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7:08am Cooley G - "B3" - Armzhouse (Hyperdub)
7:05am Arial Kalma - "Enuej Elleiv" - An Evolutionary Music (RVNG)
7:00am Arial Kalma - "Chase Me Now" - An Evolutionary Music (RVNG)
6:55am Daevid Allen Weird - "Banana Construction" - Elevensis (Purple Diamond)
6:50am King Crimson - "Matte Kudasai" - The Compact King Crimson (EG)
6:43am Emerson Lake And Palmer - "Tank" - s/t (Cotillion)
6:33am Iggy Pop / Tarwater / Alva Noto - "From Pent Up Aching Rivers" - Leaves Of Grass (Morr Music)
6:30am Prince - "Groovy Potential" - Hitnrun Phase 2 (NPG)
6:23am Infinite Body - "Empyrean" - Avolution (Isounderscore)
6:10am Danny Elfman - "PeeWee's Big Adventure" - Music For A Darkend Theatre (MCA)
6:00am Pink Floyd - "Alan's Psycedelic Breakfast" - Atom Heart Mother (Harvest)
3:20am Wayne Shorter - "Down In The Depths" - Introducing Wayne Shorter (Suite Beat)
3:15am Sonic Youth - "Rowche Rumble" - Four Tunna Brix (Goofin)
3:07am Cherushi - "Sweet Spot" - Far Away So Close (100% Silk)
3:04am Ruhe - "Beams" - Patriarchs (Eileen)
2:55am Bob Marley - "Who The Cap Fit" - Rastaman Vibration (Island)
2:52am Bob Marley - "I Made A Mistake" - The Birth Of A Legend (Calla)
2:48am Johnny Depp And Come - "Madroad Driving" - Kerouak Kicks (Ryko)
2:45am The Classical - "Driveby" - Diptych (Time Sensitive Materials)
2:41am Sebadoh - "On Fire" - Harmacy (Sub Pop)
2:40am The Jam - "Eton Rifles" - Snap! (Polydor)
2:32am Michel Andrews - "Burn It To The Ground" - Donnie Darko ST (Enjoy)
2:30am Aesop Rock And Homeboy Sandman - "So Strange Here" - Lice (Stones Throw)
2:27am Dinah Shore / Bing Crosby - "You're The Cream In My Coffe" - The Dinah Shore / Bing Crosby Shows (Sunbeam)
2:20am TheClash - "Magnificent Seven" - ep (Dance Music)
2:15am Baroness - "Morningtar" - Purple (Abraxan Hymns)
2:10am Savants - "Shake Pendulum Shake" - Savants (s/r)
2:05am Cross Record - "Steady Waves" - Wabi Sabi (Ba Da Bingg)
2:00am Starlight Girls - "Lion In A Cage" - Fantasm (s/r)
1:55am Die BubenIm Pelz & Freundinnen - "Waitiing For The Man" - Die BubenIm Pelz & Freundinnen (Konkord)
1:48am The Fall - "Chicago, Now!" - I'm Frank (Fontana)
1:38am Echo And The Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon (All Night Version)" - Killing Moon 12" (Sire)
1:35am Deer Tick - "Art Isn't Real (City Of Sin)" - War Elephant (Feow)
1:32am Replacements - "Kiss Me On The Bus" - Tim (Sire)
1:24am Frank Zappa - "Speed Freak Boogie" - Mystery Disk (Ryko)
1:15am Horse Lords - "Truthers" - Interventions (Northern Spy)
1:10am King Crimson - "Thela Hun Ginjeet" - Discipline (Warner Bros.)
3:25am White Stripes - "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" - White Blood Cells (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
3:23am Moondog - "Dog Trot" - Sax Pax For A Sax (Atlantic)
3:17am Count Basie - "Thunderball" - Basie Meets Bond (United Artists)
3:10am Miles Davis And John Coltrane - "Fran-Dance" - Live In Stockholm 1960 (Dragon)
3:07am George Carlin - "Ice Box Man" - A Place For My Stuff (Atlantic)
3:03am Willie Nelson and Leon Russel - "Summertime" - One For The Road (Columbia)
3:00am Freakwater - "Scratches On The Door" - Dancing Underwateer (Amoeba)
2:55am The Cure - "The Love Cats" - Greatest Hits (Electra)
2:50am Wipers - "No Fear" - Youth Of America (Park Avenue)
2:48am Giraffes - "Facebook Rant" - Usury (Silver Sleeve)
2:45am Black Angel - "You So Clean" - Pleasuredome (s/rr)
2:38am Black Angel - "Full Growed Man" - Pleasuredome (s/r)
2:35am Night Beats - "Sunday Morning" - Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)