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Friday, March 22, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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10:19am Once & Future Band - "Standing in the Wake of Violence" - Once & Future Band (Castle Face)
10:16am Meteors - "(One Hand) On The Wheel" - Teenage Heart (PVC)
10:12am Jetboy - "Fire In My Heart" - Feel The Shake (MCA)
10:05am Tilly and The Wall - "Shake It Off" - Wild Like Children (Team Love)
10:02am Mood Rings - "Promise Me Eternity" - VPI Harmony (Mexican Summer)
9:56am Peel Dream Magazine - "Art Today" - Modern Meta Physic (Slumberland)
9:53am Spike and Princess - "Indie Rock Queen" - Indie Rock Queen (After Party)
9:49am Bets - "Tunnel Vision" - Future Color (S/R)
9:41am Mono - "OP Beach" - Under The Pipal Tree (Tzadik)
9:38am Morricone Youth - "Danger By Starlight" - Danger: Diabolik (Country Club)
9:35am Beau Brummels - "Not Too Long Ago" - Introducing The Beau Brummels (Autumn)
9:33am Tammy Montgomery - "This Time Tomorrow" - Where The Girls Are Vol. 3 (Ace)
9:30am Tams - "Untie Me" - Best of the Tams (Capitol)
9:23am Electric Peanut Butter Co. - "Christophe Waltz" - Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol. 2 (Ubiquity)
9:21am Bran - "Y Gwylwyr" - Welsh Rare Beat (Finders Keepers)
9:15am Intelligence - "Males" - Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
9:12am Guitar Wolf - "Fujiyama Attack" - Jet Generation (Matador)
9:09am Mr. Airplane Man - "C'mon DJ" - C'mon DJ (Sympathy for the record industry)
9:03am Madeline Kenney - "Know" - Perfect Shapes (Carpark)
11:55am Perhapsy - "Leviticus" - Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party)
11:48am Broncho - "Sandman" - Bad Behavior (Park The Van)
11:44am Smith - "Baby's It's You" - A Group Called Smith (Dunhill)
11:41am Dynamic Corvettes - "Keep Off The Grass" - Funky Sex Machines (Soul Patrol)
11:39am Plearn Promdan - "Ruk Kun Samong" - Thai? Dai! (B-Music)
11:36am Sheila - "La Famille" - Les Années Yéyé (East West)
11:34am Adrienne Poster - "Shang a Doo Lang" - The Girls' Scene (Deram)
11:27am Mirah - "Hot Hot" - Understanding (Absolute Magnitude)
11:23am Mates of State - "Tan/Black" - My Solo Project (Omnibus)
11:17am Essex Green - "Tinker (She Heard The News)" - Everything Is Green (Kindercore)
11:00am The Essex Green - "KALX Interview with The Pencil Sharpener" - N/A (N/A)
10:53am Ausmuteants - "Family Time" - Order of Operation (Goner)
10:50am Pylon Reenactment Society - "Cliff Notes" - Messenger (PRS)
10:47am Salem 66 - "Lemon Rind" - Salem 66 (Homestead)
10:42am Valentino & The Lovers - "I'm Gonna Love" - Del-Fi Brand Doo Wop (Del-Fi)
10:40am Piltdown Men - "Brontosaurus Stomp" - Shut Down (Capitol)
10:37am Fender Four - "Margaya" - Strummin' Mental! Vol. 5 (Link)
10:35am Pink Noise - "Voyeur" - House of Cards (Sounds Escaping)
10:33am U.K. Subs - "Organised Crime" - Crash Course (Jem)
10:31am Sick Thoughts - "Nothin In This World" - Sick Thoughts (Goner)
10:24am Norman Salant - "Europe After Dark" - Sax Talk (C.D.)
10:22am Rose Droll - "Riddle" - Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
10:20am Table Sugar - "Marry Me" - Introductory Material (Water Wing)
10:16am Disturbed - "I Don't Believe" - I Don't Believe (Parole)
10:11am Desire - "Don't Call" - II (Italians Do It Better)
10:05am Swearin' - "Margaret" - Fall Into The Sun (Merge)
10:02am Masters of the Hemisphere - "When People Were Younger" - Permanent Stranger EP (DCB)
10:00am Boy Romeo - "Public" - Shorts E.P. (Mt St Mtn)
9:57am Nervous Eaters - "Girl Next Door" - Nervous Eaters (Elektra)
9:54am Pretenders - "The Wait" - Pretenders (Sire)
9:51am Bad Sports - "Pacify My Love" - Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)