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4:24pm jennylee - "offerings" - right on! (Rough Trade)
4:18pm Tommy Guerrero - "Water In Your Hands" - Perpetual (Too Good)
4:14pm Ponderosa Twins Plus One - "Bound" - 2+2+1=(Remastered) (Capitol)
4:09pm Model 500 - "Night Drive (Thru-Babylon)" - Night Drive (S/R)
4:04pm Tycho - "Awake" - Awake Remixes (Ghostly International)
3:58pm Tirzah - "No Romance" - No Romance EP (S/R)
3:52pm Cool Breeze - "Can't Deal With This" - Groove Active Collection (OM)
3:48pm Teebs - "Holiday" - Estara (Brainfeeder)
3:43pm DJ Rekha - "Basement Bhangra Anthem" - Basement Bhangra Anthem - EP (Bombay Connection)
3:24pm Ravi Shankar - "Hollywood Raga Sindhi Bhairavi" - In Hollywood, 1971 (Northern-Spy)
3:19pm Sister Crayon - "To Show You Violence" - Devoted (Rodriguez-Lopez Productions)
3:16pm Jessy Lanza - "Keep Moving" - Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
3:13pm Tokimonsta - "Surrender (Mike Gao Remix)" - Surrender Remixes EP (Young Art)
3:08pm DJ Rekha - "Pyar Baile" - Pyar Baile (Bombay Connection)
3:04pm Jlin - "Unknown Tongues" - Dark Energy (Planet Mu)
4:55pm Hinds - "Garden" - Leave Me Alone (Mom + Pop)
4:52pm Marine Girls - "A Place In The Sun" - Lazy Ways / Beach Party (Cherry Red)
4:49pm Dreamdate - "The One I Need" - Come Over Now (Chocolate Covered)
4:44pm Cocteau Twins - "Pur" - Four-Calendar Café (Capitol)
4:38pm Cool Breeze - "Can't Deal With This" - The Groove Active Collection (OM)
4:35pm Pop Tarts - "Gagging on the Lovely Extravaganza" - The Return of the Fabulous Pop Tarts (Funtone)
4:28pm The Black Ships - "Dead Empires" - Dead Empires (S/R)
4:24pm jennylee - "Long Lonely Winter" - right on! (Rough Trade)
4:21pm Sales - "Renee" - Sales (S/T)
4:17pm Chairlift - "Take It Out On Me" - Something (Columbia)
4:13pm Beach House - "Common Girl" - Thank Your Lucky Stars (Sub Pop)
4:07pm Grouper - "Holding" - Ruins (Kranky)
4:05pm The Roches - "Troubled Love" - A Dove (AAD)
4:01pm Autumns - "The End" - Autumns (S/R)
3:54pm Subculture Sage - "1=1=1" - Subculture Sage Ep (S/R)
3:50pm ESKA - "This Is How A Garden Grows" - ESKA (Earthling)
3:48pm Les Sins - "Past" - Michael (Company)
3:44pm Les Sins - "Talk About" - Michael (Company)
3:40pm Tame Impala - "Past Life" - Currents (Interscope)
3:35pm Beach House - "Space Song" - Depression Cherry (Sub Pop)
3:27pm Cheatahs - "Freak Waves" - Mythologies (Wichita)
3:23pm The Julie Ruin - "Girls Like Us" - Run Fast (TJR)
3:19pm Dark Beach - "My Clone" - Ouija (S/R)
3:16pm Jlin - "Unknown Tongues" - Dark Energy (Planet Mu)
3:12pm DJ Sensei - "God Make Me Funky" - The sound of infinity: trip hop from outer space (IRMAmerica)
3:07pm Warpaint - "Undertow" - The Fool (4AD)
3:03pm Froth - "Turn It Off" - Bleak (Burger)
5:53pm Ravi Shankar - "Raga Malkauns" - Sound of the Sitar (World Pacific)
5:48pm Cocteau Twins - "Crush" - Bonus EP (Capitol)
5:44pm Lawson Rollins - "Infinita" - Infinite Chill (Infinite Records)
5:39pm Kalyanji Anandji feat. Hemlata - "Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage" - The Bombay Connection (Bombay Connection)
5:36pm DJ Rekha - "Pyar Baile" - Pyar Baile (Bombay Connection)
5:33pm Jlin - "Unknown Tongues" - Dark Energy (Planet Mu)
5:27pm Bobby Browser - "B1" - Clubspinning (100% Silk)
5:20pm Grimes - "Realiti" - Art Angels (4AD)