S/R)
3:18pm Alison's Halo - "Chime" - Eyedazzler 1992-1996 (Burnt Hair)
3:16pm Vivian Girls - "Sludge" - Memory (Polyvinyl)
3:12pm Sebadoh - "Soul and Fire" - Soul and Fire (Sub Pop)
3:10pm Skygreen Leopards - "Morning of Gulls (a Dream of Waters, part one)" - One Thousand Bird Ceremony (Soft Abuse)
3:02pm Carla dal Forno - "Took a Long Time" - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)
5:56pm Battles - "Titanium 2 Step" - Juice B Crypts (Warp)
5:51pm Blues Lawyer - "Miles Away" - Something Different (Mt St Mtn)
5:49pm Primo! - "You've Got a Million" - Amici (Upset the Rhythm)
5:21pm Figurine - "Our Game (Is Over)" - The Heartfelt (March)
5:18pm Black Marble - "Daily Driver" - Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
5:11pm Nosoträsh - "Si Es Que Hay Suerte" - Elefant Dosmiluno (Elefant)
5:08pm Shivas - "Playing on the Radio" - Dark Thoughts (Tender Loving Empire)
5:06pm Surfaris - "Black Denim" - Hit City '65 (Decca)
5:04pm Stepford Husbands - "Yeah!" - Why Aren't You There (Cryptovision)
4:59pm VKTMS - "White Trash Wonder" - Mayhem With a Beat (Daflespitz)
4:57pm Neo Boys - "Never Comes Down" - Sonner or Later (K)
4:55pm No Alternative - "My Father's Son" - Johnny Got His Gun '78-'82 (Wingnut)
4:47pm Dean Hurley - "Far Boundaries" - Anthology Resource Vol. 2: Philosophy of Beyond (Sacred Bones)
4:43pm Julee Cruise - "Floating" - Floating Into the Night (Warner Bros.)
4:40pm Marlene Dietrich - "Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt" - Berlin: The Cabaret Years (EMI)
4:36pm Anna Karina - "Sous Le Soleil Exactement" - Vamps et Vampire (Ace of Hearts)
4:32pm Geeta Dutt - "Babuji Dheere Chalna" - Golden Voices From the Silver Screen (Globe Style)
4:28pm Coloured Balls - "Won't You Make Up Your Mind" - Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Just Add Water)
4:26pm Red Aunts - "Teach Me To Kill" - Drag (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
4:24pm Sic Alps - "Message From the Law" - A Long Way Around to a Shortcut (Animaldisguise)
4:21pm Pony Time - "Time Tells Me" - Rumours 2: The Rumours are True (Ss)
4:17pm Milky Wimpshakes - "Cheque Card" - Love Songs For Punk Rockers (Slampt)
4:15pm April Magazine - "Always" - Hot Sick Vile & Fun (Rocks in Your Head)
4:08pm Juliette Greco - "Chanson Pour L'auvergnat" - Les Feuilles Mortes (Phillips)
4:05pm Tandy Love - "Kiss Me Miss Me - I'm in Time" - Turk Jerk (Fat City)
4:02pm Sudan Archives - "Did You Know" - Athena (Stones Throw)
4:00pm Ex-Girl - "Señor Ginger" - The Crown of Dr. Keroninstein (Alternative Tentacles)
3:57pm The Mgababa Queens - "Akulalwa Soweto" - Next Stop...Soweto Vol. 2 (Strut)
3:51pm Norma Fraser - "First Cut is the Deepest" - Feel Like Jumping: The Best of Studio One Women (Heart Beat)
3:44pm Sóley - "Dance" - We Sink (Morr)
3:40pm Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Going to the Beach With Haley" - At The Party With My Brown Friends (Saddle Creek)
3:38pm Nervous Plants - "Mandi" - Milkweed/Nervous Plants split (Two Ton Santa)
3:35pm Sportique - "Don't Believe a Word I Say" - Don't Believe a Word I Say (Matinée)
3:32pm Lisa Prank - "Rodeo" - Perfect Love Song (Father Daughter)
3:25pm François de Roubaix - "La Frite Équatoriale" - Dirty French Psychedelia (Born Bad)
3:22pm Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds To Sing)" - Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
3:18pm Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet - "Stop Start" - Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet (Ta Da)
3:14pm Pink Section - "Francine's List" - Pink Section (Modern Records)
3:11pm World - "You're Going Down" - Reddish (Microminiature)
3:02pm Dax Pierson - "Krafteno" - Live in Oakland (Ratskin)
11:57am Horrible/Adorable - "Honda Moto" - Compilation V: Friends For Days (20 Sided)
11:52am Vivian Girls - "Waiting In the Car" - Memory (Polyvinyl)
11:49am Rosehips - "Sad As Sunday" - I Shouldn't Have To Say (Subway)