The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Monday, February 26, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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6:51pm No Lovely Thing - "Better Now" - No Lovely Thing (s/r)
6:49pm No Lovely Thing - "Stay True" - No Lovely Thing (s/r)
6:45pm No Lovely Thing - "Countdown" - No Lovely Thing (s/r)
6:35pm Silence - "Once Upon A Time On The Earth" - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing (Profane Existence)
6:31pm Silence - "Not A Hero" - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing (Profane Existence)
6:28pm Silence - "The Image Has Sterted To Crumble" - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing (Profane Existence)
6:24pm Mark Allen-Piccolo - "Her Song" - Left From Here (s/r)
6:20pm Mark Allen-Piccolo - "Maybe Someday" - Left From Here (s/r)
6:17pm Mark Allen-Piccolo - "Do For You" - Left From Here (s/r)
6:10pm Vertacyn Arc Materializer - "Trivial Impossible" - Vertacyn Arc Materializer (10Gen)
6:05pm Eric Din - "Everything Is Wrong" - Eric Din (s/r)
6:53pm Captain Storm - "Let's Pretend We Can Fly" - On The Waterfront (Kool Kat / CSR)
6:51pm Captain Storm - "The Meaning Of This Life" - On The Waterfront (Kool Kat / CSR)
6:45pm Rip Florence - "Flower Pressings" - Presents... Demos (s/r)
6:41pm Rip Florence - "Soul Stitch" - Presents... Demos (s/r)
6:38pm Rip Florence - "The Energy Slaves of Abandoned Detroit" - Presents... Demos (s/r)
6:36pm Rip Florence - "Condition Her" - Presents... Demos (s/r)
6:25pm Los Cafres - "Se Q'el Mar" - Alas Canciones (s/r)
6:20pm Los Cafres - "Perdon" - Alas Canciones (s/r)
6:15pm 2EZ 2LUV - "Hay Now" - 2EZ 2LUV (s/r)
6:10pm 2EZ 2LUV - "Golden" - 2EZ 2LUV (s/r)
6:05pm Khey - "You Know" - How We Do (s/r)
6:03pm Khey - "How We Do" - How We Do (s/r)
6:00pm Captain Storm - "Pavements Burning" - On The Waterfront (Kool Kat / CSR)
6:56pm Pure Panic - "Supernova" - Supernova (s/r)
6:51pm Chelsea Paolini - "I'll Have Money Someday" - One More Before The Therapy Kicks In (s/r)
6:47pm Chelsea Paolini - "Cuz You're an Artist, Baby" - One More Before The Therapy Kicks In (s/r)
6:42pm Eric Din - "Laughing Man" - Laughing Man (s/r)
6:35pm Ciclo - "Despertar" - Cosas Vanas (Danto Records)
6:25pm Lefty Jones Band - "Little Bit of Luck" - All My Troubles (Saturday Records)
6:20pm Lefty Jones Band - "All My Troubles" - All My Troubles (Saturday Records)
6:15pm Blackwater Jukebox - "Shaow Army" - Bear Tamer On Holiday (s/r)
6:12pm Blackwater Jukebox - "Muchacha Mala" - Bear Tamer On Holiday (s/r)
6:03pm Sore Thumb - "Suicide Mission From Hell" - An Album By... (s/r)
6:00pm Sore Thumb - "Perfect Apology" - An Album By... (s/r)
6:52pm Seattle Fix - "Finally" - First EP (s/r)
6:47pm Seattle Fix - "Intro / Flair" - First EP (s/r)
6:42pm Tru-Dru - "Getting On It (Dreams and Wishes)" - The Hits (s/r)
6:37pm Tru-Dru - "Graduation Rap" - The Hits (s/r)
6:33pm Tru-Dru - "Make It / Break It" - The Hits (s/r)
6:29pm Tru-Dru - "Can't Leave Rap Alone" - The Hits (s/r)
6:20pm 2EZ 2LUV - "Hay Now" - I Sing, I Rap (s/r)
6:15pm 2EZ 2LUV - "Golden" - I Sing, I Rap (s/r)
6:07pm Shy Boyz - "Walkin' Out Into The Sunshine" - 2 Horses (and 2 Naked Boys) (s/r)
6:04pm Shy Boyz - "Island Of Children" - 2 Horses (and 2 Naked Boys) (s/r)
6:56pm The Hellflowers - "Stutter" - Vacation (s/r)
6:53pm The Hellflowers - "String" - Vacation (a/r)
6:50pm The Hellflowers - "I See You" - Vacation (s/r)
6:44pm Maxwell Vann - "Revolutionary Baby Doll" - Maxwell Vann (s/r)
6:41pm Maxwell Vann - "Not Enough" - Maxwell Vann (s/r)