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Monday, February 10, 2020 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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9:37pm Tunji Oyelana & The Benders - "Ifa" - Nigeria 70- The Definitive Story of the 1970s Funky Lagos (Strut)
9:30pm Eddie Palmieri - "Muneca" - Recorded Live At Sing Sing With Harlem River Drive (Fania)
11:57pm Land Of Kush - "Ana" - San Enigma (Costellation)
11:55pm Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash - "Postcards From Nowhere" - Postcards From Nowhere (Melody As Truth)
11:51pm Essa Kassimi - "Rag Bairami" - Le Luth Afghan (Arion)
11:50pm Bana Hafar - "Exo" - Matiere (Make Noise)
11:43pm God - "Tunnel (Electro-Convulsive Mix by Kevin Shields)" - Appeal To Human Greed (Big Cat)
11:41pm The Fantastic Voive Of Joy - "This Little Light" - Sacred Sounds - Dave Hamilton's Raw Detroit Gospel (Kent)
11:39pm Clairo - "White Flag" - Immunity (Fader)
11:35pm Molly Sarle - "Suddenly" - Karaoke Angel (Partisan)
11:32pm Gospelbeach - "Good Kid" - Let It Brun (Alive Natural Sound)
11:03pm Maxine Funke - "Beneath" - Lace (Digital Regress)
10:58pm Tom Ellis - "Mabble" - Untitled (In Modo Di ‎)
10:54pm Friends of Dean Martinez - "Somewhere Over The Waves" - Lost Horizon (Aero)
10:51pm Orlando Silva - "Atire a Primera Pedra" - Maxximum (Sony & BMG)
10:46pm Dom Un Romao - "Braun-Blek-Blu" - Dom Un Romao (Muse)
10:40pm Eddie Senay - "Soul Preachin'" - Senay (Modern Harmonic)
10:35pm Another Green World - "The Pilot's Mirror" - Invisible Landscape (Magick Eye)
10:31pm Luke Wyatt - "Time For Thick (Not Waving Remix)" - Teen Remixes (Emotional Response)
10:28pm Deepsapce - "The Colossals" - The Glittering Domain (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
10:26pm The Beta Band - "Lion Thief" - Heroes To Zeroes (Astralwerks)
10:24pm Cherushi - "Moonflower Galaxy" - Memory of Water (100% Silk)
10:23pm Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - "Aragon" - Soul Slabs Vol 2 (Colemine)
10:21pm Wayne Shorter - "Calm" - Odyssey of Iska (Blue Note)
10:20pm Nephew Lagoon - "2train" - isPlorica (Self Released)
10:19pm Ikebe Shakedown - "Over My Head" - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)
10:15pm Akae Beka - "Winners On The Ground" - Hail The King (Higher Bound)
10:14pm Gamayun - "C-Music" - Udacha 13 (Udacha)
10:10pm Jane Weaver - "Ravenspoint" - Loops In The Secret Society (Fire)
10:10pm Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension ~ To Be Continued..." - Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
10:05pm Leo Anibaldi - "Crion" - DE:Tuned (Detuned 07)
10:05pm Laurence Pike - "Transire" - Holy Springs (Leaf)
10:02pm Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed - "At The Temple" - Son Of The Drum Song (Chaos)
9:59pm Yabby You Meets Tommy McCook - "My Home" - In Dub - Sounds of the 70's (Peacemaker)
9:57pm Steve Hiett - "Standing There" - Down On The Road By The Beach (Be With Records)
9:54pm Magic Carpatians - "Thalassa (Other Side)" - Denega (Obuh)
9:48pm Durain Brothers - "Planete Sauvage" - Ausgewahlte Druian Stucke (Emotional Response)
9:45pm Barrett Martin Group - "Temple Bells" - Indwell (Sunyatare)
9:41pm David Hurley - "Weckebach" - Outer Nevula Inner Nebula (Porter)
9:35pm Saami + Bunun - "Mahte Lemet Elle + Bisitata" - Voices Of Forgotten Worlds (Ellipsis Arts)
9:33pm Sordid Sound System - "Cape Perpetua" - Cape Perpetua EP (Invisible Inc.)
11:57pm Daniel Schmidt - "Untitled" - Abies Firma (Recital)
11:54pm Halftribe - "Maybe" - Backwater Revisited (Dronarium)
11:51pm Chris Weeks - "Lonesome Ghost" - The Grey Ghost of Morning (Archives)
11:45pm Virtual Forest - "The Angel of the Abyss and the Door through the Underworld" - Ritual Machine Music (Yerevan Tapes ‎)
11:38pm Deradoorian - "Dali's Elephant Caravan Melting Desert" - Disembodied Improvisations Vol. 1 (Self Released)
11:33pm Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy - "A'laj" - Whities 023 (The Act Of Falling From The 8th Floor) (Whities)
11:30pm Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash - "The Sea In Your Eyes" - Postcards From Nowhere (Melody As Truth)
11:26pm Suss - "Ursa Major" - High Line (Northern Spy)
11:23pm Eyvind Kang - "Maybe I'll Die And Kiss A Fool" - Chirality (I Dischi Angelica)