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Saturday, March 6, 2021 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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11:20am Raindrops - "You Got What I Like" - The Complete Raindrops (Sequel)
11:18am Cher - "Needles and Pins" - Needles and Pins (Imperial)
11:12am Khaki Squirts - "My Car Land" - Khaki Squirts (Echo Resonance)
11:10am Bad Sports - "Giving In" - Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)
11:07am Bad Mojos - "Commit a Crime" - I Hope You OD (Voodoo Rhythm)
11:05am Seize - "Why?" - Why? (Why Not?)
11:03am Black Tambourine - "Heartbeat" - Black Tambourine (Slumberland)
11:01am Cessna - "Garlic" - Holiday On Ice (Jigsaw)
10:56am Freak Scene - "Mind Bender" - Psychedelic Psoul (Collectables)
10:54am Heathens - "Problems" - Teenage Shutdown (Teenage Shutdown)
10:51am Secos & Molhados - "Assim Assado" - Série Dois Momentos (East West)
10:42am Liberian Dream - "O.A.U. Welcome to Liberia" - O.A.U. (Makossa)
10:34am IE - "An Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise" - Pome (Moon Glyph)
10:31am Young Marble Giants - "Choci Loni" - Colossal Youth (Rough Trade)
10:28am Peel Dream Magazine - "Fires" - Modern Meta Physic (Slumberland)
10:25am Zombies - "I Want Her She Wants Me" - Odessey & Oracle (Varése Sarabande)
10:20am Cause Co-Motion - "Don't You Know" - Who's Gonna Care? (S/R)
10:18am Rip Offs - "Make Up Your Mind" - Make Up Your Mind (Rip Off)
10:16am Surfbort - "Hillside Strangler" - Friendship Music (Fat Possum)
10:14am Ruth Elyeri - "Mescalito" - Paink: French Punk Anthems (Born Bad)
10:12am Lung Leg - "Anatomy of a Dolly Bird" - Hello Sir (Kill Rock Stars)
10:10am Jungle Nausea - "Sympathy" - Subnormal Girls (Waiting Room)
10:07am Baus - "Proud" - Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress)
10:01am Jack Moves - "Penn Station" - Free Money (Everloving)
9:57am Gal Costa - "Com Médo, Com Pedro" - Gal (Phillips)
9:55am Krimson Kake - "Waiter" - Magpie (RPM)
9:52am Jackie Wilson - "Soul Galore" - Soul Galore (Brunswick)
9:50am Drifters - "Baby What I Mean" - Baby What I Mean (Atlantic)
9:44am Bananas - "Nautical Theme" - Nautical Rock n Roll (Plan-It-X)
9:41am Melodie Group - "I Do Not Not Love You" - The Matinée Summer Splash (Matinée)
9:38am Perhapsy - "Obvious Now" - Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party)
9:35am Babies - "Run Me Over" - The Babies (Shrimper)
9:32am Moped - "Turkey" - Turkey (Summershine)
9:25am Flying Lizards - "Russia" - Flying Lizards (Virgin)
9:19am Feeling Kréyol - "Las Palé" - Las Palé (Strut)
9:15am Random Hold - "Central Reservation" - Etceteraville (Passport)
9:11am Serious Drinking - "Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk" - Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk (Vistascope)
9:03am Kim Carter - "Energy" - Switched On Eugene (Numero Group)
11:55am Wooden Shjips - "Eclipse" - V (Thrill Jockey)
11:51am RAYS - "Before Sunrise" - You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind)
11:47am Armando Sciascia - "Circuito Chiuso" - Psych Funk 101 (World Psychedelic Funk Classics)
11:44am Jodi - "Altered Termites in My Room" - Pop Espontáneo (Outsider)
11:42am Stratocastors - "Metro" - Opinion (Black Totem)
11:33am SRSQ - "Only One" - Unreality (Dais)
11:30am Karen O and the Kids - "Capsize" - Where The Wild Things Are (Interscope)
11:27am Eerie Wanda - "Sleepy Eyes" - Pet Town (Joyful Noise)
11:20am Tracyanne & Danny - "Alabama" - Tracyanne & Danny (Merge)
11:00am Tracyanne & Danny - "Interview at the Swedish American Hall 2/4/19" - N/A (N/A)
10:54am Gogogo Airheart - "The Prince" - Out Every Window The Snap Of Envy & Greed (Gold Standard Laboratories)
10:50am Cha Cha Guitri - "Monsieur Madame" - French Synth Wave (Born Bad)