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One hour of whatever the DJ wants to play. Hear their passion. Every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:12am The Impressions - "This Is My Country" - This Is My Country (Curtom)
12:09am The Impressions - "We're A Winner" - We're A Winner (Curtom)
12:07am The Impressions - "Keep On Pushing" - Keep On Pushing (ABC)
12:06am Major Lance - "Um Um Um Um Um Um" - Um Um Um Um Um Um (ABC)
12:02am The Impressions - "It's Alright" - The Impressions (ABC)
12:57am White Hills - "I Find Peace Of Mind ( Intro Sections Only)" - The Heads / White Hills Collissions Vol 1 (Rocket)
12:36am The Heads - "Camden Brain Slurry" - The Heads/ White Hills Collissions Vol 1 (Rocket)
12:24am Farflung - "Fade" - Farflung / White Hills Ep (Cobraside)
12:13am Gnod/White Hills - "Drop Out" - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (Rocket)
12:01am White Hills - "To The Secret Door" - Farflung /White Hills Ep (Cobraside)
12:57am Plasmatics - "No Class" - Coup D'Etat (Capitol)
12:54am Wendy O. Williams - "Aint None Of Your Busieness" - W.O.W (Passport)
12:51am Plasmatics - "Black Leather Monster" - Metal Priestess (Stiff)
12:47am Plasmatics - "Sex Junkie" - Metal Priestess (Stiff)
12:43am Wendy O. Williams - "It's My Life" - W.O.W (Passport)
12:40am Plasmatics - "Monkey Suit" - New Hope For The Wretched (Stiff)
12:37am Plasmatics - "Living Dead (studio version)" - New Hope For The Wretched (Stiff)
12:33am Plasmatics - "Rock and Roll" - Coup D'Etat (Capitol)
12:26am Plasmatics - "Sometimes I" - Butcher Baby (Stiff)
12:23am Plasmatics - "Living Dead (live version)" - Butcher Baby (Stiff)
12:16am Plasmatics - "Want You Baby" - New Hope For The Wretched (Vice Squad)
12:13am Plasmatics - "Stop" - Coup D'Etat (Capitol)
12:08am Wendy O. Williams - "Bump and Grind" - W.O.W (Passport)
12:05am Plasmatics - "Masterplan" - Beyond The Valley Of 1984 (Stiff)
12:01am Plasmatics - "Butcher Baby" - Butcher Baby (Stiff)
12:48am The Mermen - "The Drowning Man Knows His God" - A Glorious Lethal Euphoria (S/R)
12:43am The Mermen - "My Black Bag" - At the Haunted House (S/R)
12:35am The Mermen - "The Whales" - Krill Slippin' (S/R)
12:25am The Mermen - "There Is A Door, It Opens" - In God We Trust (S/R)
12:16am The Mermen - "Sand" - Krill Slippin' (S/R)
12:02am The Mermen - "Pull Of The Moon" - At the Haunted House (S/R)
12:56am judy and mary - "goodbye" - pop life (sony)
12:52am judy and mary - "lollipop" - warp (sony)
12:48am judy and mary - "over drive" - miracle driving (sony)
12:44am judy and mary - "dynamite" - orange sunshine (sony)
12:41am judy and mary - "motto" - warp (sony)
12:38am judy and mary - "the great escape" - the power source (sony)
12:34am judy and mary - "bicycle" - orange sunshine (sony)
12:31am judy and mary - "daydream" - j-a-m (sony)
12:27am judy and mary - "tegami wo kakuyo (the scratched letter)" - pop life (sony)
12:22am judy and mary - "lolita a go go" - j-a-m (sony)
12:18am judy and mary - "christmas" - orange sunshine (sony)
12:14am judy and mary - "anata wa ikiteiru (you are alive)" - miracle driving (sony)
12:11am judy and mary - "lovely baby" - the power source (sony)
12:08am judy and mary - "make up one's mind" - be ambitious (chainsaw)
12:02am judy and mary - "doushiyou" - orange sunshine (sony)
12:58am Velour 100 - "Clouds" - Of Color Bright (Tooth & Nail)
12:55am Scheer - "Say The Word" - ....And Finally (Schism)
12:52am Resplandor - "Whisper" - Pleamar (Automatic)
12:48am Jetman Jet Team - "Monolith" - We Will Live The Space Age (Saint Marie)