The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Monday, May 28, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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6:10pm Pathogens - "Johnny Hit & Run Jenny" - Pathogens (s/r)
6:56pm Will Boelts - "Running From The Police" - You Can Roller Skate To This Album (s/r)
6:54pm Will Boelts - "To The Gills" - You Can Roller Skate To This Album (s/r)
6:51pm Will Boelts - "Convenience St" - You Can Roller Skate To This Album (s/r)
6:48pm Neutrals - "You Pay My Rent" - 100% Digital (s/r)
6:45pm Neutrals - "England's Not a Place" - 100% Digital (s/r)
6:43pm Neutrals - "Private Museums" - 100% Digital (s/r)
6:40pm Neutrals - "Motorcycle Cop" - 100% Digital (s/r)
6:27pm Micol Cazzell - "Everyone" - Little Fits EP (s/r)
6:24pm Micol Cazzell - "It's All The Same" - Little Fits EP (s/r)
6:19pm Jimmy Chris - "Everybody Come Together" - Little Words EP (s/r)
6:12pm LUX - "I am a Martian" - Super 8 (s/r)
6:08pm LUX - "While Waiting" - Super 8 (s/r)
6:04pm LUX - "Rough Translation" - Super 8 (s/r)
6:54pm The Driftaways - "We The People" - Can't Stop Me Now (s/r)
6:50pm The Driftaways - "Can't Stop Me Now" - Can't Stop Me Now (s/r)
6:43pm The Rewind - "Shots Fired" - Casting Shadows (s/r)
6:39pm The Rewind - "Mystery Girl" - Casting Shadows (s/r)
6:30pm Vold Book - "Nullius In Verba" - Hellas (s/r)
6:19pm Vold Book - "Oppenheimer" - Hellas (s/r)
6:12pm immune2cobras - "New Sermon" - Use Your Immunity 1 The Vaccination (s/r)
6:08pm immune2cobras - "Inventor" - Use Your Immunity 1 The Vaccination (s/r)
6:04pm immune2cobras - "Divorce Blues" - Use Your Immunity 1 The Vaccination (s/r)
6:53pm Havania Whaal - "Blow Torch" - Elaborate Minor Crisis (Youth Riot (cass))
6:49pm Havania Whaal - "Bay Of Pigs" - Elaborate Minor Crisis (Youth Riot (cass))
6:44pm Mr.Smooth - "I Ain't Lit I'm Plugged In Mon" - I Ain't Lit I'm Plugged In Mon (s/r)
6:38pm Half Shy - "Break Out" - Bedroom Visionaries EP (s/r)
6:34pm Half Shy - "Growing Up To Grow Apart" - Bedroom Visionaries EP (s/r)
6:25pm Steve Fields - "Fukushima" - 4 Songs (s/r)
6:20pm Steve Fields - "Cynthia" - 4 Songs (s/r)
6:16pm Steve Fields - "Man On Your Mind" - 4 Songs (s/r)
6:09pm Carly and The Universe - "Black and Blue" - A Greater Thing (s/r)
6:05pm Carly and The Universe - "Sink In" - A Greater Thing (s/r)
6:58pm Fresh Orchestra Chip - "She Raves" - Rusty Man (s/r)
6:55pm Fresh Orchestra Chip - "Rusty Man" - Rusty Man (s/r)
6:49pm Resonate - "Shadowtrap" - Discourse (s/r)
6:46pm Resonate - "Open Your Eyes" - Discourse (s/r)
6:40pm Velvet - "How Do You Know" - How Do You Know (Plag Records)
6:30pm Vertacyn Arc Materializer - "Jack Pot Baby" - Vertacyn Arc Materializer (pre-release)
6:26pm Vertacyn Arc Materializer - "I Want To Be A Cow... Now" - Vertacyn Arc Materializer (pre-release)
6:21pm Dylan Bean - "A Song For Me" - At What Point Did I Lose All Control? (s/r)
6:18pm Dylan Bean - "Economy Alive!" - At What Point Did I Lose All Control? (s/r)
6:11pm Throwing Rocks - "Handouts" - Throwing Rocks (Get Better)
6:09pm Throwing Rocks - "Drone Party" - Throwing Rocks (No Home)
6:07pm Throwing Rocks - "Blood Money" - Throwing Rocks (Get Better)
6:05pm Throwing Rocks - "All In One" - Throwing Rocks (No Home)
6:57pm "Six Shot" - "Under My Thumb" - Six Shot Songs (s/r)
6:52pm Water God - "Whaler" - Water God (s/r)
6:48pm Water God - "Causality" - Water God (s/r)
6:44pm Water God - "Amygdala" - Water God (s/r)