The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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6:21pm Monet9 - "We All Just Had A Ball" - One Full Swoop (s/r)
6:18pm Monet9 - "The Fires Burn" - One Full Swoop (s/r)
6:13pm Monet9 - "The Crash" - One Full Swoop (s/r)
6:08pm Nu Normol - "Litte Black Hole" - No Love Songs (s/r)
6:06pm Nu Normol - "Don't Wanna Go Home" - No Love Songs (s/r)
6:04pm Nu Normol - "Warrior For Hire" - No Love Songs (s/r)
6:56pm Blaine Campbell - "Movin' On" - Big Stir 51 (Big Stir)
6:53pm Blaine Campbell - "Happy Faces" - Big Stir 51 (Big Stir)
6:48pm Lannie Flowers - "Summer Blue" - Big Stir 53 (Big Stir)
6:44pm Lannie Flowers - "My Street (N. Florida vers)" - Home / Big Stir 53 (Big Stir)
6:40pm Open Sound - "You're So Fine" - Open Sound (s/r)
6:37pm Open Sound - "I Wanna Look In Your Eyes" - Open Sound (s/r)
6:27pm David Vaters - "Christmas Eve Forever" - Christmas Eve Forever (s/r)
6:22pm Terminal Twist - "See Emily Play" - She's That Girl (Nub Music)
6:18pm Terminal Twist - "She's That Girl" - She's That Girl (Nub Music)
6:10pm David Dondero - "The Presidential Palace Of Pornography" - The Filter Bubble Blues (Fluff & Gravy)
6:05pm David Dondero - "Easy Chair" - The Filter Bubble Blues (Fluff & Gravy)
6:56pm Daniel N. Siskron - "Convict Blues" - The Hit House (s/r)
6:53pm Daniel N. Siskron - "On The Blue Train Express" - The Hit House (s/r)
6:47pm The Sillsouls - "Old Guitars Are Ghosts On The Sunset Strip" - Big Stir #50 (Big Stir)
6:44pm The Sillsouls - "Does My Love For You Come From Shakespeare Too?" - Big Stir #50 (Big Stir)
6:39pm The Tor Guides - "Make You Mine" - Big Stir #52 (Big Stir)
6:36pm The Tor Guides - "Just A Smile" - Big Stir #52 (Big Stir)
6:23pm Fay Victor - "There They Are" - Barn Songs (Northern Spy)
6:20pm Fay Victor - "Talk Talk pt.2" - Barn Songs (Northern Spy)
6:16pm Fay Victor - "Last Night's Dinner" - Barn Songs (Northern Spy)
6:09pm Light FM - "Horrible Friend" - Tourist (Moon Boot)
6:06pm Light FM - "Dreamerz ft. Brett Anderson" - Tourist (Moon Boot)
6:03pm Light FM - "Tourist" - Tourist (Moon Boot)
6:49pm Aaron Novik - "Part 5" - O+O+ (s/r)
6:47pm Aaron Novik - "Part 4" - O+O+ (s/r)
6:39pm Dana Gavanski - "Off Again" - Catch (Full Time Hobby)
6:36pm Dana Gavanski - "Catch" - Catch (Full Time Hobby)
6:26pm Thanks Light - "I Get High (Off You)" - American Hamburger (Enjoy Ears)
6:23pm Thanks Light - "NY & LA (Broke My Heart)" - American Hamburger (Enjoy Ears)
6:20pm Thanks Light - "Dead Ghost - Dam" - American Hamburger (Enjoy Ears)
6:14pm Electric Vibe - "Rest Of My Life" - Moonlander (s/r)
6:08pm Electric Vibe - "Blossoming Child" - Moonlander (s/r)
6:05pm Electric Vibe - "Here Right Now" - Moonlander (s/r)
6:23pm Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands - "Master Of The Slow Burn" - My Colors Dark (s/r)
6:22pm Scrilla V - "4 H's" - Scrilla V (s/r)
6:21pm Milk For The Angry - "Snake Eyes" - Snake Eyes (s/r)
6:20pm Edgar Blood - "Southpaw" - Edgar Blood (s/r)
6:19pm Impuritan - "The Sky Went Black AT Noon" - Qa Ch'umilal (s/r)
6:18pm Brother Spellbinder - "Birds Of A Feather" - We Were Children Yesterday (s/r)
6:17pm Hoquinai - "Swim" - Strangers In Japan (s/r)
6:16pm Christopher Danzig - "This Calamity" - Calamity (s/r)
6:15pm Sting Raze - "Between Mirrors" - Sting Raze (s/r)
6:14pm Tay and The JangLahDahs - "Bloomin'" - Bloomin' (s/r)
6:13pm Kevin Army - "Nothing In Particular" - The Architecture Of Rebirth (s/r)