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8:08am Lukid - "Conked Out" - Drip (Arcola)
8:06am Otha - "One of the Girls" - One of the Girls (S/R)
7:57am Yokota, Susumu - "King Dragonfly" - Grinning Cat (Triage)
7:54am Jacob Newman - "Humidity Dub" - Biospherica (Carpe Sonum)
7:50am Lucinda Chua - "Feel Something" - Antidotes 1 (Awal)
7:44am Yann Tiersen - "Tempelhof" - All (Mute)
7:31am Christian Loffler Interview - "" - ()
7:21am King Tuff - "Swamp of Love" - King Tuff (Sub Pop)
7:18am Michael Nau - "Waiting, Too" - Some Twist (Suicide Squeeze)
7:14am Boogarins - "Invencao" - Sombrou Duvida (Oar)
7:10am Gustavo Casenave - "La Cumparsita" - Tango Casenave (Watchcraft)
7:06am Os Mutantes - "Panis et Circenses" - Os Mutantes (Polydor)
6:57am Embryo - "Radio Marrakesch/Orient Express" - Steig Aus (Brain)
6:51am Wand - "Evening Star" - Laughing Matter (Drag City)
6:44am Devata Daun - "Mademoiselle" - Pye Luis (Pytch)
6:40am Howie Lee - "Eyes on the Mountains!" - Mù Chè Shān Chū (Alpha Pup)
6:37am Com Truise - "Laconism" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
6:30am Kraftwerk - "It's More Fun To Compute" - Computer World (Warner Bros.)
6:27am Husky Loops - "Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me" - (I Can't Even Speak English)
6:23am Donna Summer - "I Feel Love" - Greatest Hits (Casablanca)
6:17am Damien Jurado - "Silver Ball" - In The Shape Of A Storm (Mara Bird)
6:13am Steve Mason - "All Come Down" - Boys Outside (Double Six)
6:10am Lala Lala - "Dropout" - The Lamb (Hardly Art)
6:04am Stef Chura - "Sweet Midnight" - Midnight (Saddle Creek)
6:00am Pow! - "Dream Decay" - Shift (Castle Face)
11:45am Foxwarren - "Sunset Canyon" - Foxwarren (Anticon)
11:41am Giuda - "Cosmic Love" - E.V.A. (Burger)
11:38am Felt - "Something Sends Me To Sleep" - Goldmine Trash (Passport)
11:30am Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - "Drivin'" - Pearl Harbot and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
11:25am Childish Gambino - "Boogieman" - Awaken, My Love! (Glassnote)
11:21am Chinese Man - "Escape" - Shikantanza (Chinest Man)
11:17am Lyrics Born - "We Live By The Beat" - As U Were (Decon)
11:12am Hydroponic Sound System - "Shu Bop Shu Bop" - The Synthesis EP (Alternate Take Productions)
11:07am Bill Horist - "Claire, the Loon" - Songs from the Nerve Wheel (Unit Circle Rekkids)
10:58am Flasher - "Skim Milk" - Constant Image (Domino)
10:53am Anemone - "She's the One" - Beat My Distance (Luminelle)
10:50am Areni Agbabian - "Yearning" - Bloom (ECM)
10:46am TENGGER - "Spiritual" - Spiritual (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
10:43am Skyminds - "The Tide's Carress" - Skyminds (Auasca)
10:30am TR/ST Interview - "" - ()
10:25am Can - "Bring Me Coffee Or Tea" - Tago Mago (Restless Retro)
10:17am Cherushii and Maria Minerva - "This Must Be The Place" - Cherushii and Maria Minerva (100% Silk)
10:08am Michelle Blades - "Ring" - Visitor (Midnight Special)
10:06am Bandcloud presents Missives - "[untitled]" - ACI_EDITS (Bandcloud)
10:00am Ursula 1000 - "Star Machine Remix" - Ursula 1000 (Esl Music)
9:47am TR/ST - "Chrissy E" - TR/ST (Arts and Crafts)
9:45am The Horrors - "World Below" - V (Wolf Tone)
9:40am Wand - "Evening Star" - Laughing Matter (Drag City)
9:36am Roky Erickson and the Aliens - "Creature With the Atom Brain" - The Evil One (Orb)
9:31am Apache Dropouts - "God Bless You Johan Kugelberg" - Apache Dropout (Family Vineyard)