The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Monday, September 24, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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6:07pm Wey - "Hope Chest" - Wey (s/r)
6:05pm Wey - "Rover On Explorer" - Wey (s/r)
6:55pm Buni Muni - "No Zombies" - Promo Bootleg (s/r)
6:51pm Buni Muni - "Mr. Daydream" - Promo Bootleg (s/r)
6:48pm Buni Muni - "Much More" - Promo Bootleg (s/r)
6:41pm AESEAES - "Mahogany" - Six Songs (s/r)
6:38pm AESEAES - "Plenty" - Six Songs (s/r)
6:35pm AESEAES - "Two Knocks" - Six Songs (s/r)
6:24pm One Half Laughing - "Dear Friend" - Tiny Demos (s/r)
6:21pm One Half Laughing - "Rain" - Tiny Demos (s/r)
6:18pm One Half Laughing - "We Should Be Sleeping / Come Home" - Tiny Demos (s/r)
6:12pm Milk For The Angry - "Baby Blue" - Make Like An Animal (City Son Records)
6:09pm Milk For The Angry - "Fun For Everyone" - Make Like An Animal (City Son Records)
6:05pm Milk For The Angry - "Like Lemonade" - Make Like An Animal (City Son Records)
6:55pm Pure Panic - "Flophouse Rag" - Flophouse Rag (s/r)
6:51pm Pure Panic - "Stability" - Stability (s/r)
6:44pm Tigers Of Youth - "Dragon Brothers" - Rapture and Gravity e.p. (s/r)
6:41pm Tigers Of Youth - "Prometheus" - Rapture and Gravity e.p. (s/r)
6:37pm Tigers Of Youth - "Simple Treason" - Rapture and Gravity e.p. (s/r)
6:24pm Richard Thomas - "Jonah" - Spiritual Warfare (s/r)
6:19pm Richard Thomas - "Mr. Jesus" - Spiritual Warfare (s/r)
6:14pm Richard Thomas - "Giant Killer" - Spiritual Warfare (s/r)
6:07pm A Melody For You - "Something Else" - The Road Ahead (s/r)
6:03pm A Melody For You - "The Road Ahead" - The Road Ahead (s/r)
6:54pm David Barnes - "Blueberry Circle" - Terrain (s/r)
6:51pm Dr BLT - "Over It" - Crust (s/r)
6:47pm Dr BLT - "Adding Insult to Injury" - Crust (s/r)
6:38pm Robot Lyfe - "Transformation" - Transformation (s/r)
6:28pm Paul Bergmann - "Bored By The Changes And Living" - Nothing At All (s/r)
6:24pm Paul Bergmann - "Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea" - Nothing At All (s/r)
6:20pm Paul Bergmann - "Nothing At All" - Nothing At All (s/r)
6:12pm David Barnes - "No Cigar" - Terrain (s/r)
6:08pm David Barnes - "QE3" - Terrain (s/r)
6:04pm David Barnes - "Sesquianna" - Terrain (s/r)
6:56pm The Bottle Kids - "When You Come Around" - Let Me In On This Action (Rock Indiana)
6:51pm Jason Ebbs - "First Trip To The Ocean" - Stone In The Road (s/r)
6:47pm Jason Ebbs - "Stone In The Road" - Stone In The Road (s/r)
6:42pm Marquee - "Conclusion" - Femme Fatale (Marvel/Shinigamie)
6:38pm Marquee - "The Elevation" - Femme Fatale (Marvel/Shinigamie)
6:36pm Marquee - "Femme Fatale (Narrative Poetry)" - Femme Fatale (Marvel/Shinigamie)
6:25pm DyaTribal - "Bhangra Americanos" - DyaTribal (s/r)
6:22pm DyaTribal - "Don't Get Your Meat Where You Get Your Bread" - DyaTribal (s/r)
6:17pm DyaTribal - "Which Side Are You On" - DyaTribal (s/r)
6:10pm Rip Room - "Monsters" - Monsters e.p. (s/r)
6:08pm Rip Room - "Conceded" - Monsters e.p. (s/r)
6:04pm Rip Room - "Get The Message" - Monsters e.p. (s/r)
6:55pm Robot Lyfe - "Man On Your Mind" - Some Songs (s/r)
6:50pm Robot Lyfe - "Shadow" - Some Songs (s/r)
6:46pm Jack Guthrie - "Lost and Forgotten" - The Ballad of Kevin Sea (s/r)
6:43pm Jack Guthrie - "Hey Kevin" - The Ballad of Kevin Sea (s/r)