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11:30am DJ Pupshaw's Interview with Bid of The Monochrome Set - "N/A" - N/A (N/A)
11:26am Oscar & The Majestics - "Whiplash" - Rare & Unissued Cuts '64-'66 (Beat Rocket)
11:24am Riders of the Mark - "The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion That MakeUp Herr Dr. Krieg" - Beyond the Calico Wall (Voxx)
11:19am Sasami - "Turned Out I Was Everyone" - Sasami (Domino)
11:16am Big Thief - "Shark Smile" - Capacity (Saddle Creek)
11:13am Panda Bear - "Cranked" - Buoys (Domino)
11:05am Names - "Leave Her to Heaven" - Swimming (LTM)
11:03am Kohinoorgasm - "Chalo" - Chalo EP (E/R)
10:59am Clinic - "The Equaliser" - Walking With Thee (Domino)
10:54am Minx/Zimmerman - "Tearoom in the Rain" - Minx/Zimmerman (Espacial Discos)
10:50am Surfaris - "Beat '65" - Hit City '65 (Decca)
10:47am Hal Aloma and His Hawaiian Orchestra - "Pretty Maui Girl" - The Lure of the Island (Dot)
10:44am Grace Chang - "Sightseeing By Car Along the River" - Carmen (EMI)
10:41am Radiation City - "Zombies" - Animals in the Median (Tender Loving Empire)
10:37am Yea-Ming and the Rumours - "Baby Blue" - Baby Blue (S/R)
10:34am Summer Twins - "Stop & Go" - Limbo (Burger)
10:28am Dirty Denim - "Meant to Be" - Dirty Denim EP (S/R)
10:24am Nick Waterhouse - "Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted)" - Nick Waterhouse (Innovative Leisure)
10:22am Sparkels - "Try Love One More Time" - Old Town and Barry (Kent)
10:20am Major Lance - "Come See" - Monkey Time (Edsel)
10:17am Chadwicks - "The Only Way to Do It" - Baltimore's Teen Beat a Go Go (Dome)
10:13am BBQ - "Shake Real Low" - Tie Your Noose (Bomp!)
10:05am Life Without Buildings - "The Leanover" - Any Other City (DC/Baltimore)
10:03am Sudan Archives - "Pay Attention" - Sink (Stones Throw)
10:00am Green Arrows - "No Delay (Bulitt)" - Green Arrows (Analog Africa)
9:56am Free Love - "Playing As Punks" - Luxury Hits (Full Ashram)
9:53am Dripps - "No Fun No More" - The Dripps (Lonely Dice)
9:49am Golden Daze - "Salt" - Golden Daze (Autumn Tone)
9:44am Eerie Wanda - "Couldn't Tell" - Pet Town (Joyful Noise)
9:42am Bjorn Olsson - "LÃ¥t i F# - Moll" - The Lobster (Gravitation)
9:39am Implied Consent - "A View of the World" - Nobody In Particular (In Tape)
9:37am Stella - "Firing Squad" - Carer Suicide (S/R)
9:35am Josef K - "Final Request" - It's Kinda Funny (Postcard)
9:32am Infa-Riot - "Still Out of Order" - Kids of the 80's (Secretly Canadian)
9:30am Amyl and the Sniffers - "Westgate" - Big Attraction & Giddy Up (S/R)
9:25am Roy Orbison - "I'm Hurtin'" - Greatest Hits (Monument)
9:23am Belairs - "Little Brown Jug" - Volcanic Action! (Sundazed)
9:20am Napolean XIV - "Doin' The Napoleon" - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (Rhino)
9:18am Great Scots - "What Am I To Do" - The Great Lost Great Scots Album (Sundazed)
9:16am Unforgettables - "Too Much Trouble" - Bay Area Funk (Luv n' Haight)
9:12am Darondo - "Legs" - Let My People Go (Luv N' Haight)
9:03am Living Hour - "Inside" - Softer Faces (Kanine)
11:56am Dick Dale - "Surfing Drums" - Surfer's Choice (Deltone)
11:51am Hazel English - "It's Not Real" - Never Going Home (Polyvinyl)
11:48am Club 8 - "Someday" - The Friend I Once Had (March)
11:46am Felt - "Christopher St." - The Pictorial Jackson Review (Creation)
11:43am Crowd - "Desmond and Kathy" - The Crowd (Posh Boy)
11:40am Patti - "Separate/Operate" - Bad Back (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
11:35am Fibulator - "Horace Hemlicke" - Drankfromtheasphalt (Electro Motive)
11:32am Van Hunt - "Watching You Go Crazy is Driving Me Insane" - What Were You Hoping For? (Godless-Hotspot)