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3:19am The Bay Street Boys - "Donkey Wants Water" - 90 Degrees of Shade: Hot Jump-Up Sounds from the Caribbean (Soul Jazz)
3:15am Hubert Porter and the Jamaican Calypsonians - "Rum and Coconut Water" - 90 Degrees of Shade: Hot Jump-Up Sounds from the Caribbean (Soul Jazz)
3:12am 80's Casual - "Stewdio" - In Dub 4 (Cold Busted)
3:10am - "" - (Mic Break)
3:09am Lady Saw - "I've Got Your Man" - I've Got Your Man (VP)
3:07am Red Dragon - "Hol'a Fresh" - Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music (Mango)
3:05am Lady Patra - "Queen of the Pack" - Queen of the Pack (Epic)
3:00am - "" - (Mic Break)
2:57am Norma Dean - "Barbed Wire" - Jamaican Memories By the Score (Abengg International)
2:56am Dillinger - "Crabs In My Pants" - Cocaine (Charly)
2:55am Sparks - "Angst In My Pants" - Angst In My Pants (Atlantic)
2:45am - "" - (Mic Break)
2:39am Fudge - "In My Shoes" - Lady Parts (Lex)
2:38am Angel Olsen - "Woman" - My Woman (Jagjaguwar)
2:35am Liquid Liquid - "Scraper" - Liquid Liquid (Grand Royal)
2:32am 330 - "Coldest Winter" - Ain't No Tellin' (S/R)
2:30am Jackie Mittoo - "Ghetto Organ" - Macka Fat (Studio One)
2:20am The Merrymaker - "Boogie Butter" - House, Disco, Boogie and Other Oddities (RPM)
2:14am Dinosaur L. - "Go Bang!" - Go Bang! (Sleeping Bag)
2:12am Equinoxx - "Clunk" - Bird Sound Power (DDS)
2:11am NightTrain - "Sinter" - Derailed (S/R)
2:10am Lizzy Des Cloux - "Tumor" - Rare Trax Vol 64- The Song Remains Not The Same (Rolling Stone)
2:05am Indeep - "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mastermix) 1982" - ast Night a DJ Saved My Life (Sounds of New York)
2:00am - "" - (Mic Break)
1:50am Ile - "Te Quiero Con Bugalu" - Ilevitable (Sony Latin)
1:47am Lafayette Funk Band - "Hihache" - Darkest Light: The Best Of (Strut)
1:42am - "" - (Mic Break)
1:34am Robert Glasper Experiment - "Let's Fall In Love" - ArtScience (Blue Note)
1:25am Salt N Pepa - "Twist and Shout" - A Salt With a Deadly Pepa (Next Plateau)
1:19am - "" - (Mic Break)
1:13am Red Krayola - "Make Believe in Moderation" - Baby and Child Care (Drag City)
1:10am Norma Fraser - "First Cut is the Deepest" - Feel Like Jumping ()
1:08am - "" - (Mic Break)
1:07am Janelle Monae - "Hum Along & Dance" - The Get Down Vol 1 (RCA)
1:06am Ultravox - "Hiroshima Mon Amour" - Three Into One (Island)
1:00am L'Trimm - "Cars That Go Boom" - Grab It! (Atlantic)
6:00am Adrienne, Fenemore - "Mo' Puddin'" - Mo' Puddin' (S.R.)
5:55am Lilliput - "Die Matrosen" - ()
5:51am Dessie Faulkner - "I Dare You To Love Me" - 20 Great 50s and 60's Country Hits (Cascade)
5:45am Eryn Marshall - "snake Ate a Hoecake≈" - Greasy Creek (Dittyville)
5:42am Erase Errata - "Tongue Tied" - ()
5:39am Siouxie and the Banshees - "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us" - Through the Looking Glass (Geffen)
5:35am Hurtin' Buckaroos - "Skala Wala" - Ska Down Her Way (Shanachie)
5:30am Brix Smith - "Orangina" - Femme Fatale Vol 2 (Cooking Vinyl)
5:28am Fea - "You Can't Change Me" - s/t (The Syndicate)
5:24am X Ray Spex - "I Am A Poseur" - Germ Free Adolescents (Emi)
5:24am Marvelettes - "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" - ()
5:21am Emily Jane White - "Love Hurts" - Diamond Star Halo (S/R)
5:09am Dawn Penn - "No No No You Don't Love Me" - Feel Like Jumping ()
5:02am Sharon Mac Mahan - "Straighten Up Your Heart" - Somebody Else (So Calitown)