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Monday, December 16, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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3:46pm Billie Davis - "Nobody's Home to Go Home To" - The Girls' Scene (Deram)
3:41pm Eddy Senay - "Sarkko East" - Step By Step (Modern Harmonic)
3:38pm French Vanilla - "Move Along, Move Ahead" - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
3:36pm Househunters - "Minotaur" - Feeding Frenzy (Hollow Planet)
3:31pm Pow! - "Scissors" - Shift (Castle Face)
3:25pm Death and Vanilla - "Wallpaper Pattern" - Are You a Dreamer (Fire)
3:19pm Valvola - "(One Love) Le Blues Ermetique" - Teenagers Film Their Own Life (Third Gear)
3:15pm Mosaic Eyes - "There is No End to This" - Europe Not So Far (Sunday)
3:13pm Vivian Girls - "Sick" - Memory (Polyvinyl)
3:11pm Flatmates - "Thinking of You" - Happy All The Time (Subway)
3:00pm Sarah Bethe Nelson - "8th & Hooper" - Weird Glow (Burger)
8:55am Cate Le Bon - "Home to You" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
8:52am Toyota - "Corporate Anthem" - Toyota (Digital Regress)
8:49am French Vanilla - "Friendly Fire" - How Am I Not Myself (Danger Collective)
8:46am Girl Friday - "Headstones" - Fashion Conman (Hardly Art)
8:40am Blues Lawyer - "27th St." - Guess Work (Emotional Response)
8:39am Jeanines - "Either Way" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
8:36am Bright Ideas - "A Hope Between Us" - Grapevines (Secret Center)
8:35am Frenchmen - "NAR vs The Ramones" - The Frenchmen (Shelflife)
8:33am Tacocat - "The Problem" - This Mess is a Place (Subpop)
8:31am La Sera - "Break My Heart" - Sees The Light (Hardly Art)
8:29am Boyracer - "Bored & Lonely" - Bored & Lonely (Emotional Response)
8:24am Prince Buster - "Al Capone" - Fabulous Greatest Hits (Fab)
8:22am Camelots - "Pocahontas" - Pocahontas (Ember)
8:20am Grand Prix's - "You Drive Me Crazy" - Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label (Numero Group)
8:18am Left Banke - "I Haven't Got the Nerve" - Walk Away Rene (Smash)
8:12am Godwin Kabaka Opara's Oriental Brothers International - "Onye Ikekwere Mekeya" - Highlife High Ups (Nigh & Day)
8:07am Apache - "Boomtown Gems" - Radical Sabbatical (Burger)
8:04am Neutrals - "Motorcycle Cop" - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
8:02am Freshies - "Moonmid Summer" - My Tapes (Razz)
7:58am Martha - "Sight For Sore Eyes" - Love Keeps Kicking (Dirtnap)
7:54am Beths - "Future Me Hates Me" - Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
7:46am Gang of Four - "I Found That Essence Rare" - Entertainment (Warner Bros.)
7:44am Mick Trouble - "Glad I'm Not Me" - Glad I'm Not Me (Emotional Response)
7:41am Pianosaurus - "Going Downtown" - Groovy Neighborhood (Rounder)
7:39am Maylove - "Girl of a Girl Dreaming" - Girl of a Girl Dreaming (Elefant)
7:36am Seapony - "Tell Me So" - Falling (Hardly Arat)
7:33am Seablite - "Lollipop Crush" - Grass Stains and Novocaine (Emotional Response)
7:22am Crongress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker - "Cousin Mosquito #2" - Songs in the Key of Z (Gammon)
7:21am Freedom - "Trying to Get a Glimpse of You" - Hen's Teeth (Hen)
7:17am Jacques Dutronc - "Hippie, Hippie, Hourrah" - 36 Grands Succes (Vogue)
7:15am Margo Guryan - "Sun" - Take a Picture (Franklin Castle)
7:10am Kissing Spell - "Yellow Moon" - Love, Peace & Poetry: Latin America (QDK)
7:07am Juan Wauters - "Dos" - Introducing Juan Pablo (Captured Tracks)
7:03am Cactus Blossoms - "See It Through" - Easy Way (Talkie Walkie)
7:01am Skeeter Davis - "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now" - The Essential... (RCA)
6:59am Murmaids - "Blue Dress" - Popsicles and Icicles (Chatahoochee)
6:57am Radiator Hospital - "Fireworks" - Torch Song (Salinas)
6:53am Julia Shapiro - "Around the Block" - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
6:47am Pow! - "Metal & Glue" - Shift (Castle Face)