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Monday, February 10, 2020 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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10:12pm Negativland - "Either/Or" - True False (Seeland)
10:08pm Kefaya & Elaha Soroor - "Arose Jane Madar" - Songs Of Our Mothers (Bella Union)
10:05pm Haram - "Blessed Instrumental" - Cairo Concepts (Phil Batiekh)
10:02pm Mo Boma - "Elima: Dance of Girls" - Myths Of The Future Part two (Extreme)
9:59pm Sophie Birch - "Driving Towards The Deaths Mycelium" - Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
9:51pm Horace Parlan - "Pyramid" - On The Spur Of The Moment (Blue Note)
9:48pm Los Carinosos - "Cumbia India" - Bailando Con Los Carinosos (Fenix)
9:43pm Excelentes De Iquitos - "ElCangrejal" - Soy De Cangrejal (Tamayo)
9:39pm David Chalmers - "Hotel Room" - Sad About the Times (Anthology)
9:36pm The William Singers - "Don't Give Up" - The Time For Peace Is Now (Luaka Bop)
9:33pm Musicism - "Bermuda Triangle" - Caribbean Disco Boogie Sound (Favorite)
9:31pm Alice Swoboda - "I Think It's Time (You Were Mine)" - Extra Added Soul (J&D)
11:58pm HTRK - "You Know How To Make Me Happy" - Venus In Leo (Ghostly International)
11:56pm Sophie Birch - "Myg" - Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
11:53pm Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - "La Tijera" - La Machaca (Discos Fuentes)
11:49pm Tin Hat Trio - "Fountain Of Youth" - Helium (Angel)
11:44pm Afro Blue Persuasion - "Mambo At The M" - Live at Haight Levels vol. 2 (Mo-Jazz)
11:41pm Inoyama Land - "Fairy Tale" - Commissions: 1977-2000 (Empire of Signs)
11:39pm Gospelbeach - "Unswung" - Let It Burn (Alive Natural Sound)
11:36pm Elvis Costello - "Moods For Moderns" - Armed Forces (CBS)
11:32pm FKA Twigs - "Fallen Alien" - Magdalene (Young Turks)
11:28pm Angel Olson - "Summer" - All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)
11:24pm Carla dal Forno - "Hype Sleep" - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)
11:21pm Deradoorian - "Let Me Sleep on Whichever Loka" - Disembodied Improvisations Vol. 1 (Self Released)
11:18pm Big Thief - "Two Hands" - Two Hands (4AD)
11:15pm Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band - "Holy Radio" - Sun Dogs (RFull)
11:12pm Akron/Family - "Total Destruction" - Everyone Is Guilty 7" (Dead Oceans)
11:09pm Pygmies (Congo) recorded by Hugh Tracey - "Track 18" - On The Edge of the Ituri Forest (SWP)
11:06pm Miles Atmosphere - "Obliquity" - Obliquity EP (Atmospheric Experience)
11:02pm The Pop Group - "3:38" - Y (Mute)
10:56pm Drums Off Chaos - "Nine Out Of Nine" - Compass (Nonplace)
10:51pm Chancha Via Circuito - "Tarocchi" - Amansara (Wonderwheel)
10:47pm Opaline - "Lost Formats" - Thought Testure (Constellation Tatsu)
10:44pm Rochereau / Sam Manguana - "Samambi" - Rochereau / Sam Manguana et L'African Fiesta National (African)
10:42pm Elza Soares - "Rosa Maria" - Carnaval & Samba (Odeon)
10:39pm Chappotin y sus Estrellas - "Oye El Carbonero" - Legends Of Cuban Music (Mambo Manics)
10:35pm Lhasa - "La Celestina" - La Llorona (Atlantic)
10:31pm Trio Huasteco del Panuco - "La Llorona" - Antologia del Son de Mexico (Corason)
10:28pm Augustus Pablo - "Skanking With Pablo" - Dubbing With The Don (Jamaican Recordings)
10:25pm Jason Calhoun - "String" - Practice (Lily Tapes & Discs)
10:20pm Negativland - "Cadillac" - True False (Seeland)
10:16pm Steve Hauschildt - "American Spiral" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
10:10pm Rolling Ones - "Slammed Cadilac" - Rolling Ones 12" EP (Division Point Industries)
10:05pm Hakan Libdo - "Bib Dod" - Tonne Soundtoy (Bip-Hop)
9:59pm <BPM> - "Longe (Bid Remix)" - Brazilian Vibe Experience (Big Bone)
9:56pm Hazard - "Field/Bridge" - Ash 5.4 + 5.5 (Ash International)
9:51pm Bongo Hop - "Sonora" - Satingarona Part 2 (Underdog)
9:47pm Jake Najor & The Moment of Truth - "High Costa Living" - Clolemine Records Presents Soul Slabs Vol 2 (Colemine)
9:45pm Rico & The Rudies - "Biafra" - Blow Your Horn (Trojan)
9:42pm Los Mirlos - "Recordando Un Amor" - Los Charapas De Oro (Infopesa)