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2:21am James Vincent McMorrow - "Thank You" - True Care (Caroline)
2:07am Vibravoid - "Krautfaktor II" - Mushroom Mantras (Stoned Karma)
1:55am Thomas Carnacki - "Bedtime Story For The Most Fragrant Room In The Ward" - Oar of Panmuphle (Alethiometer)
1:48am Nine Inch Nails - "The Background World" - Add Violence (Capitol)
1:45am Ross Goldstein - "Silent Meow" - Inverted Jenny (Northern Spy)
1:42am Kelly Stoltz - "Looking For A Spark" - Que Aura (Castle Face)
1:38am Deerhoof - "Singalong Junk" - Mountain Moves (Joyful Noise)
1:36am Deerhoof - "Palace Of The Governors" - Mountain Moves (Joyful Noise)
1:27am Can - "Mushroom" - The Singles (Spoon)
1:15am Coyle & Sharpe - "Underground Death Ritual" - These 2 Men Are Imposters (Sharpeworld)
1:09am Ben Frost - "Ionia" - he Centre Cannot Hold (Mute)
1:03am Mogwai - "Every Country's Sun" - Every Country's Sun (rock action)
3:08am Jane Antonia Cornish - "Memory Of Time" - into silence (Innova)
2:57am Chicago Afrobeat Project - "Bee Hive" - What Goes Up (S/R)
2:42am Kelsey Bell and John King - "Hadalpelagic" - Ciphony (Gold Bolus)
2:26am Sergio Cervetti - "Concerto for trumpet" - Triptych Revelation (Navona)
2:18am Sergio Cervetti - "The Procession" - Triptych Revelation (Navona)
2:11am Giovanni Piacentini - "Spring Light" - Chiascurro (Navona)
2:06am Larry Polansky - "freeHorn" - freeHorn (Code Blue)
1:55am William Parker Quartet - "Criminals In The White House" - Meditation/Resurrection (Aum FIdelity)
1:48am Sam Amidon - "April" - The Following Mountain (Nonesuch)
1:44am Andy Haas - "Wind Waves" - Taballah II (Resonant)
1:39am Sam Amidon - "Trouble In Mind" - The Following Mountain (Nonesuch)
1:17am Damu The Fugemunk - "Current" - Vignettes (Redefinition)
1:15am Damu The Fugemunk - "Offering" - Vignettes (Redefinition)
11:56am Bob Dylan - "You Angel You" - Biograph (Columbiaa)
11:50am Carrie Elkin - "My Brother Said" - The Penny Collector (s/r)
11:47am Rooftop Singers - "Somebody Came Home" - Walk Right In (Vanguard)
11:44am Spirit - "Fresh Garbage" - The Best of Spirit (Ode)
11:41am Guided By Voices - "The Birthday Democrats" - How Do You Spell Heaven (GBV Inc.)
11:39am Carolyne Mas - "Quote Goodbye Quote" - Carolyne Mas (Mercury)
11:37am Redd Kross - "Unreleased" - Hot Issue (Bang)
11:35am Ween - "What Deaner WasTalking About" - Chocolate and Cheese (Elektra)
11:26am Will Smith - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" - Big Willie Style (Columbia)
11:23am Roosevelt Barnes - "Rocking Daddy" - The Heartbroken Man (Rooster Blues)
11:20am Angeliques - "Sunshine Boy" - The Girls Want the Boys! (Ace)
11:15am Be-Bop Deluxe - "Surreal Estate" - Drastic Plastic (Harvest)
11:11am Modern English - "Hands Across the Sea" - Ricochet Days (Sire)
11:07am Interpol - "C'Mere" - Antics (Matador)
11:04am Rova - "Allergic Reaction" - Rova (Burger)
10:56am Gary Burton - "Nonsequence" - The New Quartet (ECM)
10:53am Kaleida - "Coco" - Tear the Roots (Lex)
10:51am Johnny Jewel - "Strobe Light" - Windswept (Film Italians Do It Better)
10:50am Raymond Scott w/Jim Henson - "Bufferin: Memories" - Manhattan Research Inc. (Basta)
10:48am Sam Rivers - "Postlude" - Crystals (abc Impulse)
10:40am Mary Wells - "Dig the Way I Feel" - Gig the Way I Feel ()
10:38am Association - "You May Think" - Renaissance (Valiant)
10:33am Bryan MacLean - "Strong Commitment" - if youbelievein (Sundazed)
10:30am Johnny Mathis - "Magic Garden" - I'll Buy You a Star (Columbia)
10:28am Morricone Youth - "Bye Bye" - Sunrise: A Song as Two Humans (Country Club)