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Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:19pm Donovan - "Lord Of The Universe" - Beat Cafe (Appleseed)
8:14pm Tiger Lillies - "Jesus" - Ad Nauseum (Misery Guts)
8:10pm John Prine - "Bear Creek Blues" - Fair and Square (Oh Boy)
8:07pm Texas Tornados - "Little Bit Is Better Than Nada" - 4 Aces (Reprise)
8:02pm Flaco And Max - "La Mucera" - Legends And Legacies (Smithsonian Folkways)
8:00pm Sleepin Rattlers - "This One's For Tuffy" - Punktry And Western Music (s/r)
7:57pm Stay Cats - "Stray Cat Strut" - Built For Speed (EMI)
7:53pm xx - "xx" - xx (xx)
7:51pm Rin Tin Tiger - "Birdsthroat" - Toxic Pocketbook (s/r)
7:47pm Defibulators - "Pay For That Money" - Debt'll Get'Em (Pig Cow)
7:45pm Tim Timebomb - "This Time You Got It Right" - Winding Far Down (Pirates Press)
7:41pm The Veils - "Lions After Slumber" - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This Before (Rough Trade)
7:38pm Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - "Lion Of Judah" - Knock Out Ska (Treasure Isle)
7:36pm Clairy Browne And Bangin Rockets - "I'll Be Fine" - Baby Caught The Bus (Vanguard)
7:30pm xx - "xx" - Ent Cal (xx)
7:26pm David Dondero - "I've Seen The Love" - South Of The South (Team Love)
7:23pm Bubblegum Lemonade - "This Is The New Normal" - Some Like It Pop (Matinee)
7:18pm xx - "xx" - xx (xx)
7:16pm JD Wilkes And The Dirt Bombers - "Apple And Oranges" - Wild Moon (Plowboy)
7:14pm Tiger! Tiger! - "Stand In" - The Kind of Goodnight (Chicken Ranch)
7:10pm Donna The Buffalo - "I See How You Are" - Tonight Tomorrow and Yesterday (Sugar Hill)
7:07pm Neko Case - "Guided By Wire" - Furnace Room Lullaby (Bloodshot)
7:05pm Johnny Cash - "Sea Of Heartbreak" - Unchained (American)
7:00pm Meatypaws - "Ballad Of The" - xx (xx)
5:59pm Meatypaws - "End Of Show" - xx (xx)
5:55pm Sarah Harmer - "Luther's Got The Blues" - I'm a Mountain (Cold Snap)
5:52pm Moot Davis - "How Long" - Man About Town (Highway Kind)
5:48pm Marshall Holland - "Radio Style" - And The Etceteras (s/r)
5:30pm xx - "xx" - KALX Evening News (xx)
5:26pm FM 359 - "I'll Be On My Way" - Truth Love And Liberty (Pirates Press)
5:22pm Muddy Udders - "Born Leader Boogie" - Bloody Murders (Ionik)
5:18pm Rural Alberta Advantage - "The Deadroads" - Hometowns (Saddle Creek)
5:14pm xx - "xx" - xx (xx)
5:09pm Pine Valley Cosmonauts / Otis Clay - "Banks Of The Ohio" - Last Executioners Song (Bloodshot)
5:05pm Gangstagrass - "Banks Of The Ohio" - Broken Hearts and Stolen Money (Rench Audio)
5:03pm News - "State of the Day" - OHIO (xx)
4:58pm Ruby Dee And The Snake Handlers - "After The Flood" - North Of Bakersfield (Dionysus)
4:55pm Dee Lannon - "Honky Tonk Nightime Gal" - Honky Tonk Nightime Gal (Iloki)
4:53pm Quarter Mile Combo - "Knockout Punch" - Motels Gas and Beer (6 Volt)
4:49pm Rock And Roll Adventure Kids - "Ramblin Man" - Hillbilly Psychosis (Total Trash)
4:46pm Bim Skala Bim - "Get Us Out" - Chet's Last Call (s/r)
4:42pm Rock A Teens - "I Am Forgetting" - Cry (Daemon)
4:40pm xx - "xx" - xx (xx)
4:35pm Sleepin Rattlers - "The Cowboy Rides Away" - Punktry And Western Music (s/r)
4:31pm Imperial Rooster - "Your Friends Think I'm The Devil" - KALX (KALX)
4:26pm Scott H Biram - "Around The Bend" - Nothin But Blood (Bloodshot)
4:24pm Pat Roberts And The Heymakers - "Lonesome And Blue" - Lonesome And Blue (Electric Lotus)
4:20pm Nightwatchmen - "Let Freedom Ring" - One Man Revolution (Epic)
4:18pm xx - "xx" - xx (xx)
4:13pm Donna The Buffalo - "I Can See How You Are" - Tonight Tomorrow and Yesterday (Sugar Hill)