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Saturday, April 17, 2021 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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10:27am Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab - "Kamasutra" - Vampyros Lesbos (Motel)
10:24am Eloise Laws - "You Made Me An Offer I Can't Refuse" - Holland-Dozier-Holland Present The Music Merchant Story (Deep Beats)
10:22am Sinn Sisamouth - "Dance a Go Go" - Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll (Dust to Digital)
10:20am Junior Varsity - "Hot Rod" - Go! To the Ice Cream Social (Peek-A-Boo Industries)
10:17am Bad Sports - "Pacify My Love" - Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)
10:14am Johnny Moped - "Wild Breed" - Cycledelic (Chiswick)
10:07am Quilleihue - "Malalche" - Invenciones, La Otra Vanguardia Musical en Latinoamerica 1976-1988 (Munster)
10:04am Lives Of Angels - "Threatened" - Hole in the Sky (Dark Entries)
10:00am Dear Nora - "Long Distance" - Skulls Example (Orindal)
9:56am Yea-Ming and the Rumours - "From Autumn" - Baby Blue (S/R)
9:53am Galore - "Come Around" - Demos (S/R)
9:46am Bats - "Trouble In This Town" - Made Up In Blue (Flying Nun)
9:44am Part Time - "The Boys That Make Her Cry" - Spell #6 (Burger)
9:41am Algebra Suicide - "One Night I Fell In Love" - Tongue Wrestling (Widely Distributed)
9:38am Greeting Committee - "Is This It?" - This Is It (Harvest)
9:36am Portastatic - "Trajectory" - Some Small History (Merge)
9:34am Stuporhero - "Superball" - Last Star Shining (Basement Tape)
9:31am A. Savage - "Eyeballs" - Thawing Dawn (Dull Tools)
9:26am Sneaks - "Hong Kong to Amsterdam" - Highway Hypnosis (Merge)
9:21am Francis Bebey - "The Coffee Cola Song" - African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
9:17am Sacred Paws - "Strike a Match" - Light a Match (Rock Action)
9:13am Mode/IQ - "Confidence" - Mind/Soul (Modern Mode)
9:04am Michael Rault - "When The Sun Shines" - It's A New Day Tonight (Wick)
11:59am Goon Sax - "Make Time 4 Love" - We're Not Talking (Wichita)
11:54am Mean Jeans - "Sizzler" - Jingles Collection (Fat Wreck Chords)
11:52am Wimps - "Garbage People" - Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars)
11:50am Swearin' - "Margaret" - Fall Into The Sun (Merge)
11:48am Blues Lawyer - "27th St." - Guess Work (Emotional Response)
11:45am Spook School - "While You Were Sleeping" - Could It Be Different (Slumberland)
11:43am Peach Kelli Pop - "Hello Kitty Knife" - Gentle Leader (Mint)
11:37am My Teenage Stride - "Living In the Straight World" - Living In The Straight World (Unblinking Ear)
11:35am Chai - "Gyaranboo" - Pink (Burger)
11:32am Mick Trouble - "Miss Margaret" - It's The Mick Trouble EP (Emotional Response)
11:25am Frankie Cosmos - "Cafeteria" - Vessel (Sub Pop)
11:21am Courtney Barnett - "Charity" - Tell Me How You Really Feel (Mom + Pop)
11:18am Anna Hillburg - "I Can't Get Free" - Really Real (California Clap)
11:16am RAYS - "Yesterday's Faces" - You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind)
11:09am Primo! - "Ticking Off a List" - Amici (Upset The Rhythm)
11:07am Ramona - "I Have No Time" - I Have No Time (Doob Rock'n)
11:04am Shannon & The Clams - "The Boy" - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
11:00am Horrible/Adorable - "Surf, Rock, Beach, Party, UFO" - Split with Bearcats (Yr First Crush)
10:57am Kitten Forever - "Fun Fact" - Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)
10:55am Eureka California - "MKUltra" - Roadrunners (HHBTM)
10:48am Papercuts - "How To Quit Smoking" - Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland)
10:44am Cold Beat - "Jennifer" - A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries)
10:41am La Luz - "Cicada" - Floating Features (Hardly Art)
10:38am Lala Lala - "I Get Cut" - The Lamb (Hardly Art)
10:32am Dick Stusso - "The Big Car Commercial Payout" - In Heaven (Hardly Art)
10:28am Escape-Ism - "(I'm Gonna) Bite The Hand That Feeds" - The Lost Record (Merge)
10:24am Ruby Karinto - "Jugemu" - Ruby Karinto (Hozac)