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Sunday, February 19, 2023 - 12:00am to 3:00am

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8:02am Mavis Staples - "Anytime" - We Get By (Anti--)
8:00am Earl Nightingale - "The Strangest Secret" - The Strangest Secret (s/r)
7:59am Los Guapos Sensibles - "Decimas del Desamor" - Bigoton (Discos Mas)
7:52am Faye Webster - "Room Temperature" - Atlanta Millionaire's Club (Secretly Canadian)
7:50am Moore Brothers - "Koala Hunter" - Winters (unavailable)
7:47am Paul K - "Embryonic" - The Fermi Paradox (Basilica)
7:44am Iona Fortune - "Da You" - Tao of I Volume 2 (Ecstatic)
7:40am Guster - "Overexcited" - Look Alive (Nettwerks)
7:36am Cate LeBon - "Meet the Man" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
7:31am Michael Vincent Waller - "Nocturnes - No. 4" - Moments (Unseen Worlds)
7:28am Tacocat - "New World" - This Mes Is a Place (Subpop)
7:24am Silver Machine - "Repairable Eyes" - Standing on the Bare Ground (Alternative Tentacles)
7:20am New Pornographers - "The Surprise Knock" - In the Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord)
7:14am Julia Shapiro - "Perfect Version" - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
7:10am Aldous Harding - "Fixture Picture" - Designer (4AD)
7:08am Michael Jon Fink - "From the Singing River" - Celests (Cold Blue)
7:05am Tuluum Shimmering - "1" - Where the Turquoise Spring Sings Among Pebbles (Tuluum Shimmering Records)
7:02am French Vanilla - "Real or Not" - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
7:00am Jeanines - "Too Late" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
6:56am Vampire Weekend - "Sympathy" - FOTB (Spring Snow)
6:52am Esther Rose - "Five Minute Drive" - You Made It This Far (Father/Daughter)
6:49am Allison DeGroot and Tatiana Hargreaves - "Who Wouldn't Be Lonely" - Allison DeGroot and Tatiana Hargreaves (Free Dirt)
6:46am Chuck Johnson - "Inversion Layer" - Blood Moon Boulder (Scissor Tail Editions)
6:43am Lukid - "Drip" - Drip (Arcola)
6:39am Blank Tapes - "Paradise" - Candy (Universal Western Attractions)
6:35am Froth - "Laurel" - Duress (Wichita)
6:29am Claude Fontaine - "Little Sister" - Claude Fontaine (Innovative Leisure)
6:26am Philthy Dronez - "La Forma" - La Forma (Discos Mas)
6:22am Laura Cannell - "Flaxen Field" - The Sky Untuned (Brawl)
6:19am Sophie Birch - "Loph" - Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
6:15am Jesca Hoop - "Free the Feeling (ft. Lucius)" - Stonechild (Memphis Industries)
6:13am Crumb - "And It Never Ends" - Jinx (s/r)
6:03am Tom Beaulieu - "Zambonis Was a Man" - Zombies on Zambonis (s/r)
11:56pm Billy Squier - "In the Dark" - Don't Say No (Capitol)
11:48pm Dean Evans - "A Good Night Kiss" - Big Top - the Best of the Rest Vol. 2 (Big Top)
11:45pm Sonny Boy Williamson - "Help Me" - Help Me (Chess)
11:42pm Butterbeans & Susie - "When My Man Shimmies" - Butterbeans and Susie (Classic Jazz)
11:39pm Boswell Sisters - "Wha' Dja Do To Me?" - Everybody Loves My Baby (Pro Arte Digital)
11:33pm Tom Waits - "I'll Be Gone" - Frank's Wild Years (Island)
11:29pm Nat King Cole - "Where Did Everyone Go?" - Where Did Everyone Go? (Capitol)
11:24pm Michael Vincent Waller - "Love - IV Sizing" - Monuments (Unseen Worlds)
11:20pm White Magic - "The Light" - Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (s/r)
11:13pm Esther Rose - "Fie Minute Drive" - You Made it This Far (s/r)
10:59pm Opaline - "Signal Loop" - Thought Texture (Constellation Tatsu)
10:54pm Ada Moore - "The Devil Is a Woman" - Jazz Workshop (Debut)
10:49pm Jimmy Scott - "Angel Eyes" - All the Way (Sire)
10:43pm Good Ones - "Young People Are the Future" - Rwanda, You Should Be Loved (Anti-)
10:38pm Paul McCartney & Wings - "Let Me Roll It" - Band on the Run (Apple)
10:35pm Barrett Martin Group - "Temple Bells" - Indwell (Sunyata)
10:28pm Remulak - "Hookah Pen" - One (Village Live)